I Would Punch This Week In The Face If It Weren’t For This….

Just imagine that the purpose of life is your happiness only—then life becomes a cruel and senseless thing. You have to embrace the wisdom of humanity. Your intellect and your heart tell you that the meaning of life is to serve the force that sent you into the world. Then life becomes a joy.
—Leo Tolstoy


This week has been loco, man.

I mean straight up crazy like a cuckoo clock. Like a broken cuckoo clock, that just keeps on cuckoo-ing, and the cuckoo is wearing a silly hat and a mustache.

I don’t want to jinx anything, but I seem to be dealing with it ok. Usually when life gets stressful, I either go into complete panic mode,  or I completely  I shut down. Or else I go into complete  panic mode and then I shut down.

This week though, I’m determined to keep up a shiny attitude and a smile on my face. Also? I’m just gonna laugh that stress away and try to always keep happy thoughts at the forefront of my mind.

For every one thing that stresses me out, there are 5 million things I have to be grateful and happy about.

Even when I have  meetings up to my earballs, a quickly approaching deadline at my afternoon job, a depleting bank account, events on my calendar that make me feel anxious, and am forced to cancel on things that I want to do due to time-constraints -there are still things that undeniably lift my spirits.



*This puppy face.

stevie bath
Taken by my sister… Stevie Ticks at bath time…

How can I not be happy when I have this little adorable puppy face to come home to? She definitely doesn’t love baths, and I don’t particularly love giving them to her, but my life is so much better with this puppy in it.

stevie dirty

*My sister has been talking for months about how important it is to drink only out of glass water-bottles. She claims that it hurts the environment to drink out of plastic, or that there is something harmful in the plastic that causes cancer, or maybe it was something completely different. Either way, I know that she was toting around mason jars full of water way before that became the hip thing to do.

I finally broke down and purchased a glass water bottle of my own… not because I am particularly worried about my carbon footprint, but because I’m worried about cancer I had the urge to buy something for myself and I thought it was pretty.

I have to say, since my purchase two weeks ago, my water-drinking experience has been much more pleasurable. I’m not claiming that it will save my life or anything, but it certainly makes me happier than a crinkled Ozarka bottle.

Here’s the one I bought.



*The other morning I had to rush outside to my car during a commercial break because I left my smoothie in my car. I was hungry, gosh darnnit, and I knew from experience that if I left it in there later than 10 o’clock, the September sun would cause my car to smell of a hundred rotting corpses.

The second I stepped outside, I was hit with the scent of fall morning. I know it’s not officially fall yet, and it definitely won’t feel like fall for another couple of months, but there was definitely a hint of something fall-ish.

Since I leave for work at 5am, I rarely get to experience true morning time. There was something almost visceral about it, especially since  it’s almost novelty for me. It reminded me of all the mornings that I used to walk to school with my grandfather, and the feeling of being young and care-free.  It definitely put the jump back into my step. I forget sometimes that there’s a whole world out there for me to experience.


This barely puts a dent in the things that I’m grateful for, but unfortunately my life is too crazy this week to spend time writing about them. I should also mention to the watermelon that my boyfriend buys me every week, the time we get to spend together, long talks with my grandmother, hot tea in the evenings, and the fact that I’m healthy and that I love my job.


Until time slows down,


Carissa Jade


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  • bookbabe1960

    When i have days/weeks like yours, I make sure i list 3-5 things in my mind that i’m grateful for at the beginning of each day and at the end of each day

  • Pollypoptart

    Stevie Ticks is probably one of the best dog names EVER…. 😉