Sick ramblings and testing my comfort zone (K1 Speed)

I started this week out with a sense of vigor that I haven’t felt in months.

I felt happier. I felt revitalized. I had more energy. Getting off of the couch to walk to the bathroom no longer required the “you can do it” self-motivational speech.

I even went grocery shopping and fully intended to stick to (mostly) clean eating. For me, that’s a diet that consists of cheese, eggs, beans and cabbage. If you’re thinking that my diet plan sounds like a lethal combination to anyone who may be in my nearby vicinity, you’d be right. It’s only bad for the first few days though, then your body adjusts.

I digress. So I started the week as a women on a mission, and it felt good.

Like most good things, my new leaf’s life was short-lived. I woke up yesterday  feeling as if someone had snuck into my room and filled every orifice of my body with gravy. My ears hurt. My eyes hurt. Before I inhaled a few drops of Afrin, I was afraid that if I blew my nose-I’d bust a blood vessel in my brain.

I almost used this as an excuse not to write anything today, but I decided I could at least stick to one of my goals. Though I have to admit, writing regularly again has felt really, really good-And I sincerely thank every single one of you who have taken the time to stop by here. Even more thanks to those of you who have provided feed-back. ( I LOVE FEEDBACK!)

I know the variety of style and subject matter on this blog may sometimes be whiplash-inducing.  I’m fully aware of the fact that one day I’m all weird and random,  the next I’m serious and emotional, and then other days I simply use this as a journal to keep track of my life.

That’s just the way it’s going to be, folks. I used to spend so much time worrying about who was going to read this, or whether they are going to be entertained… but it has been really nice to just write to fit the way I’m feeling.

Either my coffee maker is broken, or I really suck at making coffee

Bah, see? I’m all over the place. Stupid cold meds.

Yesterday afternoon I fought off the urge to take Nyquil and sleep the day away, and instead went to do a few laps at K1 Speed Austin in preparation for tonight’s Dudley and Bob event.



To be honest with you, the idea of racing around in circles while trapped in a tiny vehicle with a helmet over my face sounds like a vision plucked straight from my own personal hell.

I hate driving. I especially hate driving fast. I don’t like other cars on the road being anywhere near me. I don’t even get on the highway unless it’s absolutely necessary. That’s right. I take the access roads nearly everywhere.

I especially don’t like the idea of people bumping into me or the possibility of ramming into a concrete wall.

Still, I’m not one to turn down the opportunity to test my comfort zone, and I absolutely despise being left out, so I decided to give it a try.

Turns out my own personal hell is actually quite fun.

I’ll be honest. I was very apprehensive going into my first race. Luckily, we went during a fairly quiet time when there were only a few other people on the track with us. Unfortunately (for them), those few other people were there to RACE, and they took it quite seriously.

After my first turn, I even heard a few people complain about my inability to stay on one side of the track. I turned around and let one guy know that I was used to driving a station wagon, and that usually people have no choice but to stay out of my way. (KIDDING). (Kind of.)

On my second turn I was given a booster seat, which helped a lot. I let loose, sped up, and found myself laughing hysterically as I made my way around the track.

Even though I was dead-last in both of my races and was lapped repeatedly by everyone else on the track, I was quite pleased with my speed.

I learned once again, that TRYING NEW THINGS IS ALWAYS FUN!

If you live in Austin and haven’t tried indoor racing yet, I highly suggest you come out tonight to K1 Speed tonight for some free Rudy’s and to see if you can beat our top-speeds! We’ll be out there from 6-8pm, and it should be a blast!

Just a warning: Driving your regular car after speeding around on these tiny go-carts may prove to be difficult. Especially if you drive a ginormous station wagon.

On a completely separate note, I have to publicly thank my boyfriend for surprising me with a variety of soups and comfort food  last night in an effort to make me feel better. Even after I outed him as being a huge liar here on my blog. He’s the bestest.




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