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better me 2

I’ve learned a lot about myself recently. I actually do feel better when things are clean and organized. It’s amazing what a “to-do” list can do for my productivity. Real cream may give me a stomach ache, but I’m not willing to give it up just yet. But probably the …

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I’m having a difficult time getting motivated today, mostly because I still feel like a pile of boogers crusted over. Regardless, I’m applauding myself for sticking to most of my goals this week and getting some much needed stuff done. I enjoyed doing this post last week, so since it’s …


Death. Dying. Being deceased forever and ever. Yeah I’m one of those… I don’t believe the people that say they aren’t afraid of death. The same people who claim to be OK with the fact that at any second they could cease to exist, will  claim to fear clowns, spiders and heights. I can’t tell …