Things I’m Giving Up On Learning to Do

Things I Am Giving Up Learning How to

I consider myself to be at least fairly independent. Meaning, I can take care of myself. Mostly. That’s not to say that I don’t rely on people too much. I definitely do.

Still, I know myself and while I think I handle most things life throws at me, there are a few things that I’ve decided to give up learning at the age of 32.

Why waste time tying to learn what you don’t feel like learning?

Anyway, here’s my list.

Things I Am Giving Up Learning How to

Change a tire

I know I sound like such a girl. But I just don’t get it. True, I’ve never really tried, but at this point-I don’t really see the point. I do know how to call triple and I just recently figured out how to put air in my tire so I think I’m ok with being a dummy on this one.

Opening up jars

This is probably a combination of my spaghetti arms and tiny hands, but I’ve never gotten the hang of opening up things. Not only jars, but difficult pill containers, things with twisty ties and the hood of my truck are all beyond my comprehension. I’m ashamed of the amount of food I’ve let go to waste because of my lack of strength. I would resort to breaking jars open on the ground but I’m not very good at sweeping up glass either.

French Braiding my hair

I am constantly amazed at the pictures and real life women who effortlessly braid their hair. I’ve spent hours watching tutorials and sitting in front of a mirror, but I only manage to tie my hair in knots. I give up. Pony tails and bobby pins it is for me.

Painting my own fingernails

I thought this was something I could learn with practice, but it turns out God did not grant me with the ability to paint my nails. Instead he gave me shaky hands and no attention to detail.  When I do try, I end up spending the next week telling people that I let a five year old paint them. I’ve even forced my boyfriend to do it for me, and he does a much better job.

Cooking granola, fudge, omelettes, spanish rice, hashbrowns (not from a bag), pancakes, lasagna, anything on the grill, roasted potatoes, bacon, or anything oriental.

Cutting my dog’s hair

In order to save money, I’ve tried this a few times. Every time poor Stevie ends up looking even more homeless than usual. I’m pretty sure I’ve made even her embarrasses to be seen in public.

Putting boxes at the top of my closet-

I’m officially done with giant rubber tubs falling on top of my head. I’m 5’2″. I have the grace of two legged dog and standing on a chair whilst holding 25 pounds above my head is no long an option. Big rubbermade tubs will officially live on the floor of my room. (Until my boyfriend gets tired of it being there and puts it up himself).

Putting on fake eyelashes

Women, you never cease to amaze me. Luckily, I have friends who are excellent at this and I don’t have any problem with asking them.

Dealing with customer service

This is something that I probably CAN do, but at this point I would rather walk down sixth street naked. I’m not good At explaining my problem, and I’m not good at keeping my frustration from turning to tears. As a result, I probably pay more than I should for most services and I’ve been known to go without Internet for weeks.

Own anything nice

I really have lost my privilege to own nice things. In the last two years I’ve broken my laptop, my kindle, 3 phones, my iPad and gotten in 4 wrecks. I’ve lost all my jewelry, stained all my nice clothes, and recently lost my new kindle. This is why I only buy things from thrift stores.
Is there anything in life that you’ve given up on?


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  • SuzLyfe

    YAS I love this. Definitely given up on knowing how to change a tire. AAA thank you. Or do anything mechanical. Ironing, too. Lots of things that involve cooking–I often know how, but I just am too lazy. Lots of stuff for my blog as well, lol. OOPS

  • asplenia

    Hahaha, customer service!! I hate customer service too, omg. I’ve never tried fake eyelashes because I can’t stand anything noticeable in or near my eyeball (trying contacts a decade ago was a disaster and only lasted a week). I’ve given up on the idea of having small(er) pores, grace in awkward moments, and finishing everything on my reading list before adding more.

  • asplenia

    Oh! And forget attempting to crush yourself heaving heavy tubs way above your head. Get some “bed raisers,” a bedskirt and hike up your bed and shove those totes underneath! If you don’t mind sleeping on stilts, it’s a good workaround!

