This last weekend was one of those that I wish I could still-frame. Or at least stick in a little snow globe so that I can remember it always.

My boyfriend and I went to San Antonio to site-see and visit my aunts.

Just to give you a little background, my aunts are pretty much my heroes in life. They’ve made a living on their passions and their art, and have always given me the push I need to go after what I want. They are pretty much the reason I’m in Austin right now.

I digress. We spent Saturday at the San Antonio ¬†zoo, which I hate to admit was a little underwhelming, especially after all the good things we’ve heard about it. That’s not to say it wasn’t a blast.


Later, we had a picnic in Breckenridge park and I got to see one of his first landscaping projects, which was pretty cool for me.

I could go on and on about the weekend but I doubt that would be as much fun for you as it is for me. Let me just say this- take a look at this picture…

Now imagine that the land is dark. It’s raining. You’re sitting in a hot tub with your favorite person in the world, and there is a mesmerizing lightning storm in the distance. That’s where I want to go when I die. And if I don’t get a chance to choose where I spend my eternity (or I’m stuck burning in the blazing fires of hell) then at least I got to experience this once.




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