Too tired to write, all I have in me is a bathroom related post. Sorry.


I have about 12 half-written posts in my drafr, and I’ve yet to find the time to finish them.

Still. I am determined to keep this site at least half-way up to date, so that I won’t be a complete failure at everything… but I’m warning you-I’m writing this with my eyes closed.

Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m getting the the darkness again or if 4 hours of sleep a night is no longer enough to keep me going, but I am BEAT.  My sister was so kind to let me know last night that “wow, you LOOK exhausted! Your eyes are all puffy!” Instead of getting mad at her for pointing out the obvious, I used her insult to my advantage, and talked her into dropping me off at improv rehearsal.

So let’s see, here’s a few random things that are on my mind today…

*Bathroom maintenance people should have to work after hours. Cause let me tell you. I don’t get embarrassed by… well almost anything, but I am a little shy when it comes to my bowel movements. What female isn’t though? I mean, I realize that every living animal does it, and if I didn’t do it I would die or explode, or after a while it would start flowing out of my nose and eyeballs or something worse.

And I don’t mind going in public places. Having as many stomach problems as I do, it just kinda comes with the territory. But I like to do it in girly places. Where boys can’t go. And where I’m alone. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for nearly a year and I still make him leave the vicinity when I have to “go go” at his house.

So yesterday, as I was finishing up my duties at work  I felt the sudden urgent need to do my other doodies at work. I rushed to the restroom, flung open the door whilst simultaneously unbuttoning my pants, and almost made it to the stall when I noticed someone standing, back to me at the paper towel dispenser. I wouldn’t have taken a second glance if it weren’t for the fuzzy reflection of a beard in the mirror.

Pants unzipped, I screeched to a halt to get a better look at my bathroom companion. I must of let out an annoyed sigh, because he finally turned around, and I swear -for  a good thirty seconds we both just stood and stared. Let me remind you, in my current state thirty seconds felt like five minutes.

I tried to figure out what was going on. Was I so frazzled that I had gone to the wrong restroom? Is that what I’ve turned into? Can’t even go to the right restroom at work girl?

Finally, I zipped up my pants and turned to leave, apologizing that I had gone into the wrong room. He interrupted and said no, he was working on something and asked if I had been in there the whole time… which kind of made me laugh. Had he not checked? Long story short, he finally left me to myself, but when I emerged a few minutes later he was waiting right outside the door to finish his job. Luckily, my stool smells of roses and apple pie so I don’t feel too bad.

In related news, Walgreens is giving out free depends samples today.  OR you can get lots of other free shit here.





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  • Kendall

    In general when it is BM time, I run all the water faucets in the bathroom at the same time I go, just in case there are any noises. Might try that at the BFs house.