Notes from the other night

The formatting on this is a little off. I don’t know why, but I can’t fix it. Lo siento mucho.

I’m a talker. Especially once I get a little booze flowing through my blood. My friend (and soon to be once-again roomie) LA is also a talker.

Talker + talker+being really good friends=ridiculous conversations that a third party often cannot comprehend.

So the other night I met up with my friends LA and AW, and AW got to witness once again how when we get started talking- hilarious, incomprehensible conversation can ensue.

I guess he was really lost on what we were discussing, but rather than interrupt, he decided to take notes on some of the random quotes and bits of conversation so that he could ask about them later.

Today I received an email with his “notes,” on our conversation. I’m not sure if this will be as amusing to you as it was to me, but I figured I’d share and try to justify these little notes of his.

– She uses big words like…insatiable.

That’s all LA. When I’m drinking, I’m lucky if I can even say insatiable. I’m not sure what this word was used to describe. Quite possibly it was my insatiable thirst for wine. Or my insatiable thirst for John Cusack. Or maybe it was LA’s insatiable thirst for using big words like insatiable. Either way, I’m curious… can other words besides “thirst” be used after the word insatiable? Because I’m pretty sure the only word I ever use after insatiable is “thirst.”

– LA and CM talk about a lot of different stuff.

Ummmm yes we do… great observation though…

– What is a doppelganger?

Somebody obviously hasn’t spent enough time on Facebook the last couple weeks!! OK, I’m not too sure either.  Apparently it means an actor/actress that you wish that you looked like. Or that you had a dream about. Or maybe someone that if you were gay, you would totally go for…. because I saw quite a few really pretty famous people as my friends profile pictures. I was going to put up Frida Kahlo as my doppelganger, because of the mustache and all…

– Who is Nora?

So speaking of “doppelgangers,” I know I’ve mentioned like 30 times the night LA and I  hung out with Joshua Radin‘s band and I made out with the drummer… Well, it turns out they had been on tour with a certain Grammy winner in the past whom they desperately wanted to name drop.

Drummer boy: Oh my gosh.. wow, you look just like my friend Nora.

Me: ummm ok?

Drummer boy: NO really!!! Hey “bassist!!” Doesn’t she look just like Nora.

Bassist boy: ummm… I guess so? A little?

Drummer boy: Yeah, you smile like her. **nudge nudge You know Nora right? My good friend Nora Jones??

Me: ummm right.. (but make out with me lovah boy)

– Why wouldn’t they up-play that shit and get with high up girls instead of downplay that shit and get with us?

I’m not sure which one of us genius’s muttered this intelligent comment, but I’d put a million thousand bucks on the fact that it was me. In fact I distinctly remember repeating it at least three times so AW could write it down.

It’s simple really, but I’ll put it into English for you

Why wouldn’t they use their semi-level of faux-fame to get into nice bars where they could meet girls who would buy their starving artist-asses drinks, rather than hang out with 2 girls who took them to the dive-iest (Adairs) bar in Dallas, and needed all of our drinks bought for us?

– Whoa whoa…so this is the night you bled on ____’s bed right???

I’m not sure why this particular story was brought up… maybe we were discussing something similar that happened to one of us more recently but I’m not sure if that even happened. It is actually a story that I have already shared with you

-Carissa! I look at porn sites ALLLL the time! Are you kidding me?

I think this one is pretty self explanatory. I think AW just wanted to write this note to put in his spank bank for later.

-Let’s talk about love.

OK this one was all me. But before you write me off as some cheese-poof who likes to “talk about love” with her girlfriend’s on a Friday night over a bottle of wine- let me explain. I was trying to think of a story for this show I’m doing that has “love” theme. Since my experiences with “love” aren’t, for the most part, romantic… what we talked about next was all sorts of funny and also kind of sad.

-That’s what real rappers do, playa!!!

Have I told you yet of my dreams of being a world-renowned rap-star? Well, I have them. I know it will never happen, but I even have a rap-star alter ego named Kimbernisha. You’ll have to meet her one day. Anyway, I told you yesterday how I went to see Four Day Weekend’s comedy show. I loved it all… except for the part where they rapped. Don’t get me wrong, they did a great job improvising rap, but there moves were a little lacking. Ever since I saw Timbaland last week, I’ve been spending much of my down-time trying to imitate the rapper’s groove, which I demonstrated to my friends before I made this comment.

-Rap just got me off!

Yeah, I got really into that shiz!! I mean not literally, but I was really spent afterward.


