Post it note Tuesday : and how Ethan Hawke stole my heart.

Alllright, allllright, allllright….

That was supposed to be in Matthew Mcconaughey-hey’s “Dazed and Confused” voice, just in case you didn’t catch that.

It’s Tuesday, and once again I’m posting for the first time this week. I don’t know what has gotten into me and Sunday nights, but I just haven’t been able to get any Monday posts done in a while. Oh wait, yes I do know what has happened. Sunday Fundays were invented by some friends of mine as a way to extend our weekend, and let me tell you-we really do have fun.

So I apologize for being a slacker on both blogging and commenting the last few days… but don’t blame me, blame my friends. And me too a little, I guess.

Before I get started on the oh so fabulous post-its, I have to touch on a couple of  things.

#1. Who in the hell designed Central Market and how were they able to make a grocery store into a freaking Bermuda Triangle? They put this fabulous little “healthy” grocery store right next to my gym that is determined to bust both my gut and my wallet.

I stopped in today just to get a loaf of rice bread, and an hour later I exited carrying 4 giant paper bags full of wine, a variety of smelly cheese, blood oranges (I have been dying to try one ever since I saw one at the beginning of Dexter,) pita bread, 2 types of hummus, home-made corn tortillas, luna bars, and of course a $10.oo pre-made salad. I literally cannot just walk into that place without spending $70.00.


#2.  I saw “Day Breakers” this weekend and I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. I walked in not knowing much about it except that it was about vampires and that it had Ethan Hawke in it, and I left feeling completely satisfied. It was quite scary, had a few laughs and a whole shit-ton of gore.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, you may do so now. I grant you permission.


Some may argue that William Defoe’s character “Elvis” may have stolen the movie, and I do have to say he did an excellent job.

But more importantly, Day Breakers also stars Ethan Hawke. As a vampire. This man was simply made to play a vampire. I don’t think he’s the most attractive man in the world (that would be my **boyfriend, John Cusack,) but this man is just chock-full of sex appeal. He’s the perfect mix of grunge, baby face, and sexiness… and the way he talks? I dunno why it gets to me so much, but I guess if I really wanted to get down to the source, it would be Reality Bites.

I could probably write a thesis on my obsession with Reality Bites and the effect that I’ve let it have on my life, but alas… I won’t go there. Not today at least. But really people. I can’t be the only one who is totally obsessed with the fictional character of Troy Dyer. The older I get, I have started to see the flaws in Troy, but I can’t help but still love him. I’m pretty sure his character uttered the greatest line ever recorded in film history…

“This is all we need… a couple of smokes , a cup of coffee, and a little bit of conversation . You and me and five bucks.”

turn down

Every time I hear him say this (which is NOT at least once every two weeks) and Lainie DOESN’T kiss him back, I want to smack her in the face. Hard.

But at least  she makes up for it later on. Sighhhhhhhhhhhh.

troy kissing.

OK please excuse me while I change my panties. Just kidding. Kinda.

And now for some post it’s! For MANNNNY more awesome post its check out the host of this lovely blog carnival, Supah Mommy.


Alton Brown



science is awesme


mailing machinerobot

wiiblog friends

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  • Amber

    I guess your plan is Genius! :)

  • adrienzgirl

    Alton Brown? I want to eat at Tyler's house. I want to move in with Tyler too. My husband would be pissed, but seriously…it's just one meal right?

  • Pollypoptart

    The minute you mentioned Ethan my eyes glazed over and I started thinking about that scene in Reality Bites and how much of a cow Winona was to him. I wanted to jump in and steal him to be MY kissing buddy. I LOVE him in that film!

  • trish_littledrummer

    I want one of those jetson cleaning robots too.
    I must check my google searchs I have no idea =)
    Great fun post its

  • thebacksofmyeyelids

    While I totally understand the J Cusack thing, I don't follow the Ethan Hawke train of thought. I like his line of dialog, but he didn't write it, so it doesn't really count now, does it? I know, I know, you're going to say it counts. Let's agree to disagree. What? You disagree with agreeing to disagree? Well, if that doesn't beat all.

    When does Dexter Season 4 become available? I'm ready, willing and waiting….blood oranges and all. Is the start to each Dexter episode genius or what???

  • princessofsarcasm

    I we could train dogs to clean, I would have a house full of them!!

  • Daffy

    Hummus and pita chips are where its at girl!

    I'm working on teaching my dog to clean toilets. If it works out, I'll let you know :O)

  • meg

    haha, the john cusacks girlfriend thing is awesome!!! i'm glad that's working out for ya! :)
    also…i clearly need to rewatch Reality Bites…i actually don't know if I've ever seen it. don't hate me.
    i have the same problem with markets. in the city i used to go to university in, they had the best market ever, and it was huge, and you could totally get lost in it. i was always buying random exotic fruits and cheese curds and what not.

  • angelshrout

    lmbo I want to know how on earth you find out who stumbled on your blog from searches?? I wanna do that lol teach me oh wise one.. I like the grungy guy seriously .. Ethan Hawke is nice.. I like firefighters AFTER the fire yeah that makes me need to change lol.. Iknow I am weird shh don't tell Supah

  • Nikki

    Trying to picture Ethan Hawke as a full fledge vamp because the previews I saw of the movie were not pretty Robert Pattinson vampires. But he does have that moody look like he could snap at neck and I wouldn't care.

    It's been ages since I've seen Reality Bites. Must make a date with Mr. Hawke and my husband soon!

  • Andhari

    Yummy Ethan Hawke. I never watched that movie though but you mention vampire, I shall give it a try *wink*

  • Just Another Momma

    Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it. You have such fun post-its!

  • Jeney

    Can I come over when Alton cooks for you? I'll do the dishes!

