Weekend Snapshots – Easter 2015


It’s Tuesday already?

I woke up in a bit of a funk this morning. I believe it’s a healthy mix of PMS and being overwhelmed by the week to come. Still, I’m trying to stay positive and remember the good times…. and I definitely collected quite a few of those this weekend.

I’m also trying not to dwell on the fact that my kindle has gone missing, but it’s a little difficult since it’s basically like a third appendage.

Yesterday was a complete wash. All day, I planned on writing something, on doing ANYTHING productive-but it never happened.

Instead I opted to sleep during my lunch break, which I guess I needed.

Alas, here is my weekend update, a day late.

Friday night was nice and relaxing. I got to take the dogs out for a good walk. Then Matt brought home some confetti eggs, and proceeded to egg every one in the house, including the dogs.

friday night

For a few months last year, Matt and I decided to go on a mission to try every hamburger joint in Austin. Friday nights were our official “burger” night, but after a few months we had to switch to pizza.

We decided it was time to start our weekly date with burgers again, and this week’s pick was El Sapo Botanas y Burgers on Manor Road.

I didn’t get a picture of the actual burger, cause well, I ate it-but it might be my new favorite. It was called the “San Antonio” and it had refried beans, cheese, and tostadas. It was amazing.

Saturday morning, we loaded up our pets and headed to Waco to spend the day with my parents. It had been a few years since we’d gone to the Cameron Park zoo, and since it wasn’t too hot yet, we decided to go.

It was really the perfect day.

Later that evening, we headed out to my family’s farm to cook burgers and spend the night.

I could go on forever about this place, but I’ll keep it short for today.

I will say that almost every one of my favorite memories from childhood happened at the farm. We were lucky to have a place to escape to, and it’s still a nice place to turn off and just relax.


We cooked out burgers, sat on the back porch, and watched a storm roll in.

We also saved a life! We found a large snapping turtle that was turned on it’s back. We (Matt) flipped it over and put it back into water.

turtle 2

I’m not gonna lie. I got downright giddy when I realized we were going to spending the night in this old rickety house while it was storming. As a child, this would have been terrifying for me, but now I can’t help but romanticize Twister.

What’s really scary, is this wall of pictures of my ancestors…

wall of pics

Luckily, we spent the night free of ghosts or tornadoes.

I attempted to take some pictures of Stevie Ticks in the bluebonnets before we left.

They didn’t turn our so well…

stevie blue


Sunday morning we went into Waco to have Easter brunch with my grandmother and aunts and uncles. The plan was to have a picnic, but since it was raining, it was an indoor picnic.

We had pimento sandwiches and ham sandwiches, and my aunt made a large sun cutout so that we could have a real spring vibe.


I’m determined to be in better spirits the rest of the week. If nothing else, I’ll plaster a smile on my face and hope it rubs off on my spirit.

Have a happy Tuesday!



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  • http://www.heartoflife07.blogspot.com/ Lora

    I love sitting outside and listening to storms..as long as there are no tornadoes involved I’m good.
    And YUM Pimento sandwiches…I love them!

  • SuzLyfe

    This is a slice of southern hospitality. And one that I sorely miss! That said, the pictures of your ancestors is truly terrifying….

  • http://pinkypersistence.blogspot.com/ Pinky

    Sounds like a great weekend. Glad you found a great burger and had fun family time!

  • http://mwaonline.blogspot.com Mwa

    I love that wall of ancestors! And you’re looking gorgeous, just thought I’d mention that.
    Have a good week!