Breakdown, (It’s alright)

When it comes to vehicles, I’ve been a little down on my luck as of late.

OK, let’s be honest. When it comes to vehicles, I’ve been a lot down on my luck as of ALWAYS.

I’m not talking about the time a car landed on top of my car at an intersection, as I was calmly minding my own business at a red light.

Nor am I speaking of the incident where my car was parked IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE and a drunk driver DROVE ON TOP OF IT.

I’m not even referring to the time my foot slipped off the clutch and my car sped full speed ahead directly INTO MY HOUSE.

Although these were all unfortunate events, my luck has nothing to do with humans.

Oh sure, some may disagree. You may say that I’m too hard on my cars… that perhaps I don’t maintenance them as I should. You might lecture that I need to get my oil changed more than once every six months, or that a windshield wiper isn’t going to replace itself. You might say that driving on a worn tire at 75 miles an hour in the pouring rain is just ASKING for a blowout. And you’d probably be right.

Regardless, I’m going to take this opportunity to bitch, because I can.

This week I found myself with not one, but two dead vehicles in my possession.

I’m only one girl, and I can’t afford to fix them both so I  found myself faced with one of the most difficult decisions of my life.

Do I save the 2000 Ford Escort, whom I’ve  been with for over 10 years, or do I save the life of my grandparent’s 1986 Caprice Station wagon whom took my family on many trips to Galveston over the years??? WHAT DO I DOOOOOO?

In order to make this difficult decision, I had to take a step back and look at the pros and cons, just like my daddy taught me to.


Clearly, I have a winner… the Station Wagon it is!!!

Only now, I’m faced with the decision of what to do with my Escort. Do I fix it? Do I have it towed to a junk yard? Do I try to sell it as is?

Because I AM a girl, I know NOTHING about cars, and I could use a few extra bucks-I’ve decided to put it on Craigslist just to see what happens.

Surely someone out there has an undying desire for a (currently) undrive-able Ford, right? It may not have air-conditioning and it may not have a horn, but it does have a lot of character. Wish me luck, and tell your friends!!!




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  • Dave TeeVee

    Just exactly how does an old butt spell? 😛 Best of luck!

  • Mjfarrow10

    eek! car troubles are the worst!!!! good luck sista! maybe the wagon needs to make a trip to houston….just sayin’ :) 

  • Wayneneswirld2

    Hmmm….I’d vote to save the Escort honestly….pending the inspection of WHY you have some kinda belt issue.  One call to me will get that outta the way quickly.  The wagon might be kinda cool to own, cuz I like wagons, and old cars, but gotta think about that fuel and how much it’s gonna use.  Ehhhh, either way, if you need help, and as Col Sanders on FB said, a MOBILE MECHANIC, gimme a ring.

  • asplenia

    The spider infestation would nix that car immediately for me, but your lists cracked me UP!

    If you have a carmax near you, they will buy cars and give better rates than dealers, plus you don’t have to buy a car to get one.

    Or check (Kelley Blue Book) value and then adjust condition accordingly, it will price it out for you. If you don’t get a lot of responses, it’s because there’s no price. Even if you put $x or best offer, that’ll work! (I used to work at a newspaper placing classified ads for cars and that’s what we noticed from the ads that sold.)