In other news, I want give a shout out to one of my favorite blogs who is ending his project soon. If you haven’t checked out the 100 girls-100days project, I implore that you do so now. I’m really sad that it’s almost over. Start from the beginning and read your way through. That’s the way I do it. He may seem like kind of a dick at first, but overall, the dude seems really genuine and he’s extremely addicting.

Oh and tonight we have our Dallas happy hour!!! I’m so excited to meet some of my favorite bloggers in person!! WOOHOO!!

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  • Nikki

    Can I borrow your friend to take notes on my conversations? After a bottle of wine I never remember them.

    So jealous I'm not in Dallas right now…hmph!

  • thebacksofmyeyelids

    I always enjoy reading you. You are interesting, entertaining and sometimes you make me feel as though I've had magic mushrooms…..but what would I know of such things? I reeeeeeead a lot. Oh, and I knew people. I was born in 1957.

    Does you family read this blog? Does your family know you? You never, ever write about them. Am I prying? Would you post about your family?

  • Pollypoptart

    Haha, I LOVE drunk conversations!

    Hope your happy hour goes well later!

  • Aunt Becky

    I'm pretty sure we need to hang out.

  • Tara

    Oh man, when I drink, I never shut up. I think my favorite part of this is that your rap star alter ego's name is Kimbernisha.

  • Ed Adams

    Your posts kill me.

    I always feel dizzy when I leave.

    Good times.

  • The Technical Parent

    Insatiable, eh? How about “Voracious” or “Ravenous” or “Unsatisfiable”?

  • thatkindofgirl


    yeah, that was worth going into caps attack mode for.

  • Belle

    I would LOVE to have a personal notetaker for my every conversation… I would blog a lot more if only I could remember the shit that happens.
    PS, I think you should practice rapping in a video blog for us. Please and thank you!

  • meredithmh

    Adair's = awesome

    have you tried their grilled chicken sami yet? my mouth is watering thinking about it. I highly recommend it around midnight after a full day of drinking!

  • hillbilly duhn

    lol not that I undderstood half of what you said, because sometimes, I too, feel as though I went on a magic carpet ride, but… it's all good! :)

    I get a kick out of you! :)

  • facebook-23903153

    I still like:
    “Why wouldn’t they up-play that shit and get with high up girls instead of downplay that shit and get with us?”

    I think it's also funny to note that the entire conversation probably happenned in the span of an hour…

  • facebook-1620191204

    I would shoot anyone with a pad and pen taking notes when I've been drinking! Too funny girl.

  • hiphophippie

    Doooooood, Kimbernisha and Darnell must meet asap!!! I heart you so much. You're the shiz!!!

  • graygrrrl

    So, I have at least 1 notebook (there are 3 there now) in my purse at all times for this exact same purpose- though I usually just use them in a Saturday blog. So funny!!!

  • graygrrrl

    PS- a doppleganger is a double or look-alike of a person (twins don't count). In mythology, these are not nice creatures and usually bring bad luck

  • lifeonahanger

    im jealous of your dtx happy hour. i fullly expect a drunken email recap….xxoxo

  • kathryn

    Who are these bloggers you're meeting in Dallas? Are you bringing someone with you to keep notes of what you say? I mean…what if you say something downright BRILLIANT…and then someone steals it and uses it on their blog?

    I'd stick to really general responses, like:
    – Yeah, well…it takes one to know one
    – I know just what you mean, dude.
    – I tried that once. But now they've got that restraining order….

    Have fun, sweetie!

  • ambermurphy

    I love taking notes on drunken conversations… like, “Ohh… we sooo have to remember this!”

    Then, looking at said notes later and wondering what the hell a pineapple, an ice pick, and a water balloon have in common or have to do with anything.

  • shineoutloud

    I'm not crazy, right? The font keeps getting smaller. Doesn't it?

  • hey_lady

    That celebrity Doppelganger stuff confused the heck out of me on Facebook, I thought suddenly like 5 of my guy friends developed crushes on Leonardo DiCaprio. I found out a few days ago it as a Facebook fad, I'm out of the loop.

  • shineoutloud

    I'm not crazy, right? The font keeps getting smaller. Doesn't it?

  • hey_lady

    That celebrity Doppelganger stuff confused the heck out of me on Facebook, I thought suddenly like 5 of my guy friends developed crushes on Leonardo DiCaprio. I found out a few days ago it as a Facebook fad, I'm out of the loop.