Happy Birthday Mommy!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

My mom.

What can I say?

She’s one of the most beautiful, caring, and interesting people I know. AND I once lived in her womb.

Honestly, I consider myself to be extremely lucky.

I often joke that my family is weird and that’s true, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

mommy 2

I grew up in the most loving home you could imagine, and my mom was truly always my best friend. From her, I learned to live passionately and to never take life too seriously. I inherited her strange sense of humor and love of bad horror movies.

I was lucky enough to have a mom who only worked part-time when I was growing up. This meant that my weeks were filled with trips to the zoo and daily visits to the park. We were encouraged to use our imaginations, and spent the majority of our time playing outside and around the neighborhood.

mommy 1


My dad was the enforcer and would tuck me in bed at night. I would wait in bed until I heard the sound of the tv come on, and would spend hours up at night playing Zelda and The Zombies Ate My Neighbors on nintendo. Perhaps not the best parenting, but I’ll never forget those late nights shared with my mother.

Later, my mom taught Spanish at my high school. For some, that could have been agony, but I was always proud to have my mom be a huge part of my life. She was a mentor not only for me, but also for my peers. I got a chance to witness her creativity and leadership, and it is something that has always stuck with me.

mommy 4

My mom was the one who took us out wrapping in retaliation, and waited in the bushes to spray down the kids who wrapped our house. She took us to movies and comedy shows. She sang musicals with me and helped us make silly videos.

My mom was always my biggest supporter. She sacrificed a lot to put me through dance classes and gymnastics and never missed a performance. She supported my love of theater and sat through more musicals than anyone should ever have to. My mom helped us create the best costumes and cultivated my love of vintage and 70’s clothes throughout junior high and high school.

mommy 3

Nowadays, my mom is still my best friend. Whether I’m happy or sad, my mom always knows what to say to make me feel normal. She has made me believe that I’m beautiful no matter what, and always has open arms to cuddle my soul and my heart.

Mom, I hope you have the best year yet. You have given so much to us throughout my life, and I hope you get a chance to do the things you love to do. I love you more than you could ever know!



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  • http://www.naomiinwonderland.com Naomi

    Stunning photos and very nicely written. I always say my family is super weird and I’m adopted, as a joke of course, even though I’m like my mom’s twin. I love ’em to bits, especially my mom! So happy (late) birthday to your mom :)

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

  • http://mwaonline.blogspot.com Mwa

    You are all so cute and loving together!

  • http://www.militarywifeandpuglife.com MilitaryWifeandPugLife

    Your mom and you look alike! So pretty! Happy Birthday to her!!

  • SuzLyfe

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARISSA”S MOMMY! Mommys are the best, aren’t they? And you definitely seem to have a great one!

  • http://www.gracemakesnew.blogspot.com Julia Strong

    Aww, this is so sweet! Happy Birthday to your mom, she sounds like an incredible lady! :)

  • Kersten @fitandtasty180.com

    Beautiful! I wish we could give our moms back even half that they have given to us. I live thousands miles away from mine, but I know I always have her support on anything. Happy Birthday, Carissa’s Mom :)

  • http://www.audielou.com Audrey

    This is so sweet :) Happy Birthday to your momma!!

  • http://theramblingllama.blogspot.com/ Melissa The Llama

    happy birthday to your mom! I love that y’all are so close. That’s how my mom and I are. It’s the best. :)

  • http://pinkypersistence.blogspot.com/ Pinky

    Happy Birthday to your FABULOUS MAMA!

  • http://www.thisimperfecthappiness.com Diana

    Awww…what a sweet note to your mama. Happy Birthday to her!

  • http://www.why-girls-are-weird.com Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird

    Aw happy birthday to your mom!

  • Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie

    aw! Your mom is BEAUTIFUL. Happiest birthday to her!! A lovely piece on her.

  • http://www.brookemeaganjones.com/ Brooke Jones

    This is beautiful! Happy birthday to your mom! I feel like I appreciate my parents so much more as I get older and I realize how cool they are. And we’re weird too. It’s the only way to be!

  • http://www.dreambigandbuytheshoes.com/ Emelia @ Dream Big & Buy the S

    This is such a sweet post. Absolutely beautiful!

  • http://www.heartoflife07.blogspot.com/ Lora

    Aw :) Hope your mom had a great birthday!