I kind of understand how so many people accidentally post their boobs on the web…

Technology is far from fool proof. Not only is there the chance  for an app or program to malfunction, but nine times out of ten there is a human behind that application, and we are pretty much the opposite of full proof.

Even on my best days- the days when I have my ADD almost in check… the days when I’m focused and mindful and committed to fulfilling one task at a time, I STILL make mistakes.

And since I am almost always on some form of social media, I’ve often goofed up on those very public platforms. I misspell words. I make dumb grammatical errors, which are usually pointed out to me immediately… to which I get to reply “hahaha Yup, that’s me! AN ENGLISH MAJOR… who woulda thunk?”

I don’t stress about these things. Of course I strive to be better. I would love to be able to post a blog without a single error, especially the ones I post for work. But in a world where we are simultaneously posting on three different mediums, reading five different articles, and actually trying to get some work done, minor mistakes are bound to happen. Heck, there are probably six errors (at least) in the words above, but I really don’t need you to point them out to me.

My point is, when we go through life as distracted as we do, I can totally understand how people accidentally post boob pictures on the internet.

I’m sure they aren’t all on accident. There are probably some people out there who are extremely proud of their gozangas and really want the world to see them without being labeled a slut. I’m also fully aware that there are trillions upon trillions of douchengoyles who post their exes nudie pics as a form of revenge.

I do want to give these women the benefit of the doubt though. Like just this week, Newsroom’s Alison Pill accidentally posted her  boobies to twitter. All over the internet people have been accusing her of purposely accidentally posting them… but come on. She’s shown her breasts off in movies before… wouldn’t she at least try to make a little money off of the peep show? Sure she gained about 6000 followers in three minutes (@msalisonpill for those of you who want to be there when it happens again), but is enough of an incentive to flash the entire world?

Plus, I know how easy it would be to do. In addition to the thousands of grammatical gaffes I’ve added to the world wide web, I’ve made some quite embarrassing mistakes myself.

There was the one time I was doing some casual cyber-stalking while waiting for a movie to start, and entered in an acquaintances name into the search option on my phone and hit enter. To my utter embarrassment, I realized that I hadn’t merely searched for the person, but I had entered their name as my status update. At that time, there weren’t any options to delete posts using a mobile phone, so I had to call around frantically to find someone who could log on and delete it… but not before it had 10’s of comments calling me out as a stalker.

And then of course there was the time I, myself; committed the fatal error of updating my facebook with nudie pictures of my (at the time) boyfriend. The weren’t full frontal, but they would have been enough to cause some major embarrassment, had he been aware of my blunder. Luckily, he was a  record-playing-too cool for the internet (in addition to all other things) hipster and never knew that I had accidentally included some half-way inappropriate pictures in the bundle upload. I was able to erase them pretty quickly, but not before dozens of calls warning me about what I had done.

Which is exactly why I know better than to keep ANYTHING that I wouldn’t want on the web within an arms reach of me. I’m not comfortable with my body, so I definitely won’t be keeping boobie shots on my computer readily available to accidentally tweet out. Mistakes happen, even when you have the best intentions. The lesson? If you must have them, keep them boobie shots far, far away from anything else you might post on the internet.



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  • http://twitter.com/WheresLOS LOS

    Nice write-up Carissa! I enjoyed your perspective! ….but if you need 6K followers real quick…. just sayin 😉

  • Ken

    Is this how all those boobs got on the Internets?

  • http://AshleyBloggeur.com/ Ashley Watseur

    A couple of weeks ago while killing time during my son’s swim practice, I Facebook-stalked swim coach. In my boredom, I also pulled up her 14 year old brother’s profile. To my horror, I accidentally sent him a friend request and COULD NOT REVERSE IT from my phone. There is absolutely no legitimate reason for a 29 year old woman to send a young boy a friend request. 

  • http://en-gb.facebook.com/carissajade Carissa McAtee

    Aw man, I’ve done that lots of times! Especially on my phone. That little “add friend” button is way too small.