Happy in Twenty-One-Three

Whoooo-weeee! It’s now officially the year two-thousand and thirteen, and although we don’t yet have flying cars, hover boards, or private transporter beams that take me to the bathroom when I’m too lazy to get up… it does feel awfully futur-ey to be living in the second decade of the 2000’s.

Don’t mind me if I make up more words than usual today, I am in complete recovery mode after spending the last 5 days in New Orleans. We made a 9.5 hour drive yesterday, and made it back to Austin just as I hit the point in my exhaustion where I was starting to mumble about llamas and see visions of imaginary crickets wearing chef uniforms.

Then, after 5 hours of dreaming of babies without eyes-I had to get up bright and early to run the board at the station. Which actually isn’t as bad as it sounds. In fact, I doubt many other people in the world get to show up at work like this.

Yes. That’s me wearing a leopard hoodie-footy. I know you’re incredibly jealous right now, and  you have every right to be. If I knew that I wouldn’t be judged, fired, or dumped-I would live my entire life inside of a glorious one-piece-blanket-outfit.

You also may be concerned because in this picture it appears that I am dying.  And I am. I’m dying of full-dation. That’s another word I just made-up that means that I broke my body from eating all the food in New Orleans. ALL OF IT.

But seriously, this last week has been the perfect topping on the best year of my life. I got some much-needed R & R. Had my fortune told in the square (I’m going to have an amazing year in regards to finance, and the psychic confirmed that I have the same powers as she does) (I KNEW IT). I went shopping at the market. Had drinks with friends. Attended a beautiful wedding.  Danced with the best person I have ever met, whom I can’t believe wants to spend his time with me. I fell in love with the city, particularly some hilarious and amazingly talented street performers.

I didn’t make this video, but they basically did this same routine.

I decided that if I ever move to New Orleans, I too would be a street performer. Although since I don’t have much talent, I would dress in something ridiculous (perhaps my hoodie-footy), and find a wall somewhere to do a handstand against. Then, while upside down-I would make up songs about everyone who passed. I’m pretty sure I would be rich.

Overall, the best thing that has happened to me, is I somehow lost my anxiety. I don’t know if I left it at home on Christmas, or if it has something to do with my new birth control and hormones-but I’m happy to report that I have been anxiety free for the last 9 days.

The last few months have been tough. I’ve been waking up nearly every morning in an anxious sweat. One tiny worry would quickly escalate into a mountain of worries, which would leave me in a fragile state for the rest of the day. I doubt the feeling is gone forever, and I’m sure I’ll always have to deal with anxiety… but I’m thankful for any amount of peace.

Speaking of, there are so many improvements and changes I want to make this year, but I don’t really want to jinx anything. I do know that I want to continue to grow as a person… live a healthier life… grow professionally, and be a little more consistent with keeping up this here blog. You know, pretty much the same things I resolved to do last year.

But for now, I want to spend the rest of my afternoon in front of this here fire-place because it is freaking cold outside.

I hope anyone still reading this has a wonderful New Year. I hope to reconnect with some of you, so let me know if you’re still around! I’m in the process of updating my reader and adding some new blogs-and I would love to have yours! MWAA. I kiss your face!


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  • http://www.heathallyn.com/ Heath

    I read your blog! Sadly my own blog has greatly atrophied to the point of almost-death since I got on Twitter and Facebook. Seems like I express everything there in tiny morsels instead of saving it up and blogging it out.

  • http://en-gb.facebook.com/carissajade Carissa McAtee

    thank you heath! I know, facebook ruined my blogging. It’s hard to think of anything to write about that I haven’t already posted elsewhere. 

  • http://www.whenpigsflyblog.com/ Jen

    I’d be all over a job that let me wear a leopard print footie on top of my head. What am I talking about? I’m typing this at home and could be doing the exact same thing. Good luck in the new year!

  • http://twitter.com/MyPixieBlog My Pixie Blog

    I LOVE New Orleans. LOVE it. That city has so much exciting energy, doesn’t it? What a great video of some street performers, thanks so much for sharing!

    Also I’m insanely jealous of your footie pajamas. Why can’t we all go to work like that every day?! 

    In other news, I’m so very happy to hear you are feeling a little less anxiety-ridden these days. I have been struggling with it for the past two years and understand how incredibly debilitating it can be. Glad to see you are able to relish in the softer/quieter moments in life. XOXO and happy new year!