Playin Ketchup


I am officially the worst blogger in the entire universe.

To be more precise, I’m probably the worst so-called blogger in all the universes in all the various time dimensions.

And you know what? I don’t give a mosquito’s ass. (See I substituted the word “fly” for “rat,” because I kind of like rat’s asses and I despise mosquitoes.)

The truth is-between working and rehearsals and moving and wanting to impregnate this beautiful city out of love-I haven’t even had time to write. Which does make me a little sad because I love to write.

And I need to. I have so much I want to put down on blog.

Tonight I searched my google inbox and was overblown by the number of emails I’ve sent to myself over the last few months with random thoughts, links, and topics that I desired to put up on this little ole’ blog. Alas, I’ll probably never get around to any of them-and that’s OK, cause new stuff just keeps a’happenin.

Let me start with a little catchup. Mmmmm I freaking love ketchup.

The last few months have been superfuncrazybusy. I’ve been working hard at learning the ins and outs of professional radio (Dudley and Bob Show 93.7 KLBJ FM). I got to choreograph and perform in a Live Action version of Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. Tonight I started a new Live TV Show- Angel.  I’ve gotten to know a lot of wonderful people here and take part in some really quality comedy-both live and on the internets (Moosestache). I recently moved out of The House of “I want to kill myself” to a house where I actually feel comfortable sitting in my living room. For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m in a really healthy and happy relationship.  I feel like I’ve taken great strides in some areas of my life that needed improvement.

Overall, I feel happier than I have in a long time. And I despise being that girl, but I can’t help it.

That being said, whenever I have months of consistent happiness-I always feel like I need to check myself. I don’t want to fight these feelings of supreme bliss, but I do find it important to reflect about how I got here. Because law’ knows it’s been a bumpy road.

And so… Here I go again. Attempting to blog… at least a with a little more consistency…

I’m not setting any goals or deadlines or structure. I might put up a video or just write a few thoughts.  But just in case there IS anyone out there, I figured I’d give you a heads up.

I don’t want you to think there is an intruder on my blog.

Loves and Teddy Ruxpins to you and your kin.







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  • Kevin Machate

    Thanks for introducing me to these freaks!  




  • Hipstercrite

    Why do you despise being the happy girl?! Embrace it!

  • Jasonpells

    Truth is inexhaustibly compelling. Art has only one essential ingredient – honesty. “Gobs and gobs of raw naked honest thought” = the color of every crayon.

  • asplenia

    I’m the same way — afraid to forget the darkness lest it reappear and swallow me in surprise. I’ve been pretty happy too lately and should embrace it. Sounds like much is going on — awesome stuff is awesome!

    BTW I thought I was the only person who emailed myself with ideas. I started making folders to organize by topic but I think I need to just save them as drafts instead.

  • Danielle Pagani

    One “bad” blogger to another, Girl, go out and live your awesomeness. The internet will still be here to gather round on the carpet and listen to your tales of adventure when you have the time to write.

    Glad to hear things are going well for you though and that you haven’t been eaten by a bear.

  • Lunastrella aka Thelma

    There’s plenty of us terrible bloggers out there that we should have our name instead of bloggers. Occasionals might work. For what is worth I like your writing.

  • MrHelpful

    You don’t choose to blog, it’s your compelling burden.  Happiness is… no Contentment is the enemy.  People prefer it short and sweet and entries like this are tasty chocolate covered pretzels.  Salty and crunchy with a sweet finish.  It’s all any audience really wants.  Congrats on your current contentment.  THE one will be the dude that doesn’t critique your blog, maybe not even read it.  He should be living it with you, salty, crunchy, and sweet.

  • The Constant Complainer

    Dude, welcome back!  All bloggers go MIA once in a while.  It’s good to take some time to refresh!