Post it note Tuesday and some realizations

*sorry if this went into your reader twice. I’m an asshole and published this after ambien, so had to make a few edits. I would like to make more, but do not have the time. Gratzi.

Ok wow. I went (almost) three entire days without even looking at the internet, and while I missed everyone, it felt really good to unplug for a few days. But now I have that overwhelming “look at all that I have missed” feeling that I usually have on Sunday evenings as I attempt to catch up on blog posts and emails.

The weekend was a good one, people, as they almost always are.

I did learn a few realizations this weekend.

The first realization being that it is probably a really good thing that I don’t have a web-cam. Friday evening, my girl LA and I went over to one of our friends house after boozin it up a bit, and we proceeded to have a dance party and film ourselves in action. I was hoping to be able to share some of this awesomeness with you, but due to technical difficulties, this will have to wait until further notice. I’m pretty sure if I had a web-cam of my own, I would end up losing my job, all my friends, and all my dignity (wait, do I still have that?) because every single second of my life would be spent making ridiculous dance videos.

I realized that I may be getting a little too old for the phenomenon known as the “after party.” Saturday I went to my college town for a friend’s birthday, which is always a blast/trouble/ends with a sing-star or dance party marathon. After falling down approximately 4 times, I fell asleep in the middle of about 25 people. Nicccceeeee.

I also realized that though I may sometimes take it too far, “That’s what she said,” NEVAH gets old.

Although it means completely failing at any attempt to stick to a diet, every once in a while- a Sunday afternoon filled with cheese fries, wings, bloody marys and beer is totally, undeniably, worth it. That, and a four hour conversation with good friends, recounting every good 80’s television show and movie, and every song related to them. Oh and add in a few performances of NSYNC to an entire bar… and perhaps a rendition of my high school performance of M’lynne in Steel Magnolia’s “I could jog to Texas and back speech… It was a perfect Sunday Funday.

Some people are just douchenozzles at the end of the day. (Let’s thank my bud Julie from Life on a Hanger for infiltrating douchenozzle into my daily vocab.) For now on that is my philosophy. I looked back on the last year and realized how much time I’ve wasted analyzing my actions and thinking that I have done something wrong in  relationships. There have been many MANY times when I have acted a fool… but at the same time, for the majority of these situations, I shouldn’t have spent so much time making myself feel bad and trying to figure out what the exact foolish thing that I did in each particular situation. Sometimes it’s poor timing, sometimes it just wasn’t meant to be… and sometimes people are just Captain douchenozzles that don’t deserve 5 minutes of my mind-time.

Terry Gilliam makes good film. Heath ledger was amazing. Johnny Depp is too. And in a completely unrelated movie, so is Jeff Bridges.

I am moving out in less than a month, and I still have no idea where we are moving!!!! Can someone please find my roomie and I a house that is magically 5 minutes from Ft Worth AND Frisco. Or maybe one of those beamer things from Star Trek? Or that nose from bewitched.

Oh… and I just took an ambien so this post is about to get ridiculous if I don’t end it soon… So let’s move on to Post- it-Notes. Stick em up, whatttt???  For more awesome Post it’s, check out Supah Mommy’s page. Mucho entertainment people. Join in if ya want too!!!




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  • lifeonahanger

    1. thank gaw you're back, for srs.
    2. thanks for the shout out, captain douchenozzle is a classic and i'm so glad you are applying it to your life, it helps…loads. esp. when dealing with …well…douchenozzles.
    3. i have DAILY dance parties…..DAILY. webcams would = my ruin. DISASTER DANIEL for srs.
    4.come live in houston.
    5. ummm you went to the grocery for wine and a book? try going and buying wine, tampons, chocolate covered pretzels, gummy worms and sour patch kids…..yeah.
    7. i think we might be in the same boat with men. fuck em all. ugh.
    8. since we are musical soulmates, you need to hear this song. i think i wrote it in my sleep, and this bitch stole it from my head, and it'll solve all your “douchenozzle” problems… “are you fucking kidding me” by kate-miller heidke. she's going to be at coachella and this song killllllllllllllllls me. amazeballs.
    just saw 2012 and john cusack, your bf. ok but srsly this post is hella long, but LISTEN TO THAT SONG. word.

