New Things

I realized this week that I am old.

Not in the sense that I feel old, or that I look old, or that I think that I am entitled to fart in public… but in the sense that I am no longer in the category of “you’re young enough not to have to worry about that.”

Now’s the time when I can start worrying.

Don’t worry. I’m not having a quarter-to-mid-life-crisis or anything. But I do feel inspired to start taking action.

I never used to worry about things like my credit, or having a sufficient savings, or wrinkles, or regularly checking my breasts for lumps.

Now I know I need to. Or at least be aware that I should start thinking about these things.

I’ve also decided that I’m finally going to learn a few things that I’ve been putting off, that I feel every woman should know.

Like…. sewing.

Since my sister is taking off on a grand adventure, she has decided to leave her sewing machine with me. I’ll admit, one of the reasons that I feel so agitated with the fact that she’s leaving, is that I no longer will have an in-house seamstress. For the last two years, whenever I have a hole in a skirt, or whenever something needs taking in, I’ve had the luxury of leaving it in my sisters room-and I know that within a few days it will be as good as new.

Now that I’m moving in with my boyfriend, I have to be the sole woman of the house. I don’t plan on going completely “Susie-homemaker” or anything crazy like that… but I’m aware that I can’t rely on him for everything.

In case you’re wondering, my first sewing lesson didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I ended up getting the thread so tangled that I had to take the machine apart. Next time, I’m going to practice on material that I don’t plan to wear. Lesson learned.



My sister is also considering leaving me with her moped, which terrifies me much more than the thought of sewing. This morning I had my first lesson, and though it went better than my first try at sewing-I’m not ready to hit the open roads just yet. I have to admit it felt pretty awesome for the few blocks that I rode it.

moped moped 2

It’s kind of exciting. I’ve always been the kind of person who was afraid to try things that I thought I wouldn’t be able to excel at. Now I have the buzz of liberation in the pit of my stomach. I want to try everything. Mostly because I’ve learned that it doesn’t hurt to try… What’s the worst that can happen? I can laugh at my own short-comings.

Speaking of learning new things, I’m super excited to announce that my good friend Chuy and I are starting our salsa classes this afternoon. I’ve been dying to take a dance class of sorts, and I figure it will be fun to try a form that’s new to me. I’ll have to let you know how that one goes later on.

Hope your Sunday is full of sunshine!


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