Post it note Tuesday, and damn girl where you been?

First of all, I’d like to wish you all a belated Happy Holidays! I hope everyone had as wonderful a holiday as I did. Even in tough times, I realize that I am blessed with the best family and friends a gal could ask for, present company included.

I cannot believe I haven’t written in almost a week. I have really missed it, though I have to admit it does feel good to unplug for a few days. I may continue to be a little scarce blogging and commenting this week, but I promise it will be business as usual after the New Year. I’m still recovering from the whirl wind that was Christmas, and I feel like certain areas of my life need a little extra special attention.

So here is a short one for ya! Check out Supahmommy’s site for more great post it’s!

ben gibbard


gymhead and hearthead injurymicahel cmmmwinesnow


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  • Carissa Jade

    I can't even walk to my car without dying! I suck! Need to quit smoking…

  • Cheddar

    Zooey is definitely the more talented/cool/awesome of the Deschanel sisters. Also, these post-its make me happy. I think we can be friends. Good luck with avoiding injury tonight!

  • kys

    I'm more belated than you are. I hope you had an awesome Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • ryanholman

    im obsessed with daniel day… i need to see nine even though the ratings have not been great im sure he is…

    michael cera is totally awkward, i see him being just like he is in arrested development in real life. if you have not seen it. you must!

    zooey d. >-<3->…(heart with an arrow)

    wine…. <3….

    i have a small favor i must ask. i'll make it quick. i'm in a blogger idol competition where i need votes to stay in from week to week… i'd love it if you dropped by my blog, read the newest post, followed the link and voted. i'd be your best friend forever :)…

  • Yankism017

    Did you hear about the blonde who took a book out of the library called How to Hug, only to discover that it was volume seven of the encyclopedia?

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