House Keeping and Weekend Snapshots 4-20-2015


Hi there.

Notice anything different? I decided to change things up a bit around here.

I’ve actually been wanting to do this for a while, but every I sat down and started looking at themes, I got so overwhelmed that I had to eat ice cream.

This time was no different. Keep in mind that A LOT of ice cream was involved in this redesign. I’m still not entirely happy with everything-but at least I’m to the point where I’m willing to have you over to look around. I’m a complete idiot when it comes to this stuff, so please feel free to leave me feed back and let me know if something isn’t working the way it’s supposed to.

I do want to point a few things.

First of all, I finally created a page for my blog on facebook. I know this is something I probably should have done like six years ago, but I’m a procrastinator. Anyway, now it’s there and if you want to keep up with me, I’d love for you to like it. The main purpose for this is so that the people who don’t care about this site don’t have to get annoyed with updates.

Second, I’ve finally updated my pages. There’s now an “about me,” contact information, and even a page with a bunch of videos that I’ve made. I’ve also made a page for my bucket list and one for the goals that I’m focusing on this year-so that I can remember to do those things.

I know most of my readers are listeners of the radio, but I know there are also a few new people from blog land and I’d like to welcome all of you. Now that I’ve finally fixed the place up, I’m a lot more excited to write and network and keep things moving.

While I’ve got you here, there’s a few more things I’d like to point out. I promise, it’s not always going to be me telling you what to do, in fact it all makes me a little uncomfortable-but since we’re both here….

If you enjoy what I write, also check out my blog on KLBJ FM. I’m trying to update it once or twice a week, and there’s always my hit-or-miss outfits on my fashion blog. The fact that I even have a fashion blog is extremely amusing to me, since I’m not exactly known for making the best fashion choices, but that’s kind of the point. Feel free to laugh, I’m laughing with you.

Now back to the fun stuff. My weekend.

Which wasn’t exactly “fun” but it was relaxing, which is what I was hoping for. Friday night I was so exhausted that I did absolutely nothing.

Literally, I did nothing.

Well I did work on my site a bit and ate leftovers… and then I fell asleep on the couch around 8 PM. I needed it.

Matt was out of town and and while I love him with all of my heart, it was nice to have a night alone with no plans.

I had big plans to go to the Greenbelt for a hike on Saturday, but I got caught up in fixing up the blog and never made it out. It would have been terribly muddy anyway so it was probably better that I didn’t.

Saturday night I went to Dart Bowl for the 3rd annual Warrior Party.

For those of you who don’t know, the Warriors are a group of our hard-core listeners who have formed a crew. They are amazing people and I’m so proud to be part of a radio show that inspired this group of people to meet each other and hang out. From my understanding, over 100 people gathered on Saturday night to bowl and get to know each other. The entire show cast was there too, which was a lot of fun.  I always love listener events, and it was so nice to get some face time with some of my favorites.

Especially the ladies.

warrior ladies
Warrior Ladies


These ladies always have my back and I can’t thank them enough for that. It’s so nice to feel like you have cheerleaders, especially when the going gets tough. Nights like this make me feel giddy with love and appreciation.

There was a crazy thunderstorm that hit when I was on my way home, so when I finally made it home safe-I decided to call it a night.

I always find it a little difficult around mealtimes when Matt is out of town, but I did my best this weekend to keep it regular and healthy. Like this delicious smoothie I had for breakfast.

Healthy Protein Smoothie
Healthy Protein Smoothie

I spent the afternoon grocery shopping, and perusing around the East Side Farmers Market. I don’t know why I don’t make it over here more often. Always so good for people watching and salivating over fresh veggies.

East Side Hope Farmers Market
East Side Austin Hope Farmers Market


After that, I headed down town to watch Matt cross the finish line at the MS 150. I AM SO PROUD OF HIM!

MS 150
Matt finished the MS 150!!!

