In which I vlog and am a klutz

Hey people. I have decided to grace you with yet another video blog, or “vlog” or whatever you kids are calling it these days. It was originally filmed to be a TMI tale, (check out Lilu’s archives if you must read about something disgusting.) but it really has more of a “Carissa you really should be wearing a helmet or at least get health insurance” kinda theme, that also goes along with New Years Eve and breaking other people’s bones. I figure it works for today. I would have actually taken the time to write something down, but I am a little bit sickly tonight and decided that writing was a little out of my ability range. Here’s a little ditty about what a freakin hurricane I am. Enjoy, and have a wonderful New Year!!!

(I think you’ll find it’s quite clear I did this in one take)


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  • Tara

    I love your vlogs. They're adorable! I'm a total klutz too, but have never broken anything. I actually had a job where I had to rollerskate once- yeahhhh not so good for a clumsy person. Happy New Year Carissa!

  • IDoThings

    HAHAHA! You have this “vlogging” thing down, I must say. In fact, you're inspiring me to finally unpack the scary webcam I got for Christmas and figure out how to use it. But first I need to lose 10 lbs. in my face and get a new voice. And buy a convincing wig.

    I may not be quite ready for vlogging.

  • spleeness

    You are so cute! (I can say that b/c you know I'm not a stalker, lol.) You seem like a trip to hang out with. I laughed out loud in my cube, hand over mouth about leaning on the doorway & falling down a flight of steps (CONCRETE steps). Wow. Just, wow. You must have some strong bones!!

    Thanks for sharing, loved your vlog! Happy New Year!

  • starzskymoon

    You and I are bosom friends (yes, I just quoted “Anne of Green Gables”).

  • ambermurphy

    I frakking love your vlogs. I think you're noticably more comfortable in front of the camera in this second installment.

    Happy New Year, CJ. Go get smashed tonight (uh, wrong verb for you…) go get hammered (no, still not right) go get really, really drunk… ring in '10, and come back next week to share your new material.

    (Don't hurt yourself, though. Be careful tonight. Wear extra padding or something.)

  • princessofsarcasm

    Hahaha…you'll do anything to get new fans, right?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Question…or maybe just an observation….your roommate is a dude, right? And he drinks from a straw? Really? Is that manly? I'm just askin'…..cuz maybe that's just considered metrosexual with the younger crowd….

    And I love the bird from him at the end. LOL

  • Just Another Momma

    I love you vlogs! So much fun, I too am a complete Klutz. Matter of fact the other night when it snowed I was walking up the stairs to go in the front door, tripped and the boards broke sending me crashing down under the deck. HAHAHAHAHAHA . . . ouch

  • facebook-1788392286

    Love it! Particularly the Karaoke bit and cameo by Jake's left wrist.

    Cheers to you and a injury-free 2010!

  • Pollypoptart

    Dude . . . . I hate to say this but you REALLY need to stop wearing heels! They seem to be the common denominator here!

  • Herding Cats

    Ha! You are funny. I, too, am awesomely awkward and clumsy! Here's to a better New Year's for you!

  • LiLu

    How do I not have a tag for “don't judge me”? Ahahahaha.

    And never, my love, would I.

    Happy New Year!

  • Jaime

    When you said 'drop things and spill things' I knocked my water over. Thanks.

  • Kim

    I love the idea of vlogging. So cute. Don't worry, I fall down more than anyone I know….except maybe you can beat me out at that claim! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I might not have found you otherwise. You can bet I'll be reading along from now on. Stop by again sometime!

  • CarissaJaded

    Thanks Tara!! I haven't broken a bone since the third grade! Well except for a pinky toe. And my roommate's arm. I keep forgetting about that. Happy new year to you too!!

  • CarissaJaded

    Oh I freaking hate the way I look on film! I want to wear a mask for the next one. I considering telling yall that it wasn't even me on the camera, but theres not really that many other awkward people who it could be…

    DO it!!! So I don't have to!

  • leethehotflashqueen

    I think you need to wrap yourself in a bunch of charmin just to be on the safe side! You are so cute on these vlogs!!

  • CarissaJaded

    I take those chewy chocolate calcium pill AND a flinstone vitamin every day, that's the secret to strong bones!! And ALOT of cheese!!

    Happy New year to you too!!

  • CarissaJaded

    hahaha i loves it, and yes we are!!! Happy new year tricia!

