Today I learned about twirking and random boners. AND YOU CAN LISTEN!

My good pals CJ, Chuy and I have been planning epic creative endeavors for nearly a year now. For months, we met every Saturday to write sketches that were going to get us jobs on SNL. We were going to have specials on E and on the Biography Channel. We would have to hire body guards!

Then we got busy.

We recently decided that while we’re waiting for life to slow down enough to give us time to film every weekend, we might as well just record a podcast.

This is only our first one, so let us know what you think!

Head over to the Darkives blog to hear Episode One: Random Boner, Titty City & Rat Clit

episode 1


After we were done recording, we spent the rest of the afternoon trying to learn how to twirk. If I keep practicing at this rate, maybe my butt action will be what gets me famous. 


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