Post it note Tuesday: First Timer!

Hey party people! Yesterday my hosting was down, and I cannot tell you how much I felt deprived of blogging. I had a great weekend, though I have to admit that as I sit here on Monday night, I still haven’t even gotten close to recovering, so I’m gonna ease back into life slowly.  I’m sure at some point I will get around to telling you the details  of my sordid weekend, but for now I am going to give theses post-it note that I have been so much wanting to try-a shot…


OK, Before I get started I need some more help from a WordPress savy person.  I am obviously inept and cannot figure out anything on my own, so I would like some assistance with figuring out  how the heck  I put a “button” into my post. I have no idea how to make the post-it above link to Supah Mommy’s site. I copy the “button” but I have no idea where to post it. Thanks in advance!! Regardless check out Supah Mommy, who hosts this wonderful little post-it note Tuesdays that I have loved so long, but had no clue how to do. Here is my attempt!

Dear brain

GYm and oreosBathandbodyworksMichael Bay

pinot evil

laundryTIm BurtonIASIPLegsboobiesforgive me

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  • PickleMom

    Welcome to Post It Notes. It is a lot of fun. My Post It Notes are on my secondary blog at

  • Cathy_AntsyPants

    Love the post its! I can't wait for Alice in Wonderland either. And what is Christmas tree oil?? I must find out! (heading to B&BW site NOW!)

  • princessofsarcasm

    Wow! That is indeed an excellent commercial. I will definitely be asking for one of those bodies for Christmas! I perused your blog while here via Supah and I likey! I will be a follower. :)

  • HairbowsandGuitarPicks

    OMG you totally have me falling off my chair laughing!

    I have the same relationship with Pinot Evil :)

  • websavymom

    –>It took me awhile to get warmed up to this year's SYTYCD group but now I like them. Plus, I just like to see what Cat wears every show. ha!


  • JustMe

    I LOVE that Michael Bay commercial. It's so stupid.

  • beckeye

    Hey, can you send SYTYCD a post-it for me, too? I've been avoiding it as well.

    But there is no excuse for missing Sunny! Especially last week's episode. Best ep of the season!

  • Jessica

    I'm right there with you on the 81lbs. . . That commercial cracked me up.

  • Matt_J

    I watched your video.

    I saw mostly nekkid chicks and explosions.

    I thought I was back at my blog.

    Stop confusing me.

  • Tara

    Haha. The legs one made me laugh cuz I use that as an excuse too.

  • leethehotflashqueen

    I love the post it to your boobies!! LOL!

  • Amber

    love your post it's! I cannot wait for Alice in Wonderland!

  • Dani

    Someone's had a productive post(-it). Getting married, having babies, fellating Johnny Depp. You hardly seem like a slacker to me.

  • Kirsten

    yayyy you did it. Please let me know how the ball sucking is on Mr. Depp. I heard he likes it! Only from you though.

  • Sadako

    That Michael Bay thing was hilarious.

  • Erin

    Great job with the post it notes! I've been bad about working out, too. This time of year is always hard w/ the weather + all the good things to eat! Thanks for stopping by my blog–here to repay the favor and follow you!

  • Nikki

    Gasp! I'm eating oreos right now too and pondering losing a few. Must be the holidays!

  • Sherri

    Writing all of those things out on cute little graphics seems like a lot of work, in my opinion. I like my bitching to be gimmick-free. 😉

  • jenniferalaine

    this is so cute!

  • Jay

    I'm not asking that every woman look like a Victoria's Secret model, just that they walk like one.

  • Clevelandpoet

    I totally need to take part in this next week……and yesterday when your blog was all not working I sorta freaked out……also the tell mr. depp that I will almost caused some coffee spitting!

  • The Constant Complainer

    I've been caught-in in holiday prepration mode. Sorry for being away last week. And let me know if you still need help with Word Press. I can answer your question or send you an e-mail or something.

  • Herding Cats

    Love the post it notes! You are quite funny, and thanks for visiting my blog :)

  • kathryn

    I'm lovin' the Post-its!

    Of course, I've probably supported the Post-It people, plus their children, plus their unborn children's children. I have Post-it's in every color….every shape….super-sticky and the ones with line on 'em.

    I (heart) Post-its.

    I also love the font on yours. I want to marry it. Does it have a name??

  • CandiceW

    The laundry thing? TOTALLY did that last night. And possibly many times before that. I NEVER learn. Twins!

  • Carissa Jade

    I love it!!! I tried to come comment on your blog, but I couldn't sign in! I will try again though!!

  • Carissa Jade

    Thanks for stopping by! Christmas tree scented oil is the absolute best hot oil scent that Bath and Body Works sells. It seriously smells like Christmas. I want to bathe in it!

  • Carissa Jade

    Righhhht? I would love one of those bodies. Love your blog too!! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Carissa Jade

    Ooooh Pinot Evil is the bomb! Did I just say that??

  • Carissa Jade

    Michael Bay IS stupid. But I love him none the less!

  • Carissa Jade

    I sure can!! And I'm about to watch it now!!!

  • Carissa Jade

    LOL.. i thought it was your directed video at first… You should be famous Matt. There is no excuse for not being!

  • Carissa Jade

    ohhh yes… i need an excuse for how hairy these legs are!!

  • Carissa Jade

    They're starting to sag!! what can I say!?

  • Carissa Jade

    Thank you girl for stopping by!

  • Carissa Jade

    Righhht? I thought fellating Johnny Depp was the most productive part, or at least putting it out there.

  • Carissa Jade

    Oh he does.. or he will… I will let you know… but he will!

  • Carissa Jade

    Wasn't it ridicullous! How did he get that gig?

  • Carissa Jade

    Thanks so much!! It's so hard to go when it is cold outside! I think I am gonna have to throw a white flag until after Christmas, though I really don't want to have to do so! Thanks for stopping by!! Loved your blog!!!

  • Carissa Jade

    Oreos are the worst! My roommates got the Christmas ones with the red in the middle and I have been trying my hardest to stay away!!

  • Carissa Jade

    Awww it aint too hard. Actually easier for me than having to write shit out in paragraph.. though slightly less enjoyable I will admit. I love you Sherri!!!

  • Carissa Jade

    Thanks so much! I loved your guest blogger today! I always come by, need to be better at commenting!

  • Carissa Jade

    Which I do. I used to not, but I have been watching the videos and i think i have it down… just sayin.

  • Carissa Jade

    I'll tell him AFTER I do what I need to do with him. Thanks so much for keeping coming back!!!

  • Carissa Jade

    It's all good.. and yes, I still need help. Can't figure out the button thing. My email is Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Carissa Jade

    I freaking love yalls site btw!

  • Carissa Jade

    Thanks, and I will certainly be back!!

  • Carissa Jade

    Ah are post it's just the bomb! Though in real life, I have to hound my boss to get the yellow, bc I love to write in blue or purple, and they really just show up the best on the purple… does that make me a post it snob?

  • Carissa Jade

    Already knew we were twins! But it makes me feel better that I'm not alone in this… Why, on the nights that I feel like doing laundry, do I never feel like putting up laundyry!? Probably bc I NEVER feel like putting up laundry!

  • Aunt Becky

    My reader is so sad that I can hardly stand it. It was at 700 yesterday. I'm not kidding and I almost cried. Also, this is funny shit, man.