Post it note Tuesday and update for your face.

This is gonna be a quickie update, and my second  attempt at Post-it notes.

My past weekend was absolutely insane,  I was even more of a hurricane than usual. I spent the weekend back in my college town with some of my college friends, which always fares for a great time, but usually leads to my getting balls to the walls drunk and doing at least a few things that would probably cause me to be the subject of a few people’s own blog, and not in a post that make me look good in any way, shape, or form.

After a late Friday night, my friends and I made the mistake of going to eat brunch at a bar, where  one  bloody Mary to “make ourselves feel better” quickly lead to yet another day full of drinking. The whole day was fun, but I have to say my favorite discovery was that of the iphone app where you can Darth-Vador-ize your voice. I spent a good amount of time singing songs from The Little Mermaid and entertaining myself while I’m sure causing more than a few eyes to roll.

I woke up around 5am on Saturday morning to run a marathon.

BAHAHAHAHA!!! That would never happen.

I did go to the White Rock marathon to support my friends who were running the relay and half-marathon portions. I was really excited to get up at five in the morning after 2 days of drinking to go and ride around them around to the exchange areas. That’s how much I love my friends.

BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  My car was at a shop and I knew the only way I would ever get back to it would be to ride along and have them drop me off on the way back home. Either that or be stranded in Denton for the rest of my life.

It actually ended up being a little fun. I had no idea there would be  people in costumes and live music, and honestly it was fun to see everyone so pumped up. I also found it extremely impressive that people would be willing to actually pay money to put their bodies through such pain. I remember hearing one lady run by and announce “Only 16 more miles to go!!” and I just about passed out from  the thought…

John Cusack, May 2006
I will use any excuse possible to post a pic of my boyfriend

But I honestly think I’ll give the next one (relay or 5K) a shot even though I’ll be breaking my rule of running only if I have to because I’m being chased, or if I see John Cusack in the distance.

I ended up staying home from work yesterday, and though my sickness may have been inadvertently self-inflicted, there is no way that you could argue that I wasn’t sick. I spent the day watching Lifetime Christmas movies and moaning loudly. I didn’t get much face time with my computer, so I’m yet again a little behind on the reader!

And now for the post its, hosted by the fabulous Supah Mommy. Head over there for loads of other great pot-its!

mac and cheesemy behviorabusemaking out



vegansemotional cuttersecretfollowers

bad song

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  • starzskymoon

    OMG OMG OMG. For someone who was vocally and technically trained by a voice instructor for over fifteen years I CAN'T STAND THAT!!!! WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO ME?!

    I will no longer call you my friend.

    Except maybe over the summer when we meet up in the Keys.

    Yes, yes, THEN and ONLY THEN will you be my friend again.

  • thatkindofgirl

    I can't imagine vegans could have any objection to breast-feeding: the animal being used as a food source is treated humanely and donating the food with their own consent. Plus, all mammals use their parents as foods sources. Them's just the breaks.

    Also, hm, I could think of scenarios in which people would pay to get their nipples all bleedy. But I'll admit, any one that involved running for the length of a My So-Called Life binge would not make my top-five list.

  • Pollypoptart

    Hehehehehe! The postits made me laugh! They are sooo me!

  • Cathy_AntsyPants

    I must find the Darth-Vader-ize your voice app!
    Bloody Mary's always make me feel better and usually lead to a full day of drinking!
    Marathons…..No thanks.

    Post it's!

  • Manic Mommy Meg

    Your Post Its are by far the funniest I have read so far today! I want to run a marathon just ONCE to say I did it…will it be anytime in the near future? Hell NO! Have a great day!

  • Just Another Momma

    “causes your own nipples to bleed” LMAO! Love you post-its

  • adrienzgirl

    No shower for 4 days? Ewwwwww………..just Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  • MommyLisa

    Oh holy carp! That song is awful. Glad you had a fun weekend!!~!

  • thebacksofmyeyelids

    Your posts ALWAYS make me laugh, but this one started out good and ended up with me laughing so hard I was literally in tears listening to the Youtube song. I have officially given myself a huge freakin' headache from laughing so hard….and I emailed the link to every person I've ever met. Thanks, Carissa!!!!

  • Belle

    Some weird part of me really wants to run a marathon but the majority of me is like SHUT THE FUCK UP WEIRD PART.

  • mylittlebecky

    denton makes “people” do craaaazy things. *shakes fist northward*

    ps that picture of JC? creeps me out a little.

  • JustMe

    “Only 16 more miles to go!”

    …is what the devil will yell to me in hell if I ever do something bad enough to go there.

  • Jessica

    How random is it that the husband is having a self-inflicted sick day today? He's channeling you, I think. Without the Lifetime movies.

  • Herding Cats

    You just made me really want to download “Be with You”….and maybe a few Little Mermaid songs too.

  • lifelaughlatte

    Reading that made me feel very old…and a little Doris Dayish! I'm glad you had a “fun weekend with friends”. Interesting how people define that. Every two years a group of 7 or so of my girlfriends get together and go to Maui for a week. My insanely wild photos are of women sleeping, reading, boogie boarding, hiking, eating, and watching movies like the Traveling Pants. Hmmm…a little different! tee hee Holly

  • hillbillyduhn

    WHAT???? It does not make a good impression to make out in public?? Damn.

  • Nikki

    oh I love weekends like that. Where you're shaky and flu like and you can really only blame yourself. But it's the only time I ever get bloody marys…and jack in the box.

    Just make sure your friends are just as smashed so no one remembers!

