My Stupid Mistake…

I need your guys opinion on something.

For a week now, I’ve been feeling extreme guilt.

And I know, at least partially, the feeling is warranted.

You see last week, I made the horrible mistake of leaving my straightening iron plugged in and lying on my bed.

I know! I could have burnt down my apartment. I could have burnt a giant hole in my new bed spread. I could have ruined my new hair straightener by causing it to run out of heat.

The truth is, sometimes I can be a careless idiot.

I know, that sounds completely out of character. I mean, A LOT has changed since I nearly burnt down my apartment by leaving a dish towel on a lit burner while I was taking a bath. Nowadays, I’m really careful about these kind of things.

I almost always remember to blow out my candles before I go to sleep, and I can barely remember a month ago when I left my oven on for over four hours while I went shopping.

Still. Even I can make mistakes.

This little mistake ALMOST went down without a glitch. We were only gone a few hours to eat dinner for my sister’s birthday, and when we got home, the entire house was still intact. If it weren’t for the fact that my tired boyfriend made it up to my bedroom before I got the chance to unplug it, no one would have known at all. I was ALMOST able to unplug the straightener and put it back into it’s drawer, without anyone knowing none the better.

Instead, my boyfriend decided to make the careless decision of retreating to my room, stripping down into his boxers, and plopping himself down on my bed… RIGHT ON TOP OF THE FIREY HAIR DEVICE.

I know, what was he thinking?

Needless to say, the last week has been really difficult on our relationship.

I can barely touch him without causing him to wince in pain. He’s even in too much pain to give me back scratches as I fall asleep. What’s a girl to do?

And then there is the interruption in our communication.

aloe on burn


It’s causing disruption in our weekly date nights…

stomach amputee


I’ve already been worrying my little head off about our upcoming camping trip to Big Bend. The Government doesn’t want us to have any fun and it shut down all it’s parks… and now even if the government opens back up, we might not be able to go because of ME and MY STUPID HAIR STRAIGHTENER.

burn ban edit


He even sent me this really cute picture of Stevie Ticks the other morning, and his burn is taking away from her cuteness!

cute steve burn


My question to you dear friends is this, how do I ever get him to forgive me? Do you think publicly apologizing on my blog will do the trick? Do you think HE WILL EVER STOP HURTING??? I couldn’t possibly live with myself if his pain goes on for one more day.

I don’t think I can take one more morning where he is in so much pain that he can’t fetch me coffee.




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  • Vicki Guffey

    Who just plops themselves down without looking first? That would be like sitting on a chair with gum on the seat while wearing new pants!

  • CarissaJaded

    Exactly Vicki! Clearly his fault.

  • Brett Weaver

    The burn ban joke killed me.

  • Damon Alexander

    Stop being a bad person. If you love someone you don’t burn them >:-)

  • SpeedyGonzo

    Sounds like you are only remorseful because of how this affects you. Start thinking of him and maybe that will come through in your actions and he will forgive you.

  • rgoodwin

    I think he should realize the story, and the life long supply of guilt points, make it all worthwhile. And also, stop spending the points now. STRATEGIZE.

  • Eclipse

    Loved this. Came here from FB expecting something totally different, but so glad this is what I got. Made me laugh!

  • That dude

    “babe”… So. 80s