Thoughts for Friday: Thrift Stores, and Letting Freedom Swing (My Boobs)

It’s nearly the weekend, and per usual-I’m so excited I could take a nap.

But seriously, I am in a glorious mood. I have absolutely loved the weather change we’ve had in Austin this last week. The rain has come to an end, but now I remember how lovely it is to be able to exist indoors without an air conditioner. Being able to exist outdoors with clothes on has been even better.

A few weeks ago, I was dead-set on never wanting summer to end, mostly because I don’t have any winter clothes, but now I’m ready. Texas Winter, come forth with your 50 degree cold fronts. I’m ready for you.

The not having warm clothes thing is still an issue, but I’ve recently discovered that my little abode is smack-dab in the middle of about 4 stellar thrift stores, so I think I’ll survive.

My favorite so far is a quaint little store on Burnet called Top Drawer; but I’ve also ended up with some good finds at Savers and Blue Velvet.

Here’s a few of my favorites I’ve picked up over the last few weeks.



I know, I know… I haven’t really been sticking to my goal of only buying “warm” clothes for the upcoming months, but I have a drawer full of tights so I think I’ll survive. Plus, thrift shopping is my new favorite way of dealing with anxiety in my life. Or maybe I’m just using that as an excuse. When people quit drinking they get to have a new addiction, right?

I find that my thrift-shopping habits differ greatly from regular shopping. All rules go out the window. When clothes cost less than $10, there is a lot less risk involved. A $3 sparkly fringe vest? Sure! A pair of well-worn wool bell bottoms for $9? OF COURSE.

Truth is, thrift shopping has been really good for my soul. I’m back to wearing the kind of clothes that actually appeal to me, rather than the kind of clothes that I can afford from regular stores. The result is a lot less conventional (brighter, weirder) but have really brought a boost of happiness to my boring life.

In other news, my “boob ghost” is back, and boy he is quite the little trickster. I’ve mentioned it before, but through a long series of re-gifting, I ended up with a pair of singing boobs. I tried to give them away to everyone I know, but no one would take them so I finally embraced them and hung them up on my wall.

For a while, they just sat there so I quietly that I barely noticed that I had a bikini-lad pair of giant boobs on my wall. Then, one day out of no-where, they started playing music and moving around, even when no one was around to trigger their movement. Then they were quiet for a few months.

Now, they just insist on being naked. I swear. Every day I come home to this:


My first instinct is that they are mocking me.

Since I’ve cut out the booze and started running, my own breastsesess have shrunk down to the size of non-existent. It’s an odd feeling. When I was heavy, my chest was really heavy. Like a DD heavy. It may not have been my most comfortable feature, but I do have to say that they were really nice. Perky.  Round. I’m fairly sure they floated in water.

Now, I feel like every pound that I drop comes straight off the upper half. That, and since I turned 30, gravity has taken a strong hold on my body.

But the large buoyant breasts on my wall? They will never have to worry about sagging or droopage. They will never shrink in size, and they can’t even feel the pressure of the underwire digging into their ribs.

I could almost hear them taunting me in their booby voice…

Hey is your name Bob Sagget?”

Are those mosquito bites???

 Roses are red, violets are black, why is your chest as flat as your back? 

If you didn’t have feet, would you wear shoes?”

That’s when I realized that maybe they were on to something.

Those un-clad boobs on my wall became a sort of an inspiration to me. They just looked so… comfortable… and free.

And that’s how I  discovered the joy that bosom-freedom can bring to your life. Why wear a bra when I don’t have to?

I no longer have an item of clothing that I have to take off the moment I walk into the door. I don’t have to worry about pinning straps or under wires. No more matching colors, or hoping that I’m not hanging out.

I’m finally letting freedom swing.

I know that this glorious time in my life will only be temporary, because I have also recently taken up drinking the pumpkin spice lattes from McDonalds in the afternoons, and since it’s gotten cooler-I’ve remembered how much I like ice cream.

I’ll leave you with this little reminder that my friends CJ, Chuy and I have a weekly podcast “Mexican, Mustache and Madam” that I’d very much like for you to check out. Getting together with these folks has honestly become one of my favorite times of the week, and if we’re having this much fun-I can bet you will too.



Have yourself a fabulous weekend, and do me a favor and exercise your brain. Ponder this: Are Mrs Butterworth and Aunt Jemima friends? Are they frenemies? Do they want to hurt each other? Are they as sweet as their products?




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