Sunday Mornings

sunday mornings

I’ve come to really enjoy Sunday mornings more than any other day. It’s the only day of the week where I have no set commitment, I don’t  have to work, and usually I am alone… Though that’s not necessarily a bonus.

But today I’m focusing on all the positive that Sunday’s have to offer.

  • Sunday mornings are for sneaking breakfast in bed.
  • For snuggling with Stevie

stevie snuggle

  •  For several cups of coffee, the first of which are consumed in bed, until the birds chirp enough to coax me  to go sit on the porch.
  • Being productive. Laundry, organizing, dishes… All without the pressure of time or urgency
  • Walks on the boardwalk. These are the days when I can let Stevie stop and smell anything she wants.
  • Reading for pleasure. And if I fall asleep, that’s ok too.
  • Conversations with my family. Did I mention how much I love technology? I finally get to catch up with my sister and nearly every Sunday I have a long talk with my grandmommy.


Today I want to continue my goal of being present in conversations and nurturing relationships. Ideally, I’d like to organize my week ahead and spend a little more time writing. I also hope to plant some basil and mint and replant my succulent that blew over last week in the wind.

This afternoon I get to spend some time with my favorite guys at the Hardish Bodies rehearsal, and tonight I get to spend some much needed time with Matt watching the oscars.

Other Thoughts:

It’s been kind of a tough weekend; it’s been a tough couple of months if I’m being honest… but I finally think I’m getting a handle on things. I had a really good time yesterday hanging out with Matt and  friends at the Gumbo Cook Off at Rain Lily Farm. The weather was beautiful, the people -watching was spectacular, and to make things even better, his team won!

I’m so proud and also glad that I’ve now confirmed my long-time hypothesis that my boyfriend is the best cook around.





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