Welp.  I did it again.

I took a 6 month break from writing and while I’m not going to give you any excuses, I have been missing the therapeutic aspects of journaling and reflecting on my life’s happenings…. boring as they may be.

I’ve always been this way. Ebbing and flowing through hobbies; throwing myself fully into something and then completely burning out.

While I’m a little disappointed in myself for having zero ability to follow through on my goals, I also am proud of myself for giving myself the permission to take a step back and refocus for a while. And really, the last few months have been busy, productive, and not at all shabby.

I do think I’m going to try to update this site a little more often, though without the pressure of setting writing goals.

Anyway, for those of you who are curious, here’s a little update as to what has been going on since we last spoke:

*DANCING! I’ve been doing a lot more of it and it really makes my heart happy! In case you didn’t know, dance was a huge part of my life growing up. I took lessons, taught, and started helping out with choreography at my community theater up until I went off to college. I even started out at college as a dance major, but switched due to my struggle with an eating disorder.

This fall my sister and I agreed to do some choreography for Dragoween, and I completely fell back in love with dancing. Now I’m teaching dance to kiddos on the weekends and have been helping out with as many local shows as I can!

Hardish Bodies: Speaking of dancing, I’ve been working with the crew of the upcoming improvised male strip show- Hardish Bodies. The show opens on March 18th at the Institution Theater and I am so incredibly proud of these guys. You have to see what they can do!

Gettin Physical: In the purely exercise sense. I’m pretty proud that I’ve been able to keep with a consistent exercise schedule for the last 4 months. I’m not doing anything ridiculous, but I have been getting 4 miles of cardio 4 times a week, and i’m feeling pretty good. I’m looking into trying out either pole dancing or aerial dance to get in some extra strengthening and  try something new.

Brain Happy: More than anything, I think the last few months have been successful when it comes to my mental health. With the exception of a brief panic-meltdown a few weeks ago, I’ve been a lot less emotional and a lot happier overall. I’ve been regularly meditating and trying to be a lot kinder to myself. I’m finally at a place where I’m content with my body just want to be as healthy as possible. Yay!

Being left again: My sister/best friend is taking off again and leaving me all alone. This time she is heading to Japan. I’m happy for her but  sad for myself and already missing our Saturday night movie binges. Still, I’m trying to take this as an opportunity to be more social, which is something I’ve been needing to do for a while now.

Trivia: I haven’t gotten the official start date, but I’m excited to start hosting trivia again in the upcoming weeks! This time I’ll be at Bakers Street Pup on South Lamar, which is hope will bring in more people! I’ll give you the details when I get them, but plan on hanging out with me on Wednesday nights.

Movie Season: I’ll post more about this later, but this year I’ve been really trying to meet my goal of watching every Oscar nominated movie. My boyfriend and I have been going to the theater as much as possible, and my popcorn consumption has reached astronomical levels.


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  • SuzLyfe

    I’ve missed you! But at least I can follow you on social. I’m just glad that you seem to be doing well and getting out and exploring. Do whatchu gotta do, my friend!

  • http://mwaonline.blogspot.com Mwa

    Good to hear you’re doing so well!
    We went to see The Danish Girl last night… At least I’ve seen one of the list now.

  • http://www.audielou.com Audrey Louise

    Welcome back! I totally missed your resurfacing post! Yay!