It’s time to grab your ankles and stick your butt in the air!

You guys?

It’s here, in full force.

And no I’m not talking about football season. In fact, while all of  you other humans out there are getting pumped up about football season, I’m going to spend all of my time preparing for Movie Award Season, which begins later this fall.

As much as I love Movie Award Season, it is still only my second favorite season in the world.

I’m usually afraid to tell people what my favorite season is. When asked I usually say something boring like “Hatch Green Chili” season (which just happened) or “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” on tv season… and while both of these are near and dear to my heart, neither of them hold the number one spot.

Nope. The winner clearly goes to Hurricane Season. It usually goes to Tornado season, but since this year we got abso-lutely nothing… I’m really on the storms o’ tropical for my adrenalin fix.

Does that make me a horrible, evil witchy woman?

I mean… I would never wish tragedy or death upon anyone, but it’s exciting from afar.

It’s not really fair, I know. Here I am, 5 hours away from any of the real damage… but we still get some good storms out of it. This week was the perfect example. I basically had to swim to work. I ran to my car and back and looked like I had just been old school river-babtised. It didn’t stop storming until last night, and by late afternoon I started trying to channel Helen Hunt.

And I loved every second of it.

Like I said before, I hate to hear about people getting hurt, but it is so much fun to watch these storms do some damage. I was glued to the TV yesterday watching a tornado touch down in downtown Dallas. I want to be there, taping that in person. I swear, one day I will. I’m scared to death of sky diving, and I doubt I would ever get on the back of a motorcycle, but I would pay $5,000 to go on a storm chasing tour.

I always get so jealous of my friends who live in Houston. A couple of years when Ike struck the coast, they were all holed up in one house, with nothing but an ice chest full of beer and a few guns… in case there was looting going on. They would call us every few hours as to give us-up-to date reports on the wind and how they shot at street signs. Sounds dangerous, right? But I wannnnaaaa. I get all giddy about the possibility of a tornaduh… I can’t imagine what I would feel if I was in a real life hurricane!

Also? There is always some quality comedy footage that comes out of their footage.

Por Ejemplo:

 I blame my love/hate relationship with violent storms on my cousin, andigayle.

I may have mentioned this before, but when we were young, we learned that a tornado sounds just like an approaching train. Well just so happens, you could hear a train from my back yard every afternoon. Everytime we had a little bit of a breeze going on, she would yell tornado… then run inside and lock the door… leaving me crying and beating on the door as she exclaimed from the other side that she “can’t get it open!”

But to this day, I love her for that. Like a lot of the things I love most (ketchup, scary movies), my love of storms came from her torture.


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  • Anonymous

    Football season is almost over. You silly backwards American, you don’t know how the seasons work. You probably think Summer has just finished too. How wrong you are.

    As for the “watching cyclones from afar” thing.. well.. I’m with you on the evil ship. It’s like the song says..

    “I need to watch things die.. from a distance
    Vicariously I live while the whole world dies
    Much better you than I”

  • Miss Dallas

    Dude, did you see the tornado on the Trinity River on Wednesday? If not, it was freaking awesome. No one was hurt, so there’s no guilt in admiring the badassery of Mother Nature.

  • Mrs. K

    haha That clip made me laugh a lot. I’m freakishly scared of tornados/hurricanes, but I do enjoy a good storm. Just saw your comment on my last post…you should definitely vlog again. I really enjoyed your booger/face post. lol

  • JustMe

    I like big storms too – as long as I don’t lose electricity. I have no tolerance for no hair dryers or lights.

  • Nikki

    I’m kinda confused by that mascot in the storm. Are we still talking about football? I swear the Bruins mascot looks like a child molester.

    Did you ever have an infatuation with Dorthy as a child? The tin man?

  • Kkostiha

    Funny Read! Love it!

  • Kat Campbell

    Yeah, something about natural disasters is oddly compelling. I think it’s because it’s one of the few things that we really can’t engineer out of our lives… Not much funny has come from the big earthquake here in NZ yet, but it’s only a matter of time!