Welcome to Earth (Day) Let’s Celebrate!

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Have I told you yet how much I love Earth Day? Well I do. A LOT.

I don’t think it’s celebrated enough around here. I mean, why are we working? Shouldn’t we be out showing the earth we love it? SHOULDN’T WE BE SPENDING ALL THE HOURS WORSHIPING THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET?

Still, there are several ways we can show the earth our appreciation, even if we have to work today. Here’s some of my favorites.

1. Build a birdfeeder out of popsicle sticks. Birds are part of this great earth, and birds need to eat.  Plus it gives you a really good excuse to eat a whole bunch of popsicles.

2. Kiss a cactus.  What better way to show the earth you love it, than to kiss one of it’s inhabitants that gets the least amount of love. (I found one that wasn’t too prickly) (I’m not an idiot)

Kiss a Cactus for Earth Day

3. Plant something. If I’m completely honest, I don’t know all the scientific-ey reasons that plants are good for the environment, but something carbon offset, something something. Anyway, it’s good for the earth and it’s good for your mood. Make like a tree and grow (something).


4. Use eco-friendly condoms. I’m not going to condone unprotected sex, but if your gonna be doing the deed, you might as well go green with it. And I don’t mean by getting an infection. Apparently eco-friendly condoms are a thing. They are made without harming any rubber trees! Sounds like a perfectly reasonable invention to me.

5. Eco-friendly sanitary protection. While we’re on the subject of our nether regions, we might as well talk about our feminine hygiene. I mean, think of all that cotton that is used to keep your panties clean. If you really care about our planet, you would certainly invest in a mooncup.

6. Reusable Bags. It’s not as if we have a choice here in Austin, (thank you, bag ban)  and I’m certainly not bitter about it-but Reusable bags are the smarter choice for grocery shopping. The biggest plus? The are definitely a lot prettier than normal plastic bags.

Reusable Bags

7. Reusable Water Bottles: This is a given, and one I completely stand by. I use my Nalgene all day every day. I actually prefer a glass water bottle for drinking, but I’ve broken the last three I’ve purchased-so it’s plastic for me!

8. Pledge to have your body sent to a body farm after you die. This is one I’m seriously considering. I love the idea of decomposing the natural way, the way I was intended to go. Basically, your body is sent to decompose in a safe environment, free of a coffin or other non-decomposable things. There’s a body farm right outside Austin, and it’s becoming evermore popular every day. You can read more about it here.

9. Shower with your partner (or your dog). Hey! It’s an excuse to get sexy! Bring along your eco-friendly condoms and make a night of it. Not with your dog. I mean, showering with your dog is awesome, just not… you know what I mean. I do, in fact; shower with Stevie Ticks at least once a week. It’s a great way to save water, plus my dog loves it!

stevie shower

10. Become a Freegan. This isn’t something I would actually ever do, but I do find it fascinating. We had some freegans on the show a few years back and I just couldn’t get over the fact that they eat all of their meals out of the dumpster. Apparently, it’s more common than ya think.

Well there you have it, folks. For some more, much weirder options-check out my blog on KLBJ FM’s website.

6 Easy ways you Can Love the Earth
6 Easy ways you Can Love the Earth-KLBJ FM

What are you doing to show your appreciation this Earth Day?



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  • http://eachlovelything.wordpress.com Andrea T

    hahahah I heard peeing in the shower (while you shower, just in case it’s not clear enough) save syou from wasting water on the flush. 😉 Great tips. I’m gonna go buy myself a bunch of popsicles and get started!

  • http://www.thisimperfecthappiness.com Diana

    This is so awesome! My husband’s birthday is today…so we may be celebrating in some of the ways you (uh..emm) mentioned 😉 Happy earth day!

  • ElleSees.blogspot.com

    freegans! the condoms! so many things i didn’t know about! i do use reusable bags

  • http://realtalkwithkb.typepad.com/blog/ Kathy@RealTalk

    we’re a green household and have been for a while. i use reuseable things as much as i can and i love our city’s green program – it’s so strict and on point.

  • http://theramblingllama.blogspot.com/ Melissa The Llama

    Dying!! This was both funny and awesome. I can’t go without my reusable water bottle. Something about bottled water tastes funny to me. Happy earth day!

  • http://www.fridaymorningbuzz.com/ Tami

    You’re the second person today who has posted about reusable bags so I think it’s my sign that it’s time to get some! Happy Earth Day!

  • http://mwaonline.blogspot.com Mwa

    Mmm. I’m definitely NOT getting a moon cup.

  • SuzLyfe

    I have an obsession with reusable bags. I won’t even tell you how many we have. Freegans terrify me, though they likely have awesome immune systems. My biggest earthday related pet peeve is restaurants and the waste. Have worked in so many, EAT YOUR DAMN FOOD.
    Thus why I have limitation issues. Clean plate club folks.

  • http://www.thenewwifestyle.com/ chelsea @ the new wifestyle

    we’ve banned the reusable bags too here in portland! sometimes my husband will randomly walk pass a tree and have to kiss him and it makes me smile so hard!

  • http://sponsoredbycoffee.com/ Connie

    Love this post!! I showed love to the Earth by embracing it. I took my nephew out on a 3-mile walk around the lake just to admire its beauty.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    haha I pee in the shower but just because I’m lazy.

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    Happy Birthday to your husband! Hope you had a great Earth Day!

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    Freegans are seriously fascinating. I can’t even imagine.

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    Good for you! I try to recycle and be as green as possible. It’s tough in an apartment sometimes.

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    Ha thanks Melissa! I know, I’m obsessed with my water bottle. I lost it a few weeks ago and didn’t drink water for like 4 days.

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    They can be fun! I try to get cute ones so it makes me feel fashionable whilst shopping. :)

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    But it’s so good for the Earth!

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    We have wayyyyy too many. Mostly because I always forget to bring them so am constantly buying more. Haha I never thought about freegans having great immune systems. I’m pretty good at not wasting the food on my plate though haha.

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    haha I love kissing trees! I don’t mind the reusable bags, I just need to remember to bring them,!

  • http://www.carissajaded.com Carissa

    Ah thanks lady! Hope your walk was beautiful!

  • http://www.simplemedicine.co/ Pragati // Simple Medicine

    Freegan…I’m not sure that is something I can get behind! LOL I love your tips – they’re all really good and most of them made me laugh, too!

  • http://mwaonline.blogspot.com Mwa

    But also… eeeeew!