Weekend Snapshots-Eeyore’s Birthday 04/24-4/26

Eeyore's birthday

Happy Monday.

Hope you noticed my lack of enthusiasm there. Although I’m determined to make this a good week. My weekend was both busy and productive, and I hope your’s was too!

Friday night Matt and I were planning on going out to eat and then heading to a comedy show. I was really craving Asian food, so we went to PF Changs downtown. I didn’t get any pictures, of either food or us-because I was too busy eating.

After dinner we waited in line in the rain to get into the Patton Oswalt show. After about 45 minutes we were told that they were at capacity. By that time I was exhausted so we decided to call it an early night. I knew we had a busy day ahead of us and sleep is honestly at the top of my priorities right now.

Saturday morning we woke up, at some boudin for breakfast, and decided to take the scooter to Eeyore’s Birthday party.

Scooter Riding

For those of you who aren’t from Austin, Eeyore’s Birthday is a long-time tradition for Austinites to get together and celebrate their weirdness. At least that’s what I think it’s about. It’s one of my favorite days of the year, if just for the people watching.

Eeyore's birthday Austin


Eeyore Birthday 2


I also ate a popsicle and a giant turkey leg, and both were delicious.

After we’d seen enough titties to last a lifetime, we headed home, took showers, and headed to the Busby Foundations annual Crawfish festival. The hosts of the morning show were the announcers of the evening and I had a great time hanging out with them and stuffing my face full of mud bugs.

Busby Foundation Crawfish Boil


We stuck around and watched Big Head Todd and the Monsters perform, and were too tired to see any comedy so we headed home.

Sunday was all about writing, cleaning, and podcasting.

Don’t forget you can catch an all new episode of Mexican Mustache and Madam on Darkives.com!



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  • http://mwaonline.blogspot.com Mwa

    Busy weekend. I love the picture of Ariel the Merman!

  • http://theramblingllama.blogspot.com/ Melissa The Llama

    You know when I saw the pictures and notifications of Eeyore’s birthday I wasn’t sure what to think. I’ve never heard of anything like this but based on the pictures it looks like a blast!

  • ElleSees.blogspot.com

    that looks like fun!! i’ve never heard of this before!!

  • SuzLyfe

    I think you need a giant diet coke and a thing of froyo. GO AND GET IT

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    He was HILARIOUS! So many weird people in this city.

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    It’s the best people watching ever!

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    I hadn’t heard of it til I moved here, but it really is a lot of fun!

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    I DO. I’m on the diet coke thing right now.

  • http://www.dreambigandbuytheshoes.com/ Emelia @ Dream Big & Buy the S

    I LOVE PF Chang’s and this Eeyore’s birthday thing sounds pretty interesting!