MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Full of Bliss.

I can’t believe its already Christmas Eve!

Seriously. Time flies when you’re busy as hell.

I guess that means we survived the end of the world. I also survived the  live holiday show at work, a bacterial infection, a giant gash on the bottom of my foot from a rusty nail…. and I didn’t even get tetanus!

But seriously. This time of year, particularly Christmas Eve, always provides me with a shmorgishborg of emotions that I can’t really put my finger on.

On the one hand, I’m excited to get to spend a few hours with my family. I love that we have so much tradition and that I have so many happy memories associated with this holiday.

On the other hand, it goes by so quickly. In a mere 40 hours, I will be back at home in my apartment, sad and alone, with a whole year before I’m guaranteed that I will see most of my loved ones in a single room.

I know this all sounds corny. But you should also know by now that the holidays are no joking matter for me. It’s like -360 days a year my family could probably be a contender for a reality show. Not one of those really trashy ones, but I’m pretty sure- put under the right circumstances- we could make a few bucks for TLC.

Then, around the holidays- we make this magical transformation into this Hallmark movie family.

Everyone is smiling and laughing… some people (me) even sing. We take turns reading Christmas stories. We do a jigsaw puzzle. Even in our mild Texas weather, there is always a fire in the fireplace. We drink hot apple cider and bake cookies. There is no other way I can describe it, except for pure bliss.

Or maybe it’s just my perception.

Either way… I hope I can always look at my family Christmas through one of those fuzzy lenses usually reserved for romantic scenes in horrible tv movies.

Oh, and here’s a little diddy that my mom animated. I promise it will be the creepiest thing you’ll see all day. Also, I’m sorry.



I know I haven’t been around much lately on the internet, but thank you to everyone who has been a part of my life this year. It really has been, hands-down, the best year of my entire life. I’ve gotten to know so many new people, and have gotten the  support of so many people that I haven’t even met. You all make my day, every day. 

I hope anyone who comes across this is smiling, and has a wonderfully beautiful holiday. 

I love your face.






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