Day 1: I hate you, me.

How quickly we have arrived at the first day of Truth. I feel all naked, telling the truth. I wouldn’t say I am a liar by any means, but I think that one of my hells would be to have the Liar Liar curse inflicted on me.

Anylies, the first day’s topic is:

“Something you hate about yourself.”

For the entire list, check this.

Alright, do you have all day?

I hate that I have a flair for the dramatic, when all I want is for a situation to calm down. I hate my really tiny pinky toenails. I hate that I have an abundance of body hair. I hate that I cannot say no. I hate that I can’t sing. I hate that no matter how hard I try, my stomach will never get flat. I hate that I deal with things through food and alcohol. I hate that I don’t have a good relationship with food. I hate that my hair turns brassy 3 weeks after I dye it. I hate that I have too round of a face. I hate that I suck at math. I hate that I fall in love so easily. I hate that I love being the center of attention, but talking in front of crowds scares me. I hate that I have taken advantage of my parents. I hate that I am not brave enough to really chase after my dreams. I hate that while I am great at friendships, I don’t seem to be very good at relationships. I hate that I don’t have the self confidence that I often pretend that I have. I hate that after 20 years of trying, I still can’t do an Italian accent. I hate that I’m forgetful. I hate that I really don’t love working out. I hate that I am sometimes too lazy to keep up friendships. I hate that I’m lazy. I hate that I get depressed. I hate that I get jealous. I hate that I don’t know who I am.


That was easy.

If I had to pick one thing though, I’d say that I hate my lack of self control.

There isn’t one aspect of my life that I think has gone to an extreme, but overall- I just don’t have enough.

I’m not an alcoholic, but I drink too much. I like to drink, but I have realized over the last few years that I really need to slow down. I’m fine with that until I go out with my friends… and then, you know… once it hits your lips it just feels so good and… stuff.

I’m the same way with food. No matter how healthy I’ve gotten in my life it’s always been one extreme or the other. I either eat the whole buffet or I obsess about what goes through my body. I’ve overcome a lot when it comes to this, but I’m sure it is something that I’ll always struggle with.

Self control issues have really buried themselves into all parts of my life and my personality. I say things I know I shouldn’t say, I think things I shouldn’t think, and I have an extremely difficult time sticking to a structured plan. I think part of it has to do with ADD, but part of the problem lies deeper than that. It’s something I’ve always struggled with, even as a child.

I had this thing when I was little, where I my hands had to feel moist at all times. I would carry a “wet napkin” around with me and constantly squish it around in my hands. I washed my hands whenever I had the chance; and I would spend hours upon hours in the tub. My doctor said I had the worst case o OCD he had ever seen in a 4 year old. Some might say that I had an over achiever’s amount of self control, seeing the meticulous way that I kept myself clean, but even then I knew that I should have been able to refrain. I didn’t though.

Sometimes I think that my lack of self control is the root of most of my problems. My inability to say no; the fact that I fall in love easily; the fact that I can easily spend $100 bucks in an hour on itunes.

I’m hoping that it’s something that I’ll be able to solve like a mathematical equation. Now that I know the root of the problem I’ll be able to figure out what I need to do to fix it. It might take a lot of trial and error, but eventually, I’ll get there.


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  • Ella

    I think this is a beautiful truth.
    absolutely beautiful and full of the honest.. way more honest than what I’ve ever posted or any I’ve ever read.

    When I attempted to do this, I thought it would be easy to find something I hated about myself. I was wrong and I probably lied a lot when I wrote it out, if we are being honest. This is so refreshing and full of the awesome.


  • Brooke_farmer

    You should stop hating so many things about yourself! Learn to embrace them or change them!

    That said- I totally relate with the alcohol bit!

  • Laurenmodery

    We sound similar. However, I’d say I “strongly dislike” those traits about myself. Hate is too strong of a word, girl!

  • Nikki

    They don’t give second chances for nothing. You’re on the path to finding yourself. You’re just distracted by shiny objects.

  • J

    I’m so with you on a ton of those…seriously…I suck at math and I ALSO have to pluck my eyebrows EVERY FUCKING DAY.

    It’s been a life long dream of mine to have a flat stomach too. How do those bitches do it?

  • Daffy

    Just knowing the issue is half the battle, right?! And this post will be followed up with one that just as thoroughly talks about what you love about yourself, right?!? You totally need some wonder woman underroos when you sit down to write that one. Trust me…it helps :o)