Out With The Old…

I’m not gonna lie, it feels really good to be writing often again, even if I don’t have anything interesting to say. I remember now how important it is for me to dump things from my brain fairly often.

I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty proud of myself.

We’re not moving for another 3 weeks and I’ve already got a good head-start on my packing. AND I’m not even using my old method of throwing things into trash-bags.

This move, it’s all about purging and organizing.

I’ve already taken 3 loads of old clothes and junk to Goodwill; thrown out about 10 bags of things that I’m sure no one would want; and even finally said goodbye to my giant DVD collection.

I still can’t believe I did that.

For years, one of my favorite extracurricular activities was going to my local Blockbuster and picking out DVDs to add to my collection. Once I picked out 5 or 6 (or 9 or 10) I would take them home and carefully place them on a shelf, depending on what method I was currently using to categorize my DVDs.

Sometimes it was by director, other times I would carefully put them in order by genre. Once, I even organized them alphabetically by screenwriter. (I may have watched High Fidelity one too many times in my twenties.)

Now, I have no DVDs.

That’s a bit of a lie. I saved a few in case we have a digital apocalypse and all of a sudden we can’t download movies from the internet.

My New Tiny DVD Collection
My New Tiny DVD Collection

But I got rid of HUNDREDS. The first 6 seasons of Scrubs- GONE. Every romantic comedy made between the years of 1994 and 2004-NO LONGER IN MY HOUSE. It hurts me still a bit to write it out.

It was an impulse decision, and in the 48 hours since I unloaded 20 bags at Half-Price books, I’ve gone through all of the classic emotions that you experience after ¬†break-up.

It’s not that I’ll miss watching them. I haven’t put a DVD in my dusty DVD player since I moved into this apartment.

What makes it so hard is that for so long my DVD collection was a part of my identity. Just like my books, they were part of who I was. Anyone  could come to my house and within five minutes they would know that I was obsessed with John Cusack, loved musicals, and was a sketch-comedy junkie.

Why did I do it then?

I realized that they weren’t an important part of who I am anymore. I’m still a movie lover, but I don’t have to have every one that I’ve ever seen up on display to prove it.

I think I’ve finally reached a point of being OK with my decision. I’ve already got a pretty good digital collection going through Amazon, and I know that in a few years there will probably be some other way of purchasing and collecting films. Maybe one day I’ll buy all of them back.

But for now, I have a little more room in my life to find new things that define me. Perhaps some things that don’t take up so much damn space.


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