The Breaking Dad/Dave Foley/Big Foot-Cheer You Up Edition

I woke up feeling happy. Then I took two steps outside into the bitter cold and my mood, like the weather, fell about 20 degrees. My last day of running the radio board went smoothly, but still I can’t shake this melancholy blanket I seem to have wrapped myself in today.

That, and the 3 un-read emails in my in-box are really starting to get to me. They’ve been there for nearly 3 years. For months, I’m able to reprogram my brain to recognize the “3 Unread” as actually being ” O unread. But every few months or so it starts driving me crazy.

I’m not a dumb person. I know there is a way to un-do this madness. Somewhere, deep within the gmail settings there is a button I can click that will show me my unread emails. Every time I try to find it, I get frustrated and give up. I’ve searched page after page of the 46,958 emails from REAL people that I have in my archive. I cannot find the 3 bold emails for the life of me. It’s going to be my death.

So now in attempt to forget about the (3) that is constantly staring at me from the world of internet tabs, I will share some randomness with you.

*It appears Big Foot has finally been captured!!!! It’s about time! I believed. I’ve always believed. I just hope he wish he was found by a family taking a summer vacation in their station wagon.

*I started watching Breaking Bad this week. I know. I’m the last person in the world to hop on the Breaking Bad bandwagon. Now I understand what you guys are talking about. It’s amazing.

The only problem is that last week my cousin pointed out how much my father looks like Walter. Now I can’t help but imagine that my dad IS Walt, and so I’m experiencing an overabundance of empathy. The truth is, faced with the same situation, I can even imagine my father doing exactly what Walt is doing in order to keep our family taken care of. Seriously, my dad is the best. He would totally cook drugs to take care of us.

Breaking Dad

*One of our listeners sent me a box of delicious crimps this morning for not screwing up this year. I didn’t even know what a “crimp” is, but I can tell you they are delicious. They are basically mini-pies, with a variety of different fillings. These particular ones were delivered by The Pie Society here in Austin, and I will definitely be using these the next time I need to cheer someone up.


*Happy Birthday Dave Foley!!!!  I’ve always been obsessed with the Kids In the Hall, so I definitely can’t let this day go by without showing a bit of appreciation for my second favorite Kid. Bruce is my first, because come on… He was just so darn cute. Speaking of look-alikes… has anyone else ever noticed the uncanny resemblance between Dave Foley and Cynthia Nixon?

OK. Now I’m feeling better. I hope you folks all have a wonderful weekend! I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Dave Foley sketches, because if you’re feeling down, it will make you all better too.


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  • Dwhaley1

    Breaking Bad is an awesome show. Took some getting used to seeing “Hal” Bryon Cranston as a bad ass, put he pulls it off. Lately I’ve been trying to catch up on Downton Abbey and so far so good. Thanks for posting the video – used to love that show. May your weekend be filled with fun!