TMI Thursday: Vlog- I love deers and peeing

As Lilu always says: ***Alright, folks, you know the rules. Join us all in humiliating the crap out of yourself every Thursday by sharing some completely tasteless, wholly unclassy, “how many readers can I estrange THIS week??” TMI story about your life. Or hell, about someone else’s!

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Ok guys, so I have been incredibly scared to try out this “Vlog” nonsense, but I finally caved in… partially due to the fact that I was too lazy to actually write anything. So now I present to you myself, in all my glory  (wearing my pajamas and no makeup except for wine lipstick) telling yet another embarrassing story of my life.

I may not ever do this again, so please enjoy.

I accidentally published this before I was ready, I’m an idiot.


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  • Kirsten

    oh my gosh so good. You definitely need to vlog more often. But only when I'm not at work because I cant listen at work and then I'll just get pissed that you put one up.

    Loved the story!

  • adrienzgirl

    I swear vlog TMI is possibly the BEST TMI EVAH! OMG! OMG! OMG! LOVE THIS!

  • Josh

    You gotta do more of these. Epic. Just Epic.

  • ambermurphy

    Bah hahahaha.

    I loved your vlog. You are very natural on camera. I def think you should do video posts more often.

  • moooooog35

    Very good video.

    Needs a guy with a giant moustache in it and maybe a random pizza delivery guy, but overall I give it one thumb up (other hand is currently occupied).

  • mayhemandmoxie

    Your vlogging rocks my world. I am with your other commenters. You should definitely do more.

    Oh, and this was the perfect contribution to LiLu's TMI Thursday. Why is she not commenting on this? She'd love it!!

  • Tara

    I love it when people vlog! It's so cool to actually see someone talk when you've been reading their words for a while.

  • thebacksofmyeyelids

    You're a natural! The question now becomes: News commentator? TV Show Host? Reality TV? Documetary? The possibilities are freakin' endless……

    We're 'all in'!

  • Herding Cats

    Sooo funny. You and I would have been friends in college – I'm almost positive! Plus, I thought you did very well vlogging. Quite a natural!

  • princessofsarcasm

    Uhhhh….remind me not to tell stories of my college days on a vlog….I am now a respected member of my community, room mom for both my boys at school, member of the school improvement council, team mom for baseball and basketball, friends with people in high places…..and I don't want to ruin the new life I've built for myself. 😉

  • badassgeek

    Awesome. Epic. And another adjective that describes something awesome and epic.

  • meg

    no, my speakers stopped working halfway through that…I don't know how the story ends!! ackkk. I'll have to try again from home.
    But very good first half of the the story! You're so natural on the camera. Very cool to hear you and your accent!

  • Lucy

    Loved your Vlog, you looked great, did a great job and WHAT a great story. I mean the clincher is to have the guy you have a crush on to break the news to you, ugh!!!

  • Candice


    Also, who the shit has a deer statue in their house?

  • Just Another Momma

    Love the vlog TMI!! Awesome!

  • Sherri

    You have had waaaaay too many pee/poop/period situations. Haha!
    This was very funny and I think you should definitely do more Vlogs!

  • clevelandpoet

    oh this made my day and I insist you make a habit of it! I'll send wine if I have to. way to rock the tribe gear too!

    hahah tiger woods is an asshole tag made me laugh for like 2 minutes by the way!

    may have to have a your not my wife crush on you now.
    that didn't make any sense.

    you can pee behind my deer statue any time?

    ok I'm done now.

  • Dani

    Jeez it's like those folks had never heard a story about someone peeing behind indoor wildlife before. I think you deserve points for your creative use of cover.

    High five for the Vlog TMI.

  • nikki

    I can't hear! I'm at work…I'll come back later.

  • Jay

    You did a great job — was this the first and only take?

  • kathryn

    OhMyGod! You are simply adorable, girl!

    That story, however, is testament to NOT getting drunk. You could go on tour throughout the country telling that story. (But then you couldn't drink the red wine, at the same time.)

    Great to put a face to the name! I hope you “vlog” again!

  • Carissa Jade

    haha I'm not sure about that… but I did have a fun, so maybe!

  • Carissa Jade

    Thanks! I would have probably been just as embarrassed had I not even told a story!

  • Carissa Jade

    Perhaps my friend, perhaps…

  • Carissa Jade

    Why thank you!

  • Carissa Jade

    Why didn't I think of that!? Next time, I'm taking baby steps here.

  • Carissa Jade

    Aww shucks you guys are all really too nice!

  • Carissa Jade

    I know! that's why I finally decided to give it a shot!

  • Carissa Jade

    Ha! just ha! but thanks anyway.

  • Carissa Jade

    I was thinking that we would be too!!

  • Carissa Jade

    haha… I think I may have just ruined my future. Wait I did that the day I started this blog.

  • Carissa Jade

    Second and Second take… but I would have left the first one except for I was twirling a piece of hair the whole time…

  • Carissa Jade

    I peed the floor behind a deer statue and everyone found out…. Didn't see that coming ?? haha I don't have an accent! YOU have an accent eh?

  • Carissa Jade

    Thanks for sitting through that torture!

  • Carissa Jade

    Thanks! And yeahhhh… That wasn't so exciting to find out from him. I would have much rather he say “I love youuuuu” but, no.

  • Carissa Jade

    I don't even remember seeing it! I just heard what I did behind it!

  • Carissa Jade

    Thanks ma'am!

  • Carissa Jade

    I know Sherri, and sad thing is you haven't heard them all…I swear I should probably right a book called “The Times Things Have Inappropriately Come Out of My Body.” And maybe I will!!

  • Carissa Jade

    If you send wine I will gladly make more.

    I did that because of you. Your tags were inspirational.

    haha if I were invited to your house I probably would pee behind your statue?

  • Carissa Jade

    I know. Like I'm the only person who has peed behind a deer statue in their life. Geez.

  • Carissa Jade

    Do it!

  • Carissa Jade

    No joke, I've seriously thought about writing a one woman show called something to the like of “Why you should NOT drink.

    Thanks! ohhh I probably will, but just because it takes a lot less time than writing!

  • Shell

    That is hilarious! Oh, my! Thanks for sharing, though.

  • stephanie

    Hmm…Good TMI, but I'm way too afraid to partake in this!

    Cute post 😀

  • Zandria Winn

    Aw, you're so cute! And you definitely need to keep it up with the vlogs. You're a natural! And I also have an embarrassing pee story similar to yours, but deer had nothing to do with it! How did you mistake the deer statue for a potty?

  • Belle

    Baaahahahah I LOVE your choice to pee by the deer. Very classy. :)

  • mrcondescending

    I like vlogs, well done!

    Now make sure you hold the glass by the stem! heh.

  • leethehotflashqueen

    First of all, I am so out of it, I didn't even know you did this! Second, YOU ARE SO DANG CUTE!! Loved it, and great story!!

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  • Gregory Sherbine

    I'll let you get even with me humiliation wise. I lost a bet and had to wear a dress.Dancing in a Red Dress