Post it note Tuesday… and should I ruin this fantasy?

I’m not sure what came over me yesterday but I woke up with sunshine rays coming out of my ass. I mean… I usually wake up at 8:20 when I have to leave the house at 8:30. I throw my hair back into a ponytail and use spit to lick the black out from under my eyes wash my face, attempt to put on appropriate clothes while staying under the covers, grab my coffee and go.

Yesterday though, I woke up, took a shower and even took the time to fix my hair and put on make up before leaving the house. For some reason I really felt confident with everything going on in my life and my appearance, which rarely happens.

After work I decided to take my bad self out for a little treat and headed over to the Shops of Legacy in Plano where I used to live. If you aren’t from Dallas, this is a very posh little area that is just amazing around Christmas time. There are lights everywhere and a huge Christmas tree, and I really miss living there. Also, my favorite little store  is located there, and I hadn’t been in a while.

This little shop is one of those little “worldly” boutiques where they sell all sorts of jewelry and “evil eyes “and weird little trinkets. I always leave smelling of incense and patchouli, which I absolutely love. In addition, I have had this huge gigantic crush on one of the Turkish brothers who owns the shop. He is just plain charming. He has an amazing accent and deep mysterious eyes, and has the ability to make me spend hundreds of dollars on useless things that are made to look at.

We’ve had several conversations in the past, but it’s been a while… and since I have lost over a hundred lbs in the last 2 years he definitley did not recognize me when I went in there last night. He was still his charming self, and sent me into a fit of nervous giggles with his first sentence to me.

At one point he grabbed my hand and took a deep breath. After a few awkward second of holding my hand, “Deed you know, that djou haz the abiltitee to make me druznk weez your hand. Djou must bze a healer or zumding.”


Yes I realize it is cheesy as hell, and I would usually run at a comment like this… but I’m telling you I’ve been smitten on this guy for years. He then proceeded to ask for my number and told me I am the first girl he has ever gotten a number from while at work. And then he asked me to hug him.

I know… creepy right? And he was clearly lying, I’m sure he has gotten millions of girls numbers whilst working.  But you haven’t heard his ACCENT!!! Or seen those eyes that perform magic on my soul!!!! What has happened to me, oh cynical me… come back!!!

So yeah… I gave up my digits.

After I sold my soul to the devil, I went to see “Up in the Air” at the Angelika, which I really enjoyed. Until the end. There probably aren’t a lot of people out there who have seen this since it is still in limited theaters, but it’s basically about this dude (George Clooney) who lives his life out of a suitcase traveling the country to fire people for other companies. He lives by the philosophy that you don’t need anyone or anything, everyone dies alone anyway. I won’t spoil the movie, but I will say that there were a few twists, and by the end I was starting to feel a little lonely sitting there by myself.

As I left the theater, I noticed that there wasn’t anyone else who was solo at this showing, which normally wouldn’t bother me, but due to the message of the movie- it did just a tad. As I walked out into the winter wonderland, everywhere I looked there were couples holding hands and laughing.

It didn’t really change my current positive attitude, but it did shake me a little. I’ve become so accustomed to my current state of cynicism that it takes a lot to shake me, but I started to question whether or not I’m really happy.  I’m not going to go into that right now though, or I’ll be writing for days.

After the movie I exchanged a few texts with Turkish hottie, and we tentatively made plans for this evening… but I’m not holding my breath. I’m not sure I even want to go… I don’t know if I want to ruin the fantasy, you know?

Which brings me to the Post Its, hosted by the fabulous SupahMommy! Check out her site for many more post its!

Tx weather

Britney Murphy


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    Ah your flask sounds awesome! My sister doesn't drink much except for a cocktail every now and then, and I think she wants to be able to bring just enough with her to the party.