Good Tidings to You and Your Ken

ken doll christmas

I’ve finally finished all of my shopping; wrapped all of the presents (to the best of my ability;) and successfully watched Serendipity, The Truman Show, The Jerk, Zoolander and Stardust-  just a few of my favorite “non-holiday” movies to watch at the holidays.

What can I say? Even when I make an intentional effort to avoid getting caught up in the sappiness of the holidays, my heart still seeks comfort and familiarity.

In fact, my brain is already at home with my family-eating homemade beef jerky and threatening to kill my mom’s annoying cockatoo. But since I’m trying to get back in the habit of reflecting little bits of my life, I’ve decided to offer you a few of the highlights from the last week.


This dumb Apple commercial. To be fair-it’s not nearly as bad as that Nexus commercial where the mom tells her son she needs to come home because her dog isn’t doing so well.  Or even the Google Chrome commercial where “Jess” stays close to her dad while she’s away at college.


I’m such a wuss. And this one got me good. I don’t even know even think the commercial pulled at my heart strings the way it was supposed to. Rather than make me identify with the “misunderstood” teenager that can’t get his face out of his video game, I just get all teary at the site of happy families.

Nick happened to see me watching the video and got my reaction on camera. Just a little embarrassing. Mostly because mid-sob I spit out a giant chunk of chicken.

Then of course there was this little ditty in the NY Times about a gal and her dog. To be more exact, it’s about her therapy dog that helps her deal with cancer. And the dog looks exactly like Stevie Ticks. Of course, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside about how happy I am that little Stevie puppy face came into my life this year. I honestly never knew how much happiness this little mess could bring into my life. Even though she still chews up all of my socks.

stevie mess


I know I’ve already gushed about it on my facebook page, but you guys really have made my year. Our Winter Dudley Fest went off without a hitch, and I had such a wonderful time meeting listeners and getting hugs. I didn’t even get the flu! But seriously, I’m so thankful for every person that has come into my life, even those of you I only know digitally.


winter dudley fest

Our pitiful Christmas Cactus:

Unfortunately, we lost quite a few cacti in the big freeze we had a few weeks ago, but my favorite survived. I remember when he was just a tiny little prick.

Since our family has a tradition of pitiful Christmas trees, my sister and I decided to decorate him this year instead of going all out with a Christmas tree. It’s not much to look at, but it reminds me of home.

christmas cactus


This was my family’s tree a few years ago. I’m excited to get home and see what we have in store for us this year.

ugly christmas tree


Lastly, I’m happy that this year has been a year full of new beginnings. I feel like I’ve been granted a fresh new life, and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I started running, I stopped drinking, and I’m STARTING to really look at what kinds of things I want to get into next.

One of my favorite things I’ve started this year was a podcast with my good friends CJ and Chuy. It’s always the most refreshing part of my week to sit down with these guys and laugh our faces off. We’ve recorded one last one for you to end the year out right. Click here to listen via Darkives! 


I hope all of you have a wonderful week with your family, a beautiful Christmas, and may you not get diarrhea, because that would suck on Christmas. I love you!


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