  • HairbowsandGuitarPicks

    OMG I love your notes! So funny!

  • hillbillyduhn

    Ethan Hawk is sigh worthy. I agree. :) Haven't seen that movie yet though, and can't recall if I've seen the other one. It sounds soooo familiar and I think I have, but then, I can't recall anything about it…

  • Dani

    Alton Brown is for sure the bee's knees. If his recipe didn't call for non-canned beans we totally would have been cooking red beans and rice together last night…in my mind, but still. Makes me sad that my cable provider dropped the Food Network.

  • lifeonahanger

    1. dazed and confused is in my top 5…mostly because of my unhealthy obsession with matty mccon. i'll get naked and stoned and play the bongos with him ANY day
    2. central market is EVIL. every time i go for one thing, i come out broke. blood oranges are awesome, and you get bonus awesomeness points for the dexter reference
    3. you live in houston!?
    4. ethan hawk is adorable!

  • kimwithak

    I adore Reality Bites! And that line you quoted is one of my favoriteS from the movie. Of course, I have a lot of favorites in that movie.

    I'm glad someone saw Daybreakers. I kind of want to see it and wanted to know if it totally sucked or was worth some of my time.

  • Mary

    I stopped apologizing for getting behind on posting and commenting because I would be apologizing all the freakin' time! I just tell myself “they will understand that you have a life outside of the internet.” Not much of one, but hey!

  • IDoThings

    I'm forced to disagree with you about Ethan Hawke but MAN do I want to see that movie! I've never even heard of it. How did that happen?

    I also developed a fascination for blood oranges after watching the intro to “Dexter.” Let me know what you think.

  • beckeye

    OH NO. I absolutely loathe “Reality Bites.” I suppose we're going to have our first fight now.

  • Aubrey

    Those post its are pretty cute!
    I have never seen “Dazed and Confused” or “Reality Bites”…eeeeek! However, I am familiar with Ethan Hawke! Yum!

    Coming by from SITS with a big HELLO & Welcome!

  • Amber

    Oh i forgot to tell you. I do all my post it's in photoshop. they have their own file and I do color overlays and patterns as part of the background. And I downloaded a crap ton of fun free fonts that I use

  • ambermurphy

    If you marry John Cusack, do you think I could come to the wedding and make friend's with your new sister-in-law, Joan?

    Also, do you think Jeremy Piven would be invited to the wedding? (Remember, they were in that movie Serendipity together.)

    Because, if Piven's coming, forget it.

  • Clevelandpoet

    john cusack's girlfriend plan is genius. I think I'm gonna start using john cusack's girlfriend in my blog too. I'll just say it a lot in my blogs with links to yours.

  • brittneymclain

    Haha! Love the post its :) saw ur link on Supah's page!

    Now following you :)

  • CarissaJaded

    MUAHAHAHAHA !!! Yes it is!!

  • CarissaJaded

    Just one meal is all i ask!! I think there is somethin about Alton though.. I guess I like the nerds!

  • CarissaJaded

    MEEE TOOO!!! He is just perfect. And he looks like the best kisser!

  • CarissaJaded

    It's 2010, shouldn't we have one by now!?

  • CarissaJaded

    Ok I'll agree to disagree, I guess… though it's not only his lines…but it's the WAY he says them. AND- I have it on good authority (my imagination) that he speaks that way in real life too.
    BUt for REAL, he has written a few books, and they have made me like him even more!!

    I'm not sure when it comes out, I would imagine in the summer at some point. I can't wait! I still haven't seen season four yet!! AND YES! It's genius. The same guys did the beginning of six feet under and True blood, and i think you can tell!!

  • CarissaJaded

    haha that would be awesome. If only…

  • CarissaJaded

    Give me some tips, I would love to know how!

  • CarissaJaded

    Oh my gosh, you have to see reality bites!! , just have to!

    And I am addicted to buying random exotic fruits… they are just so pretty!

  • CarissaJaded

    On wordPress you can see how everyone gets to your blog! Not enough to stalk who they are, but you can see where they came from and what searches they used!
    MMM yah I like that. Firefighters AFTER the fire. Nice.

  • CarissaJaded

    He never got really full fledge nasty vamp… just a pretty one. You have to see it to understand!

  • CarissaJaded

    DO IT!

  • CarissaJaded

    Love the Wii!! Thanks!

  • CarissaJaded

    My robot will do those!!

  • CarissaJaded

    Um you must see reality bites if you haven't yet!!

  • CarissaJaded

    1. I would too. But I'd probably also do that by myself!!
    2. It really is amazing.. but way too expensive.. and the blood oranges were delish!
    3. I live in Dallas but I am in houston quite a bit. A big group of my best friends live there, and Ill be there this weekend!!
    4. I KNOW!!

  • CarissaJaded

    They dropped food network!! ?? That is just rude!

  • CarissaJaded

    I like pretty much all the lines as well….I loved it!! Def. check it out!

  • CarissaJaded

    haha Not much of one is true, for me at least!!

  • CarissaJaded

    I loved them!! A little more tart than a normal orange, but delish!

  • CarissaJaded

    URGHHH HOW DO YOU HATE IT!? It's cool, I guess ill forgive you since you have excellent taste in everything else!

  • beckeye

    To me, that movie always came off as the exact thing that they were trying
    to diss in the movie. That whole hipster, MTV generation “we're so cool”
    bullshit. That was the WHOLE movie. I know a lot of people who fervently
    disagree with me though, so it's okay. You're all allowed to be wrong. 😉

    By the way, I used to have a crush on Ethan in the Dead Poet/White Fang era,
    but then he just became gross to me after that.

  • Mwa

    I think my husband looks a little like Ethan Hawke. SO my type.

  • Mwa

    I think my husband looks a little like Ethan Hawke. SO my type.