My one true love.

I’ve always been quite the animal lover, a bit of a pet aficionado, if you will. I was lucky growing up that my parents always supported my sister’s and my love of furry, gilled, and scaled creatures.

The first pet that I (or technically my parents) had when I was a child was a Mutt named Mudd. I really don’t remember Mudd very well, but I have heard the story countless times of how Mudd bit me and they had to give her away. I never really held the fact that she bit me against her. The bone (haha) I had to pick with her is the fact that my “porn name” (first pet+childhood street’s name) was horrible, partly due to the fact that her name was “Mudd.”

Mudd Oakview, to be exact. Now that’s not very porny now is it?

But I digress. After Mudd, we had a Brittany Spaniel named Copper, who I loved dearly. She had a penchant for escaping our backyard and got ran over when I was still in Elementary school, and I was devastated.

After Copper passed away, my parents got another Brittany named Cedar, and I got a couple of my very own  mice- Hershey and Snowflake. It was around this time that I began to spend many of my afternoons hanging out at the neighborhood pet store- chatting with the owner and gazing into cages as snakes swallowed mice whole and Guinea Pigs hid in giant plastic tubes. My best friend and I even formed our very own “Animal Club,” where we would read books about animals and discuss our favorite species. I know what your thinking. And yes, I have always been this cool.

My pet “collection” began to grow at a very rapid pace. We got a Red Spectacled Amazon Parrot, who loved Cheetos but was bald because another bird plucked all of his feathers out. We got an iguana named Spike, who enjoyed whipping his tail at me if I tried to hold him. We had a box turtle (Strawberry Shortcake) who either got ran over in my backyard or eaten by my dog,  I can’t remember. We had an evil Sugar Glider named Sprite who would make this awful hissing sound every time I tried to get him out of his cage, and then he would proceed to fly on top of the curtain or to some other surface that I couldn’t reach where he would sit for days. On top of that, we had several frogs (I don’t remember their names,) a few other lizards, a couple parakeets (Blanco and Shreck,) a cockatiel, several hamsters that were all named Gizmo, a few fish tanks of fish both bought and caught with a sane at the farm.  Eventually the 2 little mice  procreated and so on, until we had at least 30. Needless to say, there were times when my room was quite smelly.

With each new addition, I would have a 3 month or so obsession over my new pet, until I set my sights on a new species and my attention would slowly wane.It wasn’t that I loved the pets any less, I just have always had a short attention span and I like to spread my love over a variety of different animals.

By the time I left for college, all of my pets with the exception of my sister’s beloved toy poodle with an under bite, BB, had either been given away, had died, or had been let go at my farm. I still remember the day that I looked around my room and noticed that my 30 mice and the many cages with plastic tubes connecting them were missing. I started crying and asked my dad what happened to them. He told me they had all died… which I believed for a few days until my sister told me that he had let them go at the farm. ***The same devastating thing happened with the rat that my parent’s inherited from me when I moved into a house with a bunch of cats, just a few months ago.

The first few years of college I was content with not owning an animal of my own. Most of my attention was spent on my new friends and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. There was no way I would have been able to remember to clean out a hamster cage or coddle a bird.

One day a friend of mine decided that she wanted a dog and recruited me to go with her to the local humane society to help her pick one out. A few of us crowded into her Jeep and got ready to talk her out of anything too crazy. It was my first time in a pound in many years, and I had no idea that it would hurt so bad to see so many dogs who needed homes. We walked down the caged hallways and I stopped at each cage to stick my fingers through and pet each puppy dog on the nose as I read to see how much time they had left before they would be put down.

This was when she was skinny.
This was when she was skinny.

I still remember the yelping. It was high pitched and painful. I looked around to see what kind of animal could be capable of making such a sound. I made my way down the row until I found her.

She was up on her short hind legs, and she was shaking… probably from the pain that her own screech caused her ears. She was skinny, and had a head that was much too large for her body. My friends all crowded around holding their ears, proclaiming that “that” was the ugliest dog they had ever seen.

As soon as we caught eyes I knew. It was an instant connection. I knew with certainty that there was no one else in the world who would want such a creature.

