My Failure of a Week ( But not Completely)

I’ll be honest with you, I feel like I’ve failed this week.

I started out with such high hopes too.

I was going to go to yoga every night and cook a few healthy meals. I planned on taking  lunch time walks with the pups and meditating every afternoon. Maybe I’d even find a slip and slide on which to slide on.

Alas, I did none of the above.

Say what you want about anti-depressants and adhd medications, but I went an entire week without mine, and I’m pretty sure the results were a very unproductive and very melancholy version of myself.

I don’t know even know why I’ve put off getting them filled. I got new prescriptions mid-week, but by then unproductive me had already taken over and decided that I could put it off for a few more days.

I learned my lesson though, so I don’t need you telling me that I made poor decisions.


The truth is, I really wanted to be able to be perfectly fine without anything. I’ve just hit my year mark of being on meds, and I kind of wanted to see what would happen if I just stopped. Maybe, I would be just fine if I gave it a few more days. Perhaps I just expected the worse, so that’s what happened?

Regardless, I’m probably not ready just yet, and that’s ok too.

This week wasn’t a complete wash though. I was able to rack up a few accomplishments.

*I took showers every single day.

*I gave Stevie a flea bath.

stevie bath
My favorite Stevie Bath Picture (Taken by my sister) (The one who left me to move to Australia)


*I watched 10 episodes of “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” ( I LOVE THIS SHOW!)

*I finished reading Alice Hoffman’s “Fortune’s Daughter” (I LOVED THIS BOOK)

alice hoffman

*I ingested a delicious meal of Crawfish Etouffee, prepared by my sweet boyfriend.


And ummm…


Well, that might be it.

I’ll be back on my game next week.

Until then, have an amazingly beautiful weekend!

But before you go, what is a really good fiction book that I should start reading this weekend?

And have you successfully gotten off of meds?



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  • SuzLyfe

    I’ve successfully gone ON meds. But I don’t think that is what you are looking for. I just know that I need to be on them. I’m at a good level right now, and I want to keep it. I support going off of them, if it is the right choice for you, but for me? I need my chemicals.
    Just think about being UNBREAKABLE. An amazing piece of small screen work.


    i’m sorry you had a rough week. i hope next will be better! i want to check out that show! i’ve heard great things about it

  • Allison Renner

    I was on generic Zoloft the last few months of pregnancy and… maybe 3 or 4 after? But I HATE taking meds and it didn’t seem to make me feel much better. If I’m putting a chemical in my body, I want to feel what it’s doing, you know? (Ok that sounds stupid/junkie-like, but still!) So I stopped cold turkey (probably not smart in retrospect, esp nursing a babe, but…) and have been fine. I told my husband and mom I was going off it just in case I started going crazy and couldn’t tell, so I think it’s important to have someone looking out for you if you do so. And probably best to step down rather than stop.

  • Ganeeban

    Okay, you’re the second person to recommend that show. Since HOCs is over for me, I must take a look at that one! Sorry you feel so blah about your week. At least you are seeing where you are at with and without your meds, but seem to be cognizant enough to realize you aren’t quite ready. I have no experience with this, but see it as you are learning more about yourself and you seem to be in-tune with your emotions and health! Hope your weekends turns around! xoxo, ganeeban

  • Mwa

    I’m cross with the fictional version of myself that is in your head yelling at you in my head. (Complicated, but hey.)
    Fiction book I loved last year: Shantaram.
    I hope you have a better week next week. x

  • Melissa The Llama

    Re your book question: I have a whole series that I love. It’s “blue bloods” (no not the cop show) by Melissa de la Cruz. I think there’s 7 books total. It’s a twist on vampires in NYC, I love it!! And re medicine: all I know is my hubby has been OFF anti depressants & bi polar meds since Nov & it’s driving me crazy. But he went back to the Dr today so 3-4 weeks from now I’ll have my hubby back!! Have you tried St John’s wart if you want to be off the medicine?

  • Lora

    I binged on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt too and it was great! I’m ready for season 2!