Near Life Experiences



This last month has been insane.

But I’m not letting a broken phone, 4 automobile accidents, an injured back and a terrible cold get me down.

At least not anymore.


Today is the day I get back on my work-out regime. Today I will spend at least twenty minutes meditating. Today I will do something nice for someone, just because I can. (Also I’m trying to get on karma’s good side. ) Today I will spend 3 hours finally catching up on all the Dr. Who I haven’t had time for in the last year. Today I remind myself of how many people are around to lift me up when I’m down, how many great opportunities and experiences that I’m lucky enough to experience.

It’s so easy to let bad habits creep back in. I know at least for me, whenever one bad thing happens, I tend to think that I have lost complete control of life; throw my hands in the air; and then the rest of the world turns to chaos.

I want to stop living in fear.

I want to quit being scared that every one is judging me. That I will fall and break my neck every time I step into a shower. That I will suffocate to death while trying to remove a tight sweatshirt.

But then again, I almost died this week by suffocation.

My boyfriend bought me a super light-weight sleeping bag to take on our upcoming backpacking trip. He wanted me to try it out and make sure I fit in it comfortably. Once I was zipped in real tight, he proceeded to pour fried rice on my face and let the dogs go crazy on my face.

Looking back, I should have just sat back and taken in the joy that only a multitude of doggie kisses can bring you.

Have a good weekend!



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  • Clevelandpoet

    I would let one bad thing happen seem to be the start of a string of bad things. Yoga and meditation have really helped that. I had a terrible habit of regretting things–dumb little (forgotten by others) things. Like how I made fun of some kid (whose name I don’t even remember) in 7th grade. Then it became I couldn’t bring myself to go to awesome things–openings, events etc and would regret them. Now I make sure not to regret things by living life…doing things.

    of course when taking off a tight sweater I’m still sure I’m going to die.