  • CarissaJaded

    Thanks Amber!! Maybe in the next one I will be able to actually speak english at a normal pace of human.

    Oh I am sure I will get really really shmammered! That's what I call it when I'm really really really drunk. “Heysh guys I'm shmammmerrred”

  • phronk

    I was fearing (and yeah I admit, kinda hoping) that you'd somehow hurt yourself while standing in front of the camera.

    These vlogs are indeed awesome.

  • CarissaJaded

    haha my roommates a gay dude. I have two of them. Very good observation friend!!

  • CarissaJaded

    Thanks!!! ahhhh hahaha I'm glad you're ok!!

  • CarissaJaded

    ahh his poor left wrist… I'm still feeling a little guilty!!

  • CarissaJaded

    I really do!!! I look funny when I try to walk in them anyway, it's time to give up the diva dream and just stick to tennis shoes!

  • princessofsarcasm

    hahahahahahahahaha!!! I love it! Score one for the princess!!!! (I love me some gay dudes, btw.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • CarissaJaded

    Happy New Year to you too!!! Don't hurt yourself!!

  • CarissaJaded

    Happy new year to you too!!

  • CarissaJaded

    ha. Sorry!! i tend to have the black cloud effect on people!

  • CarissaJaded

    I sure will, and thanks for coming by here as well!!!

  • CarissaJaded

    I know!! I really probably do need a helmit!

  • CarissaJaded

    I'm honestly surprised I didn't.. There was a moment when I reinacted a fall, when I actually did almost fall…

  • whenpigsfly

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Always fun to see a video/vlog. Have a great New Year and hope to see you back on my site.

  • Nikki

    You're so brave. And klutzy…but brave. I won't even consider a vlog…mostly because I hate my recorded voice. Happy New Year!

  • edadams


    My wife is clumsy too. I might blog about it someday. But, yeah, same thing. She's always falling.

    Good to put a face with the comments.

  • thebacksofmyeyelids

    God, am I the only old person commenting today? Why do I ask? Because I can't get beyond you saying that you have no recollection of this time and this time and this time….. I want you to be able to remember details. I know too many people who've had too many really bad things befall them because they couldn't remember. And I know too many people who are friends of Bill W. I'm a mother. What can I say?

    Your vlogs are fun because you are really cute to watch.

    I'm enjoying getting to know you. Thanks for following along on my blog and being supportive. It's uplifting to get feedback from people.

    Happy New Year!

  • MoodyBelle

    You pretty girl…! You got dimples too… ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Daffy

    There are many reasons I like your blog…this just adds to them. Kindred spirits I tell ya! Hurricane is such a great term… I'm always falling, tripping over things that aren't really there, misjudging the width of doorways and smacking my shoulders into the door frames…I'm also well known for attempting to walk through a door opening without first opening the door…

    So yes, I can relate. Unfortunately I did finally break something. I broke my knee cap and I was 5 months pregnant at the time. It wasn't pretty….the baby is fine…she talks a lot but I don't know if that is so much related to the fall or the fact that she shares at least 50% of my genes :O)

    Happy SAFE New Years

  • andhari

    LOL I need to learn to bet that confident in vlog. Have you seen one of mine? The latest one had me so nervous and continued touching my toe. LOL. weird. Happy new year, girlie!

  • kathryn

    Okay…I seriously think you LIKE to get hurt, girl! I hate to state the obvious here, but maybe you need to tone down the “kung fu” kick??

    (I personally loooove the Kung Fu kick…it's the height of drama and total class and enthusiasm…but I'm not stupid enough to do it in 4″ stilettos…oops…did I just say that out loud??!)

    Rock on, girlfriend! Happy Twenty-Ten!!

  • adrienzgirl

    You are so cute relaying your hurricane tales! I my I was giggling up a storm at ya! I loved your roommate and your peace out ending too! Classy! Mwah!

  • CandiceW

    Hahahah, I can't believe you fell off a stage. You are such a trooper. Happy 2010 Carissa!

  • Brittney

    LMAO “I think youโ€™ll find itโ€™s quite clear I did this in one take” — oh how that will be the point made in any of my vlogs as well.

  • dearjennymac

    You rock. Hope you are feeling better too!

  • hiphophippie

    Doooood, high heels are EVIL!!! But YOU are adorable!! :)

  • amyndavid1987

    You are too cute! This is the first time visiting your blog and I have to say I shall return! Very funny!

  • Josh

    Hahaha, again Cariss, Epic. EPIC.

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