  • Jenn @ Business, Life & Design

    French braids – totally beyond me! In someone else’s hair… maybe. My own? No way. Now I do know how to change my tire. The one time I got a flat I was so ready; I had already jacked my car up and was halfway through loosening the doohickeys, and then someone stopped to help me. While I appreciate how nice people are, I was a little disappointed. Didn’t he see that I got this?!?!

  • Mwa

    You can’t give up on omelettes!

  • Julia Strong

    I don’t know how to change a tire either. Sometimes I feel bad about that and other times I’m like meh, that’s what Adam is for. Or Triple A. I also have tried cutting my Yorkie’s hair and it is BAD. Oh! But you should try fudge again, I have a REALLY easy fudge recipe, I promise you can do it!

  • Bourbon & Lipstick

    I laughed so hard at this. I will never change a tire, either. Some things I’ll just leave to someone else! I also will never French braid my hair… It’s too complicated and I get upset! It’s okay to not be perfect!

  • MilitaryWifeandPugLife

    I have a husband to do some of this stuff for me. Before him, I just looked clueless and found a man to do it for me. Eh I’m shameless and lazy when it comes to getting someone else to do stuff for me. Cooking oriental dishes is easy. Trust me! I learned quickly and my husband loves it better than take out.
    I’ve given up on learning how to ride a bike. Never learned and I don’t care anymore.
    5’2″? Finally I’m taller than someone! 5’3″ and 1/2 here. That 1/2 counts btw. XO

  • SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph

    No interested in learning how to maintain a car (will gladly pay others to), apply false eyelashes (likewise, will pay others to if needed), braiding. I love how braiding looks…when other people do it. I don’t want to learn how to put things together or read a map.

  • Vicki Guffey

    I can’t open jars worth a shit either. I usually hit the side of the lid in a couple places with a knife a few time. The back of the knife, not the blade. Then use a rubber potholder or rubber gloves to grip it. Put it between my boobs for more leverage. They act as another hand holding the jar. If the arthritis is flaring up that day, I just skip anything involving a jar or wait until my husband gets home. It sucks when you really want a pickle but can’t open the damn jar!

    At nearly 48, I’ve given up on losing weight. The fat is keeping the wrinkles from showing as much. I look at it as hip insulation or horrible disease help now.

  • Diana

    Haha this is so funny. I too cannot french braid my hair although I have tried consistently…to the point my arms hurt from the hours of them lifted above my head trying to perfect the braid.

    Also, my dad and now my husband tell me all the time that I can’t have anything nice. I apparently also have that problem.

  • pauly

    Tie a Tie, I quit

  • Kersten

    Haha loved this post! Some things can be so frustrating, whereas it’s a piece of cake for someone else. I am terrible with all computers, printers, phones etc. And while I consider myself pretty good in baking I almost always fail with muffins.

  • ≈ CARMEN ≈

    HAhaha!! I have spaghetti arms too. I am the worst jar opener. I feel like I try try try & then get help & they do it so easily. I like to pretend I loosened it for them. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  • Katie Elizabeth

    Loved this post! I’m right there with you on french braiding… or honestly just any braiding in general. Can’t do it, no matter how many Pinterest tutorials I follow!!

  • Kathy@RealTalk

    opening up jars made easy: use rubber gloves! anything with a vacuum seal (ie basically any jar), wack the bottom with your fist, then it’ll pop open easily :)

  • Anastasia Amour

    Amen to putting on fake eyelashes! Whenever I attempt it, it’s like two giant, fuzzy caterpillars are slowly making their way across my eyelids in a fashion that’s less “Oh wow, your lashes are so long and flirty!” and more “….Are you okay? You look like you’re having a stroke!”

    Another thing I’d add to the list is keeping the bathroom clean. I have such good intentions but it always ends up at the bottom of my to-do list!



    i give a tip today about the nails, fyi! hehe. i am the same about a tire. and driving stick shift. can’t do it