How Do You Feel About Rainy Days?

rainy days

It’s Thursday, which means today I’m writing off of a prompt that I drew from my “thought box.”

Today’s topic turned out to be perfect for what we’ve been experiencing here in Austin for the last week.

rainy days

I know that a lot of people think rainy days are for the fishes. Or for gloomy moods and boredom.

I tend to be from the camp of people who feel that rainy days are the bee’s knees.

I absolutely love them.


There are actually two types of rainy days, and I love them both.

The first is what we’re experiencing now- days and days of overcast skies and intermittent showers.

I think these are the days that get some people down, and I can see where they’re coming from. It does tend to put me in a bit of a melancholy mood, but I don’t mind that much. It puts a damper (no pun intended) on plans to go running outdoors and on doing outdoor activities. I don’t mind that much either.

I don’t usually consider myself a lazy person, but if I have a valid excuse, I can be the laziest person on the planet. I consider rain a valid excuse.

There is nothing that I love more than to snuggle up on the couch with a good book and a cup of hot tea, listening to the sound of rain falling outside. I use rainy days as an excuse to get out my paints and create things. I give myself extra hours to write and journal. I do a lot of thinking, and honestly believe I get my best ideas when the weather is disgusting.

I rarely give myself the opportunity to watch television or movies (I’m a busy gal), but when it’s rainy, I completely indulge.

The other type of rainy day is my absolute favorite-thunder storm days.

The most hate-mail I ever received was when I stupidly admitted that “I love tornadoes” on the radio.

While I regret my choice of words, I still stand by the reason behind my statement.

Let me explain.

I grew up in central Texas, where tornado warnings are as common as 90 degree days. During the spring and summer, it was not uncommon to hear the sound of a siren and to then spend a couple hours shut up in a closet with a flashlight and a pile of books.

I know this probably should have been a fearful situation for a child, but I found it exciting. I also really liked being told to read a book in a closet.

In school when the sirens went off, we would all be shuttled out to the hall and instructed to “duck and cover.” I’ll never forget the butterfly-in-the-stomach feeling of excitement that this produced.

As I got older, I grew more fascinated with the weather-how quickly it can change, and how powerful it can be. Instead of hiding in a closet, I would be the last person in the neighborhood standing outside on the porch staring up at the sky. I became obsessed with watching radars, and took a few FEMA classes in college. I still sometimes think that I should have gotten a degree in Emergency Management.

I never underestimate the destructive power of weather, and I acknowledge that it can be absolutely devastating.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t still find it fascinating.

Luckily, the storms aren’t usually as destructive here in Austin. I do still get excited when we get a good storm.

There is nothing that can be compared to the feeling I get when the wind starts picking up.

If you happen to hear the sound of chaotic wind chimes and dogs barking….. or notice that the sky has turned an eerie color- you know where you can find me. I’ll be on the front porch with goosebumps on my arm, watching the storm blow in.






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  • Jenn @ Business, Life & Design

    I’m totally on the same page with you about storms! One of the things I love about fall is the super windy days where everything feels charged with energy. And right before a storm has that same feeling, but with even more adrenaline. I don’t dislike rain, but I get bummed out when it’s dark and gloomy, which is usually the case when it’s raining. Maybe I should take your approach and give myself break days and then I’d love rainy days, too! Going to sleep with the sound of rain is awesome.

  • Kendra Loisel

    I had to laugh because I can totally see how saying you like tornados would cause a problem, but I understand. While I’ve never been in one I love the forcefulness of weather, it excites me. If I had more guts I would probably be a storm chaser. I love when we get extreme weather. Yeah it is awful and I understand that but I don’t mean it form that point so I totally get it!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Ok can I love you even more!!!! I love rainy days too. Cozy reflections, a dim light on, One with the earth, don’t have to water my
    posies. Lol. And yes it is our excuse for
    downtime in a hectic world. Now I want
    rain today!!!! My initial job dream was to be
    a weather forecaster!!! So much for that
    but I can still love it and predict it with the best of em’!!! Have a fabulous day you wise woman!!!

  • SuzLyfe

    I love storms, but I don’t like blllarrrrggg days. They make me feel, well, blarg.

  • SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph

    I also find weather fascinating.

    Love this post, good writing!

  • Gretchen Braun

    I love love love rain and rainstorms and’s my favorite weather to fall asleep to and to run in! I’m freaked out by tornadoes though, so luckily I live in a super hilly city and we never get them.

  • Melissa The Llama

    I love storms. For me it’s great weather to cuddle on the couch and watch cozy movies. hahaha. And if it rains during the day and clears up, PUDDLE JUMPING with the kids!! LOL

  • Audrey

    I used to love storms. When I was little I would lay in bed and listen to thunder and imagine skeletons beating on bass drums in a parade. (I have NO idea where the imagery came from, but I can remember it to this day.) Now I have a 65lbs dog that cowers when the wind picks up. I still love a good storm, but usually I’m enjoying it with a lap-crushing dog on top of me. Rainy days give me an excuse to not take a dogwalk and sit at home and read, though, which I love, love, love!

  • Amber

    I don’t mind the rain if it doesn’t get too crazy. When it starts to make streets flood, then I want it to please go away.

  • Connie

    I absolutely love storms, too. There’s something so calming about the dark skies and the soothing sounds of the rain and wind blowing against the house.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  • Stacie

    I love rain and storms! I always feel like such a weirdo when I admit that, but nothing makes me happier than a good rainy day (so long as I don’t have outdoor plans of course).

  • Diana

    You would love living in Florida, we have thunderstorms every afternoon here. My cousin came to visit once and was fascinated by all the lightening. I didn’t even realize that it could even rain without lightening…well unless it’s raining when the sun is shining (Sunshowers happen to all the time too.) The weather fascinates me too.

  • Kati Rose

    I LOVE them and find them the most neat and calming things. I love nothing more in summer than sitting on my porch in the swing with a beer and watching the thunderstorms at night.

  • Carissa

    Ah man, sleeping to the sound of rain is the BEST!

  • Carissa

    I would love to be a storm chaser, or at least pay some money for a professional to take me out.

  • Carissa

    It’s raining again here today and I think most people are going crazy, but I’m so glad my Friday afternoon is open and I can just enjoy it!

  • Carissa

    Ha I get that!

  • Carissa

    Thanks Steph! Hope you have a great Friday!

  • Carissa

    Tornadoes can be so scary but exciting. I also like running in the rain! Beautiful!

  • Carissa

    Puddle jumping is so much fun! I still do that now!

  • Carissa

    Haha little you had a great imagination! My boyfriend’s dog is terrible in storms too. That’s probably the only downfall.

  • Carissa

    Agreed about flooding. That’s why I don’t like to go anywhere when it’s raining. Ha.

  • Carissa

    Man I love that. I wish I had a storm simulator for non-rainy nights.

  • Carissa

    You’re not a weirdo! I’m right with ya!

  • Carissa

    I spent a week in florida in the fall and you’re right, i loved the storms so much. Everyone else was upset because it kept us indoors but that was an ideal vacation for me!

  • Carissa

    It gives me chills just thinking about it!

  • asplenia

    I downloaded an app that produces nature sounds and tried to fall asleep to rain once as white noise to mask out roommates (CSON app for iPhone). I chose the “thunderstorm” setting and dreamt of storms all night. Ha!! I LOVE storms, unless I have to drive in them. Otherwise they are cozy excuses to curl up with a good book! (I also love the idea of reading in a closet!)