  • Pollypoptart

    I'm pretty sure I still suffer from teenage angst too. At 30.

  • Lynn

    I have also learned the hard way. Never look. It's hard to erase those images. Happy Post It Note Tuesday!

  • Tara

    Carissa, I'm gonna do something just for you. I don't do this for most people. Go to YouTube and type in “Tara's Wasted” and check out my dance move about halfway through. That was me on a verrrrry drunk night.

  • Eramblings

    Sigh. I love 10 things I hate about you. Good movie. Awesome music.

  • HairbowsandGuitarPicks

    Love the notes…

  • justmakingmyway

    I love That's What She Said. Unfortunately I rarely get to use it well cause I'm not always that quick on the snappy comeback!

    I am jealous of your Sunday! That sounds beyond awesome. Only slightly less awesome then the word douchenozzle – which is totally working it's way into my vocabulary.

  • shineoutloud

    Five minutes from Ft. Worth and Frisco. You funny, girl.

    I had wings on Sunday. But then I have wings a lot of Sundays…we usually go after climbing to undo any good we've done.

    I've decided. We should have beers or something. Since we're in the same city and all. Good luck with the apartment search. I can't really help with anything that far out…

  • meg

    -ahhh, 10 Things I Hate About You! I watched that approximently 10 billion times in high school. love that movie.
    -i like “douchenozzle”…i also enjoy “douche canoe”
    -i too have nightly dance parties. it's totally destressing.
    -joaquin phoenix and miley cyrus? huh.

  • badassgeek

    “That's what she said” jokes will never, ever get old. I'm convinced that I'll still be cracking those jokes when I'm old and incontinent.

  • Nikki

    Oh man, growing up sucks…I'm going to google hemorroids and mix a bloody mary now.

  • adrienzgirl

    I miss Heath too. My hubs totally had a man crush on him too!

  • Jeney

    Three things….

    1) “That's what she said” will, indeed, NEVER get old

    2) “douchenozzles” is now my new favorite word

    3) You have inspired me to make an NSync station on Pandora

    Love you!

  • Ed Adams

    I want to see the pics from that party.

    I know someone wrote “I Like Penises” on your forehead after you fell asleep.

  • Tracie

    I've wondered the same thing about the quote from The Jerk. I've thought about using it in a blog post. You go first. Tell me what happens.

  • SillyJaime

    I have an old guy crush on Alan Rickman.

  • JGN

    I think it's worth noting that on one of Carissa's many falls this weekend she took out an entire potted garden on someone’s back porch. AWESOME…

  • Just Another Momma

    You are right. Some people really are just assholes! As for the FB status, while I would laugh there would be plenty of people ready to get violent. . .

    it's the way it is these days I guess. you can't even say fart without people jumping all over you.

    Glad your back from your mini blogcation.

  • daffy




    Man I need to hang out with you! My life would be much less boring :O) Get that video up and working woman!!!

  • Antsy Pants

    Your Sunday sounds like heaven, or any of my Sunday's during football season!

    The post it's were so random and awesome. Made me laugh!

  • Sada

    I hope John Cusack doesn't find out about this Jeff Bridges thing.

  • LiLu

    I will not google-image “hemmerhoid”. I will not google-image “hemmerhoid”. I will not google-image “hemmerhoid”. I will not google-image “hemmerhoid”.

  • Elise

    Beer is always worth it. Especially if it leads to *NSYNC dancing. You're awesome.

  • The Technical Parent

    “Join in if ya want too!!!”

    That's what she said.

  • hiphophippie

    Omg omg omg! Please update your FB status to “was born a poor black boy” !!! Pleeeeease! I love you so much!!!

  • gofahne

    It looks like I have a new fun Tuesday read…SWEET! I love the random.

    And the after parties, I remember my last one as well. I also remember the pain when I tried to convince myself I could still “hang”.

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