T.G.I.F. (Truth, Gratitude, I am, Fuck it) (2)

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I’m having a difficult time getting motivated today, mostly because I still feel like a pile of boogers crusted over.

My Pathetic Sick Face
My Pathetic Sick Face

Regardless, I’m applauding myself for sticking to most of my goals this week and getting some much needed stuff done.

I enjoyed doing this post last week, so since it’s my blog and since my creativity is zilch-I’m doing it again. Plus there is a lot going on that I haven’t had a chance to get out of my brain so I’m using this post as that opportunity.


Ok this is really embarrassing.

I realized this week that I have recently picked up this really bad habit. It’s even more frustrating because I’ve really been focusing lately on trying to establish some good habits, but I guess I still have a lot of work to do.

Back when I was doing trivia, I started allowing myself to buy 2 scratch off lottery tickets per week. I had cash in my hand, and though I’d never really been one to buy lottery tickets, I thought it would be fun. I told myself that I would quit when I lost my trivia gig, but I habitually continued buying two a week… and sometimes three or four.

I know, I know. For an extremely poor person, this is really the most irresponsible thing I could do. But it seemed innocent enough, and more often than not for every 10 dollars I spent, I’d get at least 3 back.

Last Friday, I hit it big for the first time. I mean not like a jackpot or anything, but I won $150 on one bingo card.

Being the completely rational and responsible person that I am, I immediately went and bought $75 worth of more scratch offs.

I’m cringing as I write this.

It took me 2 and a half hours to scratch them all, and in the end I was only $17 dollars richer.

I’ve spent the week agonizing over my stupidity, and rationalizing my impulsive behavior, and I’ve finally decided to let it go.

Also? I’m done buying scratch offs.


I’ve kept my goal this week of writing down 5 things I’m grateful for every day. Here are a few of my favorites.

*My family- This week I was lucky enough to get some quality time with my family. My parents came into town for a few hours on Saturday and took Matt and I to lunch.

Later that evening I met up with my cousin Andi, who was in town from Chicago, for dinner.

andi carissa 2
Andi and Carissa (and Twinkie)


I don’t get to see my family nearly as often as I’d like, so I’m so happy that I got to see so much of them this week.


Earlier this week I posted about how much I love my radio job. I didn’t mention how lucky I am to work with some great girls at my afternoon gig. This week we had some great inspiring conversations between tasks, and its really nice to have that every afternoon.

I also got a chance to spend some time with a new friend, and I was reminded how awesome it feels to get to know someone.

Until recently, I had really put my social life on the back burner, and I’m so thrilled to be cultivating friendships and getting back in touch with old friends.


Because I’m sick right now, this one seems to really stick out to me today as being important. I’m lucky that the biggest thing that I have to complain about is a cold. For the most part, I am healthy and strong and I have a capable body that I should nurture and love.


Loving- Productivity apps.

Since I’ve started on the path of self-improvement, I’ve been searching high and low for anything that will help me to keep goals and establish better habits. I’ve tried out a few apps and finally found a few that seem to really be helping me.

Habits Pro– This is great for holding me accountable for things I want to do daily, plus keep track at what I’m doing well and what I want to work on. You can set your own goals by category, choose how you want to track them, and keep notes on what caused you to succeed or not succeed.

goal app


I’ve realized that I really need something to hold myself accountable, and I really enjoy checking things off of a list. I’ll have to let you know if I’m still using it in a week, but for this week- I love it!


My coworker turned me on to this one, and I can already tell it’s going to change my life.

I don’t get anything done without a to do list, but the problem is that my to-do lists are usually everywhere from my iphone notepad to my hand. I start notebooks and I forget to look at them. I write notes in my phone and in my calendar, but I forget to look at them.

This is great for me, because you can sync it with your calendar, you can set reminders and alarms, and if for some reason I don’t get something done-it automatically moves to the next day.

to do app


Proud of myself for-

Finally cleaning out my closets. For nearly a week my room lived in limbo between my winter and summer wardrobes, and I was determined to get rid of anything that I don’t wear or that doesn’t fit.

I was dreading the task. Getting rid of things is really difficult for me. I always think I’ll figure out some way to make it work or that I’ll need an item for a play or something. I even had pairs of jeans saved from when I was 60 lbs heavier, just in case.

I finally just did it. And after I finished with my closet and the four giant bins, I went through my drawers and my trunk. When it was all said and done, I filled up 6 trash bags to take to goodwill and 5 that I took and sold to a resale shop for store credit.


Now, I can finally find things in my closet. The sense of accomplishment is amazing. I want to clean out everything now.

Organized Closets!



As a reward, I got myself a few new dresses for the spring.

new dress
New (used) dresses from Uptown Cheapskate-Austin



Exercising. Even if it’s just a little.

I don’t know what came over me last week, but I really struggled to do anything active. Determined to keep my goals, I really pushed myself to get moving this week. Even when I didn’t want to.

I know I keep bringing it up, but my goal with everything right now is just to establish the habits. I’m not trying to run a marathon, or even a 5K. I’m not trying to lose weight or get into an obsessive work out routine. I’m simply trying to show up and be gentle with myself while getting a little bit healthier both in mind and body.

It was really hot in Austin this week.
It was really hot in Austin this week.

I’m realizing that for me, like a lot of people, the hardest part is actually starting it. I am trying not to set any big expectations, I’m just using the time between my jobs to put on my shoes, put a leash on Stevie Ticks, and get outside.

Most days, that I end up walk/running for 45 minutes.

Even today, sick as I am, I made myself put on shoes and go on a ten minute walk, just to stick with the habit.


Better Than Before- Gretchen Rubin

better_front_FINAL.inddThis book has been really inspiring as I work on habits. It’s got some great insight, and I love her style! She also has some great insight into figuring some essential truths about yourself, which I’m finding is really important when trying to change habits.

Fuck it:

I give up. The dead squirrel remains can stay on my front porch.

Matt and I have been battling with a stray cat this week.

Every time I open my door, I find the mutilated remains of a squirrel on my doormat. Each time I see it, I (Matt) pick up the doormat, and fling the squirrel as far as we can into the bushes.

The cat keeps bringing it back.

And each time it comes back, it’s a little less of a squirrel than it was before.

dead squirrel

I’m not sure if the cat wants to give us a gift, if it is trying to brag, or if it knows that I have a sensitive stomach and it wants to gross me out.

Either way, I’ve decided just to ignore it.

Mostly because Matt is out of town for the weekend and I don’t want to get near it. But also because sometimes, you have to choose your battles.

The cat obviously wants to prove something, so now I’m going to let it.

Fuck it.





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  • http://mwaonline.blogspot.com Mwa

    I recently discovered the website zenhabits. It gave me some good insights as well. You might want to check it out as well, if you haven’t already.
    Well done doing any exercise in hot temperatures. I did go for a 5k run, but it was about 7 degrees (Celcius) here – the perfect temperature. I’m not sure I would even bother if it was hotter than about 20.

  • http://theramblingllama.blogspot.com/ Melissa The Llama

    lol I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw the title of this post. I’m glad I kept reading. Is that app only compatible with iphone? I have a droid, that’s why I ask. And I NEED that in my life! LOL. And that squirrel… seriously… ew. I really wonder what cats are thinking!

  • http://www.kenjiishere.blogspot.com Kendra Loisel

    I just found this post because it was linked at the bottom of another one. I love that app, I just downloaded it and I can’t wait to use it!! Thanks for the recommendation.