Good times and These taste buds are a changin!

I just looked over my last few months of blog entries, and Jeezus. I’m pretty sure I just depressed myself.

The truth is, things haven’t been all gloom and doom around here. It’s not like I’m sitting around in last week’s underwear listening to the Smiths on repeat while downing hot chocolate after hot chocolate. Not at all. Nope. I did laundry last weekend, am currently listening to the new Girl Talk album, and I  haven’t had a sip of hot chocolate in over 3 hours Yay me!

In other news I’m been geeking out in a major way the last few weeks. I haven’t spent a lot of time on the internets, but I have been spending a lot of time indulging in other things that make me oh so happy.

For instance, this weekend I was lucky enough to have some great girls join me on a wonderful musical adventure. I wasn’t sure it would be possible to have a night compare to the last time I went to see Joshua Radin, but -despite not making out with his drummer this time around (he had a new one who made weird sex faces when he played) it was pretty much the best night I’d had in a while.

Per usual, Mr. Radin’s angel voice nearly made me faint.  I know I  wasn’t the only one by the way the crowd simultaneously sighed everytime he belted out a note. His new album is a little more rock-ish than I’m used to, but I actually dig it A LOT.

The real surprise of the night was his opener, Kelley James. I probably wouldn’t have been a huge fan of his music had I not seen him live but on top of having a knack for writing clever pop-culture related songs, the dude can really pump out some quality free-style- which is pretty much my favorite thing in the world. Seriously. I believe he shares a manager with Lil Jon, which basically makes us rapper cousins.

Well not really, but I did once challenge Lil Jon to a rap off at a nice Dallas eatery. After a few cocktails, I just couldn’t help myself. It didn’t actually happen… I’m pretty sure he thought I was joking, but I’m pretty sure I could have at least battled it out for 20 or 30 seconds before he Oh Yeahhhhed me outta tha’ place.

Here is Kelley James. I think we can all relate to this song a little. In fact, while he was doing the intro, my friends and I (all avid twitter and googlers) were ironically in the audience google stalking and tweeting at him like there was no tomorrow. Enjoy.

In other non-related news, something huge has happened with my mouth.

You may recall the long time love affair that I’ve always had with ketchup? Well I’ve decided to have a serendipitous affair. With ketchup’s father.

Yeah I know, it seems a little bit gross. I always thought tomatoes were nasticular myself. I’ve spent hours upon hours of my life picking every single ketchup morsel out of pre-made salads. I’ve tossed many a tomato out the window after Wendy’s soggied up spicy chicken sandwich by ignoring my “hold the tomatoes” request. I’ve even grossed quite a few people out by spitting bites of chewed up tomato bits into my napkin.

Not only that, but I’ve always had a bit of an issue with the word “tomato.” I can never remember how it’s spelled. I always want to put an “e” on the end, making it “tomatoe.” Is that how the British people do it? Is that correct in some language? I don’t know. I do know that I also have gotten annoyed the way people say “tomato, tomahto,” and even more when people from my home state of Texas say tomater. Which is weird because I’m perfectly fine when people say potater. I don’t know, but I think it’s just because I always hated the food so much.

But now I say, “What the heck was I thinking?” Tomatoes are delicious, delicious I tell you! How did I go so long without them on my sandwiches, in my salads, plain with some pepper on top!???

I’m sorry ketchup, but you may not be as tasty as your father. I’m still up for a threesome though if you’d like.

Yummy tomato, get in my mouth!

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  • Herding Cats

    Both of those men = HOT. I have serious crushes now, thanks. Um, but I still don’t think I have the hots for them, like you do for the tomato.

  • Candicewalsh

    Totally haven’t listened to either…but now I must

  • Ed Adams

    You still make me laugh.

    But I’m pretty sure you just need to get laid. That usually cures the blues.

    In the meantime, you have ketchup.

  • Sherri

    I’ve been a Joshua Radin fan for quite some time. I hate catsup. And people who say “catsup” instead of ketchup.

  • J

    You joined the tomato revolution. I still can’t eat them plain. They make me dry heave.

    And if you really went up to Lil Jon and challenged him, you are my forever hero. Did he pepper every other word with a “Yeaaah” or “Let’s Get Drunk”?

  • Vegetable Assassin

    Well as a British person I can affirm that no, we do NOT put ‘e’s on the end of ‘tomato’ although maybe I’ll start just for you? I will come out and admit though that although I find tomatoes to be ok, I MUCH prefer them liquidized and sweetened up into ketchup. Mmmmm ketchup! Although again, a tomato sandwich with pepper, salt and a nice dressing? HEAVENLY!

  • Nikki

    Thank goodness because tomatoes have way less sugar than ketchup. Ketchup is like a dieting nightmare. Except I still can’t eat scrambled eggs without it.

    I haven’t heard of any of these singers. I need to get on board asap. Plus I just need new music!

  • Sada

    Next summer, you should totally make out with ketchup’s sexy single uncle, the heirloom tomato. I promise it’ll be worth the drama.

  • SillyJaime

    I love me some tomatoes. LOVE THEM. I eat them with salt and pepper, the way other people will eat an apple.

  • Amber Tidd Murphy

    I love you, and I love tomatoes. Wait, tomatos? No, tomatoes. I think that’s what is confusing about the spelling… you DO add the “e” when you make it plural. But, I digress. Tomatoes are yummy. I love them in sandwiches, but don’t like them in salads, unless they are diced. I don’t like TRIANGULAR tomatoes.

  • The Constant Complainer

    As I was reading the part about “ketchup’s father” I couldn’t see the picture yet on my desk top. LOL. And I was thinking to myself, “Ketchup’s father, what does that mean?” Ah, I get it. Can you tell it’s Friday. LOL.

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