I asked permission to have a few moments with the Franken-puppy. The lady who worked at the pound seemed a little surprised, but she obliged. She told me that she was most likely a mix of Pit Bull and Dachshund, with perhaps a bit of Shar-pei. The weird little dog shook her butt violently as the lady put her on a leash and led her to the waiting area. After only a few minutes of holding the dog in my lap, I had made my decision. I told the lady that I needed to run out to my car to get my check book (yes check book) so that I could pay the $10.00 for the puppy. (What a bargain!!!)

As soon as I opened the door to go out to the parking lot, my new dog bolted and took off in a sprint across the field nearby. I took off after her, and yelled the first thing that came to mind: “STELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAA.”

Stella smiling with my sis
Stella smiling with my sis

And so my new Picasso puppy had a name.

The first few months with Stella were a disaster. I kept her a secret from my parents while I attempted to potty train her and keep her from eating too many containers of roach poison. Stella ate everything and anything plastic, much like her momma. (What? I like chewing on pens!) She wet the floor every five minutes, and wouldn’t stop with the screech-bark. We had a couple close-calls with a razor and a few dozen Christmas ornaments, and I spent at least 30 minutes everyday chasing her around the neighborhood.

Eventually, as Stella and I grew closer and my patience grew stronger, she started learning how to behave- and I learned how to deal with her. We grew inseparable. She was literally my best friend.

My Stella bear and I on Christmas
My Stella bear and I on Christmas

A couple years ago I moved into a place where I couldn’t bring a dog. I had to take her back to my parent’s house for the time-being. I know, you are probably all thinking I’m a horrible Dog-Mom, but I swear to you this isn’t the case. I miss my puppy dog every day. More than getting home-sick, I get Stella-sick.

Lately, more so than ever. I had been contemplating bringing her to live with me when I move in a couple weeks, but she has spent the last few months out at the farm with my dad and her new best friend Penny, and now I think she really loves being a farm dog. Plus I think my dad really needs her right now.

My sister took this pic of my brave farm dog scaring off a cow!
My sister took this pic of my brave farm dog scaring off a cow!

I’m starting to have that “need-to-have-a-pet-itch” again, but now I’m worried that there are no other animals that will fulfill that void besides my Stella-bear. Who else could make me smile with their short little legs? Their Danny Devito body? Their dramatic personality!? (Stella cries like a baby when she gets a sticker in her foot, but I don’t blame her!)

What should I do??? Maybe get a Ferritt? A guinea pig?? Another pound puppy?



I think my dad and I are going to have to work out some sort of joint-custody arrangement.


Really my whole point is, there is a reason the Westminster dog show isn’t open to mixed-breeds… and that’s because Princess Stella Rosita Devito Tootsie Bertha Brown Jr. would win every year.

My boyfriend John Cusack would say the same, I’m sure.

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  • leethehotflashqueen

    She is a cutie…now my Abbe Nosy Adler is a mixed breed too, and they are the BEST! Once you go mixed, you won't go back!!

  • beckeye

    Awww, Stella is adorable. A joint custody agreement sounds good, as long as you don't live too far away.

  • thebacksofmyeyelids

    Are you really home enough of each day to own a dog now? They're pack animals and they need to hang with other people or animals. Stella's a cutie and I understand the lure of companionship, but if you're out and about too often, couldn't you try growing plants or maybe a pet rock? 😉

  • Pollypoptart

    Aw, she is such a cutey-pie! I want one too!

  • starzskymoon

    I was surprised to find that this post did not revolve around John Cusack from the post title.

    I'm with you. I can't bear to even THINK about not having one of my pets without getting teary-eyed. It's quite embarrassing. But I love my animals like people love their children (well, if they're good parents, at least).

  • Tara

    Such a sweet post! My cat who I had to bottle feed when she was little lives with my mom now cuz my husband is allergic. I miss her soooo much, so I understand.

    Oh and my first pet's name was Bethoven, so yeah not a great porn name for me either.

  • Matt_J

    Yeah, but with that name, you could make a whole series of movies with puns on the “Mudd in Your Eye” line.

    Of course, that might work better if you were a guy. Maybe you could wear one of those squirtin' dildos.

    Hmmm…wait…was there another point to this story? Oh, yeah, my dogs were all mixed breeds, too. Mixing the breeds helps to keep some of the undesirable traits that pop up with all the inbreeding within a breed from coming about. That's why they say “mixed breeds are more healthy” or something like that.

    Squirtin' dildos…tee hee

  • Ed Adams

    Dogs are the BEST!

    That's a cute pic of you and your Stella.

    Damn, you've had a lot of critters.

