Guadalupe Mountain National Park: Video Diaries

Last June, Matt and I accidentally stumbled upon Guadalupe Mountain National Park after we visited Carlsbad Caverns and needed a place to sleep.

Originally, we were planning on staying in a KOA-but ended up driving to Guadalupe Mountains National park on the recommendation of a ranger.

That night I fell in love. We fell asleep to the sound of coyotes and woke up to the sun rising on a backdrop of the highest peak in Texas.

The next morning we took a short 4 hour hike, and I remember being disappointed that we couldn’t stay longer. ¬†We talked to an older couple who were heading off on a 13-mile hike-and I remember asking Matt if we could go on long hikes like that one day.

Flash forward nearly a year later.

Matt and I drove 7 hours to spend a 5 days camping at Guadalupe Mountain National Park. We planned to spend the first night at a base camp at Pine Springs Campground (amazingly beautiful) and then made our way through the mountains. Day three was spent over 20 miles away at a camp ground only a half mile from the New Mexico border.

guad collage two

The weather ranged everywhere from 29 degrees and snowing to a hot 90 degrees.

The biggest challenge for me was trying to plan out what to pack and what to leave behind. I’m usually a pretty liberal packer (you never know what you need!) but knowing that I had to carry everything myself, I was really able to cut things back.

I ended up carrying my sleeping bag, sleeping pad, 4 days worth of food, a sweatshirt, a pair of long underwear, and 3 gallons of water. Oh, and my kindle. In retrospect-I think I did a pretty good job, though I think we overdid it a little bit on the food.

I won’t go into much detail about our trip, because I could write a whole novel- but I will share with you the videos we snapped throughout the hike. Enjoy!




Overall, it was probably one of the most memorable experiences of my life. We hiked nearly 50 miles in 4 days, and I pooped in the woods! THREE TIMES! It was glorious!


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