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Holy Friday Batman. This week went by so quickly that I haven’t even had a chance to watch Chuck from two Monday’s ago. Maybe even 3 weeks ago. I can’t even keep track of tv anymore.

Not that I’m complaining or anything. I’m all about the quick work-week. Except that I really wish that I could slow my evenings down a little bit. I have so much to do but I seem to keep finding a thousand-million other things to do to avoid the things I actually have to do.

It doesn’t help much that the Oscars are coming up in a couple weeks. I am so behind on my goal to see every movie  nominated in all the major categories that I’m 100,000% sure that it’s not going to happen this year, which is disappointing…. but I’m not giving up without a good college try. Thank you life. This is the first time in 3 years that it won’t happen.

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Then add in the fact that it’s the time of year that all the best bands are coming to town, and I’m super screwed for time. Not that I’ll actually get to see most of the shows due to lack of funds, but thanks to Julie, I’ve recently gotten addicted to listening to bands who are coming to town on LaLa.com. It’s an awesome site, but it’s sucking up all of my free time and all of my money 10 cents at a time. If you are a member- be sure to let me know so I can follow you and waste a bajillion more hours listening to all of the songs that you like.

Of course there’s also the big huge purple Woolly Mammoth in the room. What’s that? Oh yeah. I’m moving in a week.

Like. Woah.

I’ve been avoiding this like I avoid bathing suit season. I pretend like it’s just not going to happen and I avoid doing anything to get ready for it.

I haven’t done a single thing to prepare save pay my deposit for the new place. I haven’t gotten boxes. I haven’t found a bed. We still don’t have a refrigerator. I don’t even know how I’m going to get all of my stuff from point A to point B… and the two points are not very close together.

I think the reason that I’m not stressing too hard is because I have moved nearly every year since I started college (9 freaking years ago,) and it always seems to get done.

There was only one house that I lived in for more than a year and ***sighhhhhhhhh I miss that place dearly.

It was my last two years of college. My friend Kt and I lived in this little yellow house with a red door that we dubbed the “Anna St. house”  because it was on Anna St. We are real creative like that. It could have also easily been dubbed “Neighborhood Soup Kitchen” or “House of a thousand roaches,” but I loved it whatever it was called.

We painted each room a different color. Kt’s room was light blue, and mine was purple. We painted the bathroom bright pink. We covered our antique fridge with pictures of our favorite classic movie stars.

There was no central air or any heat… period, which meant that during the winters we usually brought both of our space heaters into the living room and made a super pallet on the wood floor. There was one winter when we had at least three of our homeless friends living with us and we literally did have what felt like a soup-kitchen. We made huge vats of tortilla soup, bundled up in layers of sweats, and watched movie after movie cuddled up on the floor.

Did I mention that we didn’t have cable or internet? We survived playing board games and watching VHS tapes and Friends DVDs and the entire bootleg series of Seinfeld that showed up on our doorstep one day unannounced. Our electricity was cut off every other month, and we went a few months without hot water. We also had a jungle in our back yard. Whenever I would let Stella out, I could tell where she was by watching the bamboo sway. And I wasn’t kidding about the roaches. We also had period of time when we had a plethora of fleas and rats.

Regardless, that house is one of the only places that I have ever really been able to call home since I left the house I grew up in.

Until now.

Even though we’ve moved houses, I’ve lived with the same 4 people for the last two years and I am going to miss this them a ton. I know we’ll still see each other plenty, but it’s weird living with friends for so long and then all of a sudden they are not part of your daily ritual. On the other hand, it will be nice to not live with so many people,and I’m really excited about living with my bff LA.  It’s so bittersweet, this move.

Ok enough sappiness. I’m ready to start my- what I hope to be a productive weekend- with a smile.

But before any productivity begins, my friend Moops and I are attending a Nirvana cover band concert tomorrow night at House of Blues. I keep winning these concert tickets from the Dallas Observer, and it’s awesome!

Expect a full review next week. At some point. If I even have a second to write. Expect a few words about it at the least.

And speaking of Moops, he has really been wanting to start a blog. This is my friend who inspired all of this, and he’s the guy I know who is most likely to leave a bar naked. It’s only natural that he will want to share these incidents with the world.

Can we offer him a little encouragement to actually get it started?? I have already set up the Blogspot for him, and he has plenty of entertaining material, and you will all love him… so maybe in the comments tell him how much you would like to read his blog and he will FINALLY do this!!!

YAYYYY!! Thank you honey bunches of oats and have a Hollywood weekend, on me!

Loves you! And my boyfriend John Cusack does too!!

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  • lifeonahanger

    Moops, start a blog, because you kind of have an awesome nickname and if you have a cool name, then you probs will have a cool blog. Good logic, no?

    Carissa, as much as a puffy heart rainbow sparkle love you, HOLY SHIT how did you live with ROACHES AND CUCARACHAS??!!??! I'm sorry but I woulda been OUTTA THERE faster than you can say RAID. Srsly. I CANNOT handle those thangs. Esp. because we live in texas and EVERYTHING is bigger here (TWSS)

    lala.com is the shiznit and I'm so glad I got you hooked!!!



