Weekend Snapshots 4/10-4/12

First of all, thank for bearing with me this last week.

I think the worst of it is over. I finally got all my prescriptions filled, and I think I’m finally feeling back to normal. Or at least as normal as I get.

This weekend was uneventful, yet quite enjoyable. The next few months are jam-packed with activities, so I wanted to take advantage of one last weekend with nothing to do.

Friday night, I found myself alone in my apartment, which is rare for me.

I gathered up the dogs and set out for a long walk on the boardwalk.



I go to the boardwalk almost daily, but usually in the morning or during my lunch break, so it was exciting for me to get a chance to see the sunset,



Since my boyfriend isn’t a fan of anything Curry, I decided to make myself a meal that I knew he wouldn’t enjoy.


It was literally a bag of stir fry vegetables and a jar of red curry sauce, but it was quite delicious and easy.

I attempted to start a new book, but as soon as I snuggled up with Stevie, sleep took over.

stevie sleep

Saturday morning, Matt was out training for the MS150 (next weekend!) so I was left to my own devices for breakfast. I’m really a terrible cook, but I’ve found myself wanting to experiment as of late.

I attempted to make blueberry pancakes. I wouldn’t say they were exactly successful, but they were edible so I say that’s a win.

blueberry pancakes

My friend Heidi and I headed out for a walk with the pups, and were excited to find a new pet.

Meet Jeff, the turtle.

Saturday afternoon I got to podcast with my bestest podcast pals, CJ and Chuy. Check out the newest episode of Mexican Mustache and Madam- up now at Darkives.com!

turtle dreams

Then, Matt and I continued our search for the Best Burger in Austin, and found ourselves at Silo on 7th. We requested an outdoor table because the inside was quite loud, but soon found ourselves sitting in the rain.


Since we had already asked to moved from the inside to the porch, we were too embarrassed to ask to be moved again, so decided to suck it up.

The burger was quite good though. As were the fries. I requested cheese on mine, and that was the best decision I’d made in a while.



I spent the majority of Sunday sitting on my couch and wasting time on the internet, hanging out with my friend, and ogling at the cuteness of our new baby pet turtle.

In the evening Matt and I headed over to the Fusebox Festival in east Austin, which featured a performance by Forklift Danceworks called “The Trees of Govalle.” That. Was. Amazing.

This really deserves it’s own post, so I’ll try to get on that.

Until then, I’ll leave you with one of the many beautiful trees I saw at Govalle park.

pretty tree


Have a beautiful Monday, folks. Give a tree some love.




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  • http://gretchruns.com Gretchen Braun

    Wow, that sunset picture is so beautiful! Glad you were able to enjoy your weekend and some alone time. I love having some time to myself! Could that turtle be any cuter?? Hope you have a great week, Carissa!!

  • SuzLyfe

    I am really glad that I am not a turtle. Turtles can’t eat blueberry pancakes. Which are so necessary.
    Now, have a kick ass week. That is an order. mk?

  • http://www.thenashvillianblog.com/ Ash @ The Nashvillian

    How cute is Jeff??? haha! A burger sounds absolutely delicious right now…and I’ve definitely had times when I’ve been too embarrassed to ask to move after I’d already asked to move. :)

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  • http://melbourneonmymind.com/ Melbourne on my Mind

    OH MY GOD THE TURTLE IS SO CUTE!!!! I want one. Except I’m pretty sure owning turtles is illegal in Australia, so I’ll just live vicariously through you instead…

  • http://theramblingllama.blogspot.com/ Melissa The Llama

    Can we talk about how all of your pictures are so pretty?? That curry looks amazing. I’m lucky that I live in a spicy loving house. Hubby is half Puerto Rican. Have a great week!!

  • Allison Renner

    OH MY GOD CUTEST TURTLE EVER!!! He is so tiny!!! And those cheese fries look amazing. I want all of them.

  • http://www.carissajaded.com CarissaJaded

    Thanks Gretchen! The turtle is still living in a tupperware on my counter, until I can get a tank for it this weekend!

  • http://www.carissajaded.com CarissaJaded

    Thanks lady. And I’m not sure about that. My turtle has been eating a strawberry, and I’m pretty sure it would love blueberry pancakes.

  • http://www.carissajaded.com CarissaJaded

    Thanks Ash! I am feeling a lot better!

  • http://www.carissajaded.com CarissaJaded

    Oye, I hope they aren’t illegal to own here! I should probably look into that.

  • http://www.carissajaded.com CarissaJaded

    Yeah you are lucky. We all love hot sauce around here, but he detests the scent of curry. Too bad for him!

  • http://www.carissajaded.com CarissaJaded

    He is so cute! I swear he makes faces. And I ate all of them, I’m sorry .

  • http://www.dreambigandbuytheshoes.com/ Emelia @ Dream Big & Buy the S

    Those pictures of the sky are SO beautiful…I’m obsessed with the sky! That turtle..OMG :)

  • http://www.heartoflife07.blogspot.com/ Lora

    I’m not a fan of curry either, but that looks delicious!