T.G.I.F. (Truth. Gratitude. “I am.” Fuck it. ) (4)

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Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but this week went by insanely fast for me. I worked hard, finally got some good sleep, and got to have a little much needed down time, which is great since this weekend’s forecast is extremely busy.


-I was really stressed out at the beginning of this week. So much so that I had to back out on an improv show last minute, which I absolutely feel terrible about. When it came down to it though, sometimes we have to make difficult decisions and put ourselves first.

-I’m having a really difficult time with balance. Between two jobs, writing, and attempting to do things to keep a healthy mind and body, I often feel so overwhelmed. Sometimes I want to just crawl under my covers and not do any of it.



Sweet boyfriend. I know he was on my list last week, but he has really outdone himself this week. When I was on the verge of a meltdown earlier this week, he surprised me with flowers.

Best. Timing. Ever.
Best. Timing. Ever.

He always makes sure that I have plenty of healthy foods to eat and knows just what to say to make me feel better.

Opportunity. This week I’m especially grateful for the opportunities that I’m given to do incredibly cool stuff. I have a pair of badges to the Moontower Comedy fest, and laughter is exactly what I need this weekend. I’m also going to the Busby Foundation’s Crawfish boil on Saturday and I CANNOT WAIT to get my crawfish on.

moontower pic

Beautiful weather. It doesn’t get any better than this in Texas. See yesterday’s post.

Inspiration. As busy and stressed out as I have been, I’ve not been lacking for creativity. I may not have the time to create, but the ideas are flowing right now and I couldn’t be happier about it.

“I am:”

Eating-I’ve totally been bitten by the fruit bug (can you imagine how cute that would be?) and am eating fruit like it’s going out of style. Pineapple, berries, grapefruit, oranges-you name it-I’m eating it. It probably isn’t the best choice, but I’m also really enjoying topping it off with some non-fat whipped cream.


Drinking: Thanks to high-brew-I’m all hopped up on the caffeine this week and loving it. One of the many perks of working in radio is the amazing food and beverages that sometimes show up as a surprise. High Brew brought by a bunch of their coffee drinks, which I am completely addicted to, and I haven’t let up since Monday.

high brew

Watching: The Last Man On Earth: How did I miss this hilarious gem of a show? Probably because I don’t have tv. I do have Hulu, and was really pleased when this popped up on my suggested watch list. It stars Will Forte, January Jones, and Kristen Schaal and is the best tv I’ve seen in a while. It’s way more off-beat than it is sci-fi, but it’s definitely worth a watch. Plus, all the episodes are currently available on HULU, so you can start from the beginning and binge away!

Loving: This cute little frog that I found whilst Matt was grilling the other night. Don’t worry I didn’t keep him, but we did share a lovely moment.

Seriously, is he smoking a doobie?


Fuck it:

I’ve once again completely failed at meeting my workout goals this week. I’m telling you, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Fuck it. There’s always tomorrow.


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  • http://www.bourbonlipstickandstilettos.com/ Bourbon & Lipstick

    What an awesome boyfriend! I saw where you were talking about that coffee on Twitter (I think)- is it just sold in your area?! I need to try it! When we’re overwhelmed, fitness and taking care of ourselves seems to be the first thing to go, doesn’t it? Hope you can relax a bit this weekend. Happy Friday!

  • ElleSees.blogspot.com

    i hear ya–sometimes you just can’t do it all. i am stressed too and now i’m sick. boo!!!

  • http://realtalkwithkb.typepad.com/blog/ Kathy@RealTalk

    speaking of frogs, i read that they found a new species of frog that looks EXACTLY like kermit the frog – light green with big, white eyes. not that you needed to know that useless piece of trivia but whoop, there it is.

    the strawberries here are SO GOOD right now; it’s all we’ve been eating 😀

  • http://mwaonline.blogspot.com Mwa

    I love the frog!

  • http://theramblingllama.blogspot.com/ Melissa The Llama

    Seriously I’m so glad Josh and I aren’t the only ones on the planet watching the last man on earth! Lol. It’s so stupid that it’s hilarious. I heard it got signed for a second season too. Lol.
    I didn’t do great in the workout area this week either. Fuck it. Bahaha. Happy Friday though!!

  • SuzLyfe

    It’s amazing to me how well flowers can help turn a day around. Alex has brought me them twice in the past month ish, (I think he is making up for lost time), and they just make me so happy. I hope that your weekend is fun and enjoyable and what you need!

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    He is pretty swell. I know it’s a local product, but I think you might be able to get it at whole foods? I’m not sure. I love it though! Happy Friday to you!

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    Awww I’m sorry! I hope you feel better!

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa


  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    He was the cutest!

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    Yay! That makes me happy. I love stupid shows.

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    They really do make my day! I’m staring at them right now and smiling. Happy weekend!

  • http://whisperingwriter.blogspot.com/ Amber

    Your fruit looks awesome.

    I love being surprised with flowers.

  • http://tillthensmileoften.com/ Kerry

    That was so sweet of him and perfectly timed. I am really craving pineapple now, love fruit.

  • http://www.brookemeaganjones.com/ Brooke Jones

    Sorry to hear that you were quite stressed at the beginning of the week, but it’s true that you have to put yourself first sometimes. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anything else! I think flowers, fruit and whip cream definitely helps :-) The comedy fest sounds fun. The Halifax comedy fest is going on right now too and I’m hoping to catch a show tomorrow!

  • http://www.thenashvillianblog.com/ Ash @ The Nashvillian

    That comedy fest sounds like fun! And I totally know what you mean about balance.

  • http://www.heartoflife07.blogspot.com/ Lora

    What a sweet boyfriend!
    And you’re right there is always tomorrow!
    Hope this week is less stressful!

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    I just bought a whole one tonight!

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    It was awesome! I am continuing my fruit obsession this week.

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    Ah Hope you got to see some shows this weekend!

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    It was a blast! And yes, balance is always something I struggle with.

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    Thanks Lora! So far so good!