  • thebacksofmyeyelids

    Moops, what's the worst thing that could happen? No one would read you, right? Well, buddy, no one's reading you now. You seem uneffected. Nay, I'd say you were taking it all in stride. So, what the heck, right? Blog already.

    Carissa, this is the first year we have opted not to throw an Oscar party with costumes and big fancy meals….since forever. We're still gathering to watch, but no hubbub. I miss it already. We try to watch all the movies that are up for any award that have been released to DVD beforehand….and I mean right up until party time.

    You mentioned my letters to my children. There were only 10 books of each of three volumes self published in the 1990's. If I self-publish again, I will be sure to get you copies. In the interim, there is a link to the archives of the letters that have been in my blog to date, at the bottom of my blog page, in the middle column. Just click on the photo that says, “Archives of Letters To My Children.”

    You have no email or gmail (google) link associated with your blog, so I can't answer all your comments personally. If you change that in your profile, I'll be able to email you responses to your questions and comments.

  • JDatIDoThings

    Oh, god we sound very scarily alike. I'm stressing about being behind with TV — I'd totally forgotten about the Oscars! I am not even CLOSE to seeing all the movies. Maybe I've seen one? Geez.

    And I have huge love for lala.com. What an awesomely simple site!

  • http://jmb1980.blogspot.com/ Just Another Momma

    Moops we must read all of your stories. We need them!!

    Good luck getting all of those movies in. I'd be lucky to see just one…

    I'm a little behind you know LOL

  • ktcotton

    Ok, so yes we did have roaches, but not always! We didn't just live with them either, a few bug bombs were set off to get rid of them. Oh, and just to make myself feel better… My lovely friend Carissa was outta town for an entire summer and the house was spotless and roach/rat free that entire time (that of course completely changed within a week of her return but that's ok, luv ya CJ). Despite all the gross things that we had at Anna St. I LOVED living there, it's still my favorite place (& my fav roomie) ever!

    Moops quit being lazy and start a blog, you have a million inappropriate stories that you should share with the world!

    Oh, and… Denton Utilities Company I hate you and always will, you turned our electricity and hot water off way too many times! Why couldn't you just cut poor college kids a break!!

  • http://jamieann.net Jamie

    I need to catch up on the oscar noms. I'm so behind on movies its ridiculous!

  • http://www.nikkidz.blogspot.com/ Nikki

    Thank you for that confirmation. I've always wondered if John Cusack truly loved me, and here is the proof!

    We had a little house like too…on Maiden Lane. The living room was purple. Good luck with your move. I will encouragment over to give your friend head right now. I mean…I will head over to give your friend encouragment right now. I'm always mixing up my words.

    Have a good weekend!

  • hiphophippie

    Moving is such a freaking pain in the ass! But you're right, if you do it a lot, it gets easier. Or we get used to it, one or the other. I moved a TON from 18-28 and then I slowed down. I've been living with my man for almost 2 years now I gotta say, it's nice to unpack all the boxes!

    Good luck!!

  • JGN


    I dig your logic; I mean there's a blog in and of itself, the name. I fear I lack the discipline for a blog though, I'm extremely ADD and all over the place. I'll try to pull something together here soon; it's becoming apparent to me that I owe it to my fans.

  • http://www.mylittlebecky.com mylittlebecky

    that's totally how i handle moving as well. then my dad shows up with a flatbed and starts yelling… that's where it aaaall falls apart :)

    moops! dooooo it!

  • http://www.theinternalmakeover.com/ kathryn

    Start a blog because your name requires that you do…as part of your community service for walking out of that bar naked.

  • http://bonbonrose9.blogspot.com/ Kristin

    Bathing suit season…what is that? Surely it can't be any time soon. Ah ha ha

  • http://www.blogsareforlosers.com Sherri

    Just reading about you having to move makes me stressed out. In fact, I think I might have hives. I'm a terrible mover. I move in one of two ways: either throw so much shit out prior to the move that I then need to spend money on random things, like dishes and towels… or, I save everything, take it with me and then cry when I have no place to put stuff.


  • badassgeek

    Out of all the times I've moved in the past six years (eight times), I had enough money for the security deposit at the time of moving in exactly zero times.

  • http://twitter.com/Carissajaded Carissa Jade

    hhahahahaha right!? I am extremely lucky. We chose the landlord over the actual place. He is very leniant and is allowing us to pay it out over a few weeks. Nice.

    But still… I didn't even think of half the things I have to pay for right now. BLOWS!

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  • http://firstpagegoogleresults.com/ home builders ranking

    Image by NMCIL ortiz domney via Flickr Holy Friday Batman. This week went by so quickly that I haven't even had a chance to watch Chuck from two Monday's.

  • http://firstpagegoogleresults.com/ home builders ranking

    Image by NMCIL ortiz domney via Flickr Holy Friday Batman. This week went by so quickly that I haven't even had a chance to watch Chuck from two Monday's.