Then we ordered Pizza since Matt burned about 6000 calories this weekend and earned it. I probably burned zero calories but figured I didn’t want him to have to eat alone.


And now it’s Monday. Here we go folks, this one’s gonna be a doozy! Have a wonderful day!

What did you do this weekend?



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  • SuzLyfe

    I’m full just thinking about the amount that Matt would have to eat to replenish. Good lord. But congrats to him! And I’m liking the redesign–I can’t wait to poke around and open doors that I’m not supposed to 😀

  • Stacie

    Congrats to Matt!! And congrats to you for taking one for the team and eating pizza with him. I know that was probably such a chore ; )

  • asplenia

    Love your new layout! This past weekend I spent on a road trip, visiting family and eating my way through the city so it rocked too. Haha – Matt vs. Pizza: there was an exhibit in NY at the Natural History Museum on food and they showed what swimmer Michael Phelps needs to eat before a swim. It was like a dozen eggs and a loaf of toast and gallon of OJ etc. etc. — OMG. But have to replenish those calories somehow.

  • asplenia

    (Not that I’m endorsing those particular food choices! Although I would happily marathon my way through a tub of ice cream) (and then probably die 20 min later)…

  • Melissa The Llama

    I LOVE the new look! Very nice. Does your radio show do an online streaming when you’re on? I’d love to listen.

  • Ash @ The Nashvillian

    Smoothies for breakfast are always a good thing! :) This reminds me that I need to make them more often.

  • Linda

    I finally created a FB page for my blog last week and I felt extremely tardy doing so too!

  • Rachel G

    I haven’t had a smoothie in forever (when we moved last year we never bought a blender!)–yours looks yummy! Blog design and updating is not much fun at all (that’s why I procrastinate on them)–good for you for seeing it through, the site looks great!

  • Kersten

    Your blog looks great! And oh boy, do I love farmers markets. But I have to go alone because nobody in the world has patience to hang out with me there for three hours straight. That’s the least amount of time I need.
    Sounds like you had a relaxing weekend!

  • Ganeeban

    I’m diggin’ the new threads! I want to have someone design a new layout for me, but I’m too cheap to invest in it! #FirstWorldProbs! Dang, that’s a loooong bike ride! I, like you, seem to be much more efficient when the BF is out of the house. I think that’s pretty cool, and humbling, that that group of people have connected because of your show and that you get to hang out with them! Sounds like a fab weekend… xoxo, ganeeban

  • Brooke Jones

    Congrats to Matt and love the new look! I’m still tweaking my design too and next up is my about page! I basically just put one together really quickly and always meant to make it better, but then I never did. I made a facebook page awhile ago and then did nothing with it haha Just this last week I’ve been trying to be better about that. It’s true that it’s nice to have the place to yourself sometimes. I usually eat cereal because I can!


    that must be so cool to have fans like that!! congrats to matt and congrats on the new design!

  • Carissa

    Thanks Suz! I know I want to start biking so i can eat whatever i want!

  • Carissa

    It was, but I did what I had to do!

  • Carissa

    Thanks lady! I am so jealous of your road trip i want to go somewhere so bad!

  • Carissa

    Thank you! We do have online streaming! from 6am-930-We also have the show on podcasts!

  • Carissa

    I can’t get enough of them. I could probably live on smoothies and cliff bars alone.

  • Carissa

    Nice! I’ll check it out!

  • Carissa

    Thanks so much!

  • Carissa

    Thanks so much! I’m the same way. I can people and vegetable watch for hours!

  • Carissa

    Thanks so much! I finally sprung for a cheap layout so I could tweak it the way I want. It is really neat. It humbles me every day!

  • Carissa

    Thanks Brooke! It is nice to be alone every once in a while, and it’s so rare for me! Also, updating all this stuff is A LOT of work.

  • Carissa

    Aw thanks lady!

  • Gretchen Braun

    I love the site re-design! I opened it today and thought it looked different…great job :)