  • princessofsarcasm

    Yep….no chance of me running a marathon. (Said as I sit on the bed stuffing marshmallows in my mouth….and my ears….at least until this song is over!!!!)

    I love post it Tuesdays….but I just wasn't feeling it last night. So I didn't do any today. :(

  • Sherri

    1. How did you get a plethora of new readers? I want a plethora. Of new readers. But I don't know how.
    2. I don't have an iPhone but I can do my own Darth Vader voice. Also, my dogger makes Chewbacca sounds which have made her famous. [no joke, she was on TV]
    3. I don't know why I always leave comments to you in list form. I think it's because your posts cover a wide array of topics and I feel that comments in paragraph form might seem a little too random.

  • kcgirlgeek

    I love your post-its and while you're praying to the mac 'n cheese god…please say a word for me.

    Your boyfriend…like…totally looks familiar…. O.o

    I am happy to be a part of your plethora (w00t), that is…unless…you EVER EVER again post a musical catastrophe like that EVER again. o m g…my ears….

  • Shell

    Sounds like a fun weekend!

    LOL @ your reason to run! Check out my post-its from yesterday- I would run after the Belk Santa.

    Breast CHEESE? GROSS.

  • meg

    -ahhhh, Mr Big! I totally sang this song at kareokee (why can I never remember how to spell this word??) a couple of weeks again, and everybody totally joined in.
    -that is the most hideous version of O Holy Night I have ever heard.
    -I now have an intense craving for mac and cheese. i haven't had it in so long.

    that is all.

  • Steph

    You're post-its are a hoot. Bleeding nipples-UCK, but sounds like you had a great weekend. You know I was at Pour House….that speaks for itsself. Any Ft Worth suggestions?


  • hiphophippie

    Oh man, I soooo now how those weekends happen. And each passing year they take longer and longer to recover from. It's crazy, but now I feel like i have a hangover for several days. WTF? Not cool.

  • Carissa Jade

    Is it not the worst sound you have ever heard… but I'm just preparing you because that's pretty much what I sound like!!

  • starzskymoon

    Oh God. Please don't ever do drunk karaoke when I'm around…. Or karaoke in general for that matter.

  • Carissa Jade

    hmmm i think you're right about the vegan breast feeding debacle. I just wasn't sure, if they don't eat animal products, and they are technically animals, would they not want their kids to eat animal milk?

  • Carissa Jade

    The voice app was amazing! ahhh at first I thought you meant drinking marathons=no thanks… though I should probably say that…

  • Carissa Jade

    thanks !!! Just make sure you wear band aids on your nipples if you do!

  • Carissa Jade


  • Antsy Pants

    drinking marathons=yes please!
    running marathons=no thanks!
    glad we cleared that up;)

  • Carissa Jade

    well… i think I rinsed off at some point.. in my sorry defense!

  • Carissa Jade

    It is a very very bad/funny song!

  • Carissa Jade

    Thanks and you're welcome!! Glad I could share that! I listened to it at least 5 times!!

  • Carissa Jade

    Maybe one tiny tiny teensy part of my left pinky finger would be willing to do one…the rest of me is all Shut the fuck up!

  • Carissa Jade

    Shut up! That pic of JC is gahhhgeous…

    And Denton can definitely be a demon that makes you do very bad things.

  • Carissa Jade

    Righhht? I can't imagine a day where I'd be willing to do such a thing. And this girl didn't even seem that upset about it!

  • Carissa Jade

    You should tell him that next time he stays home, Lifetime is a must… It makes ya feeeeelll soooooo goood!

  • Carissa Jade

    You should. Be with you is probably the best song in the world to sing….. Probably not the best one to have to hear me sing, but still!

  • Carissa Jade

    You shouldn't feel very old, I just feel extremely immature! :) It's all good… bit I could see where adding alcohol to each of those things would enhance your experience. Especially boogie boarding. Just not on stairs, take it from me.

  • Carissa Jade

    Good!! You should try it next week!

  • Carissa Jade

    Well, to hell with good impressions anyway. I should probably just put myself out there before anyone gets too high an opinion of me that I will quickly ruin anyway!

  • Carissa Jade

    Oh yes. Jack in the Box 2 tacos for 99 cents is one of my hangover favorites.

  • Carissa Jade

    haha I wish I had something to put in my ears the first time I listened.. but I was eating macaroni and cheese and that probably wouldn't have been a great idea!

  • Carissa Jade

    hahaha my dog does Chewbacca sounds too!! I love dogger… he makes me smile every time I hear about him…

  • Carissa Jade

    I watched the Belk Santa video, awesome!!! Loved your post its!

    Yeahhh… I think it was something to the likes of, “If I was a kid being raised by a vegan mom, I'd be all like – MOmmmmm can I at least have breast cheese!??”

    Yeah, I don't even know…

  • Carissa Jade

    I had to listen to the NSYNC version like 30 times just to get it out of my head. And yay for Mr Big Karaoke! That's one of my faves to sing. But my favorite to do is the “Old School” version of Total Eclipse of My heart. When you add the “I fuckin need you more tonight” the crowd really likey.

  • Carissa Jade

    hmmm… Well my friends have an affinity for Bakers St., which is always a good time… (but I got mugged at gun point behind it one time so be carefful) and the bars across the st. from the pour house are really crowded but a lot more fun! And there is a new place Capitol Pub I think? I just recently started hanging out in Ft Worth more often… I live in the North Dallas/Plano area, but my friends are all over the metroplex so I usually just pick a city and camp out!

  • Carissa Jade

    I definitely know what you mean. I used to be able to go for days, for weeks. Now I'm out of commission for like a week after a binder. My body hates me!!