The Royal Boobs/Things I want/ John Cusack in the Rain Edition

Let’s see, yesterday we discussed how not to accidentally post your boobs on the internet; and today I just have one more comment to make about boobs.

Every woman has them. 



I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that the most elegant and beautiful woman in the world right now, Princess Kate Middleton, was caught topless by the paparazzi last week.

For those of you still reading and not searching the internet for pictures, BRAVO. I don’t often voice my opinion on the lives of celebrities, but jeeze, leave the woman alone. It’s one thing to accidentally post your breasts on the internet… it’s another to have someone sneak around and take pictures of you when you’re sunbathing in private and your guard is completely down, and then publish them so that THEY can get paid.

I realize that to men, boobs are like how chocolate is to me. I just can’t help myself. If it’s there, I’m going to graze. I know, cause I have a pair… and I’ve quickly learned that the quickest way to get my boyfriend to listen to me is to flash him. “Hey! Look at me!” Now then…”

But in this case, there are thousands… probably millions of other boobs to look at, who are begging to be looked at. So do that. Or whatever. You’re not even here anymore. You’re googling Kate Middleton’s boobs. I understand.

In other news, I really want this couch. 

And then under under it, I would like a rug that looks just like Nicolas Cage’s hair. How can we make this happen. Do I need to start a kickstarter?

In other, other news:

Since you are all sitting there, wondering what to do tonight-you should totally come out and see Laugh Dammit at the New Movement Theater. Tonight features a team of hilarious local comedians and I will be playing their Vanna White. I also got to sit in on a planning meeting so I can tell you with good authority it’s gonna be fantastic. Plus, it’s only $5- AYE WHAT A BARGAIN!!!!


In other, other, OTHER news:

It’s been raining all day in Austin, which automatically gives me the urge to tickle strangers and sing musicals in public. Even so, I don’t think it could be considered a proper rainy day without at least one viewing of my boyfriend, John Cusack- walking in the rain.

And lastly:

One of my dearest, bestest friends is participating in the Patrick Dempsy Challenge to raise money for Cancer. FOR CANCER PEOPLE THIS IS SERIOUS. If you have a few bucks to spare, it would be greatly appreciated. 







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