Around Austin: Sound & Cinema (The Long Center)

I think I’ve mentioned about 5000 times lately that my sister is going to leave me soon.

In an effort to make the most of her time in Austin, she made a bucket list of everything that she wanted to do before she left town.

I remember when I left Dallas, my biggest regret was not taking better advantage of everything the city had to offer. I’m determined not to have any regrets about living in Austin. I know from experience how easy it is to let years go by without actually following through with plans.

For this reason, I’m trying to tag along with my sister as much as possible while she checks things off of her bucket list.

Plus, there is a tiny bit of my soul that is hoping that my sister will realize how wonderful this city is and decide not to leave me after all. Or at least come back really soon.

Last night we decided to check out the first installment of Sound and Cinema at the Long Center.

This series will happen every other Wednesday this summer, and features a band and a popular movie served up on a giant inflatable screen.

I’ll be honest with you. I almost didn’t go.

It was one of those afternoons where you leave work to meet your sister, only to realize that your work was right across from where you needed to go. Since you already lost a good parking spot and there is no other free parking in a walkable distance, you decide just to go home and go to sleep. Turns out your sister is still at home, but she is running late. She convinces you that being around people will make you feel better, so you oblige and have to run all the way to the bus stop wearing flippy floppies.

Then you finally arrive tired, hungry and needing to pee, only to find that your sister was correct.

You do feel better. The weather is wonderful and the view is spectacular. People are smiling and enjoying themselves, and taking it all in- it was almost impossible to be in a bad mood.

You know, one of “those” type of afternoons.

It was much more crowded than I anticipated, but it was actually a really good time.

Next time, I’ll plan on showing up a lot earlier, bringing along more snacks and probably a little bit of bug spray.

The band last night was “Crooks,” who I could not see because of the crowd, sounded delightful. The film was “Three Amigos,” and unfortunately we had to leave not long after it started to catch a bus.

I’m definitely going to try to go back to the next installment on July 2nd, which features one of my all time favorite moves-Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

I also have to say, I found the bus ride to be incredibly entertaining. I’m always hesitant to take public transportation in Austin, mostly because I’m afraid I will end up in San Antonio, but it always seems to make every outing into an adventure.

I’m thinking of taking my recorder on a bus ride around the city just to see what kinds of interesting stories I can get.

Probably not at night though.

Overall? My Sound & Cinema adventure was a success, and I’ll definitely be returning this summer.



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