My New Best Friend

I know most of you already know by now, but it doesn’t feel official until I blog about it.

I got a puppy dog!

Really, my sister and I are sharing her (and the dog-owning responsibilities) for the time-being, which is really nice. I’m only slightly worried about what’s going to happen when we move out from our apartment and go our separate ways. I guess many kiddos turned out just fine after surviving joint custody, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

For now though, little Stevie Ticks is the best birthday gift I could have ever gotten myself.

My afternoons are no longer as lonely. I have a reason to get my ass off the couch and take a walk. I have someone to talk to when I’m feeling down.

Yeah, I think I really needed this dog right now. It’s not that I was down and out and depressed, I’ve just been feeling that I need to take the focus off of myself once in a while. Rather than obsessing over the fact that I didn’t go to yoga or scolding myself for not cleaning out my car, I can now put that extra energy into cleaning up pee from the floor.

And I don’t even mind!



Ok, I minded a little bit when I stepped on a turd without realizing it, and somehow smeared the poo all over the back of my dress on onto our futon, all while I was eating a salad. That wasn’t very pleasant.

But how could I stay mad at this face for long? She’s only six months old, she’ll learn eventually… right?

Stay tuned. I’m sure I’ll have many adventures of Stevie Ticks to report back to you in the future.

For now, my new BFF and I are going to spend the next hour in this position watching Ren and Stimpy.

stevie bored


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  • Danielle

    Jeez that is one adorable little puppy. Maybe when you and your sister do eventually part house-ways, she can get Stevie a cousin, named Lindsey Barkingham, naturally.