  • meg

    ummm stella is so adorable!!
    okay, i just googled “sugar glider” because i had no idea what they were…i don't think i would be able to sleep with that in my house!! i have a fear of squirrels though.
    as for a new pet…as you know, i'm totally biased towards dogs! :)

  • Dani

    Aww, shes a cutie. I hope you and your dad can work something out. I was so looking forward to getting a pet when I moved, but it turns out “I can't have a kitty” was not a good enough reason to turn down wonder-house. This makes me kinda wish I had reconsidered that.

  • JGN

    You failed to mention that when your parents did find out about Stella that you told them that “I” had gotten her from the pound then abandoned her with you; not that that is so farfetched, but nonetheless false in this case. You sure have blamed a lot of things on me over the years, good thing your dad can never remember my name.

  • CarissaJaded

    Hmmm a rock would probably be best.. did you see what happened to my cactus!! It didn't fare so well…

  • CarissaJaded

    Well i added just a little bit of JC at the end… So it's kind of about him too…

  • Jeney

    I have a dog back home too… Zibby, an over active boxer… and I miss him like crazy :-(

  • CarissaJaded

    I'm pretty sure that Stella has survived bc her innards aren't the same as other dogs. She has a stomach of steel that lil mutt.

  • CarissaJaded

    LOL, I can see Beethoven being a good porn name, if you have the right street to go with it.. It's hard giving animals up!!

  • CarissaJaded

    LOL they are terrifying!! I know some people who have Sugar gliders and keep them in their pockets and stuff… Yeah, not so much!

  • lifeonahanger

    my stripper name would be SUSHI TANGLEWILDE. HAWT. We need to take a trip to the zoo, then we'll see who REALLY loves animals…haha. I am convinced I'm an animal whisperer!xox

  • Susan Garrett

    i couldn't help but read your story, Carrissa. It was wonderful and I always knew that you and Allison would be SO smart when you “grew up”! Now that you have “grown up”, you two are still going to movies, reading constantly and doing alot of writing. I am so proud of both of you!!! I miss you alot and hope that when you are in Waco, you will come see me. I am at home most of the time (when I'm not at the gym getting muscles!). I love you girl! and I would really love to see you and talk to you.

    Mommy Susan

  • CarissaJaded

    Thanks for stopping by Susan!! I miss you a lot. I talked to Allie not too long ago and told her how i missed your potatoe latkes every year around Hannukah!!

    I will definitely come and see you soon.. I haven't made it to Waco as often as I'd like to, but I need to soon!

  • princessofsarcasm

    You could always move back home and live with your parents……

    *ducks flying objects*

  • The Constant Complainer

    Just stopping by. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your readers. Very cute pictures. I just want to say, “Aaahhhh, I want one too.” Sorry that my commenting was a little slow the last few weeks. Think I can finally say that I'm officially caught up!

  • JustMe

    That dog is cute as shit.
    LOVES it.

  • Nikki

    She is just darling. I love her little legs. It's a big decision, she does seem happy with that cow. I really do mean the cow…in the photo. I'm not calling your Dad a cow. Promise.

  • graygrrrl

    I have been having “pet yearning” the same way many women have baby fever. I want a puppy so bad!!! But, I'm sure my cat would eat him or at the very least sell him into slavery. He's just that kind of cat (and I love him for it).
    PS- I thought the farm was a euphemism for dead until I saw the next to last pic. “Oh… a farm farm!”

  • winfield

    Stella, the 7 tit wonder…..

  • kathryn

    Aw. What a sweet little girl she is! You haven't told us how your dad feels about this…does he want Stella to stay with him?

    It's so hard when you're renting to get a dog…you never know for sure if you'll always find places that'll take them…

  • Bing

    Aww, she is so cute! If you put the 2 of us together, we'd probably have a zoo. I always want to save every animal I see. I was the queen of bringing home stray cats to save them. You also had some pretty unusual pets, which is awesome!

  • kathryn

    Aw. What a sweet little girl she is! You haven't told us how your dad feels about this…does he want Stella to stay with him?

    It's so hard when you're renting to get a dog…you never know for sure if you'll always find places that'll take them…

  • Bing

    Aww, she is so cute! If you put the 2 of us together, we'd probably have a zoo. I always want to save every animal I see. I was the queen of bringing home stray cats to save them. You also had some pretty unusual pets, which is awesome!