Over the Edge- I need you!

Well it’s happening.

In three days I’ll rappel down the side of the “W” hotel, all in the name of Make a Wish.

That’s 478 feet and 38 stories tall.

the w

Oh. My. Geeeeesh.

I’m not scared of heights per se.

But I’m definitely not what you call a “thrill seeker.”

I get butterflies in my stomach climbing up a ladder.

I have never considered sky-diving, bungee jumping or parasailing-because none of those things sound particularly fun to me.

I almost pooped my panties driving my sister’s moped around our parking lot last weekend.

I give myself a high-five for simply making it up a flight of stairs without tripping and falling.

Still. I’m going to do this, and I’m going to have a good time.

But I need your help.

Come and cheer me on this Saturday, June 14th between 3:00 and 4:00 PM. There will be a live feed in the spectator area, but make sure you bring a hat and sunglasses because it’s going to be sunny. Also, bring all of your good juju and hugs.

Also, they give an award for the best costume-so what should I wear? I want something original so no suggestions of Spiderman costumes please.



For more information on how you can donate to Make A Wish, and about “Over The Edge- Austin,” Follow this Link!





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  • Heather Pavlovich

    Haha, ok so I won the klbj contest to go over the edge too…I don’t think I undestood what I was getting into eeeeekkkk!! We got this tho, major bragging rights later!! If we rappell together, maybe a duo costume?! Really wish I had a sloth costume & could go for the slowest rappel, ha.